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The Daily Brief
Monday, October 21, 2013
Praying the Word of God . . .
in the Will of God . . .
over the Issues of the Day

(Isaiah 55:11)

Monday, October 21, 2013

"If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)

The Daily Brief

1. With No Ceiling, US Debt Climbs Above $17 Trillion . . . And Counting - Newsmax

The government shutdown may have ended Wednesday, but the bipartisan deal that put workers back on the job also suspended the nation's debt ceiling, leaving the national debt soaring at an astronomical rate that is expected to keep growing. The nation's debt climbed by a record $328 billion on Thursday alone, reports The Washington Times, the first day the federal government could borrow money under the agreement. The debt is now at a record $17.075 trillion and climbing, according to the Treasury Department. (Read more)

- Heavenly Father, the facts in this article about this nation's debt ceiling are frightening as they show that the spending in this nation is so out of control. Have mercy upon us, Lord. Guide our nation's leaders who can hear You as they deal with this major issue, in Jesus' Name we pray, Amen and Amen.

- "You, Yourself, are to be feared; and who may stand in Your presence when once You are angry?" (Psalm 76:7)

2. 9 Signs That China Is Making a Move Against The U.S. Dollar -

On the global financial stage, China is playing chess while the U.S. is playing checkers, and the Chinese are now accelerating their long-term plan to dethrone the U.S. dollar. You see, the truth is that China does not plan to allow the U.S. financial system to dominate the world indefinitely. Right now, China is the number one exporter on the globe and China will have the largest economy on the planet at some point in the coming years. (Read more)

- Lord, considering how the US has out of control debt and the desire of China to dominate the finances of the global economy, we come before You to direct our pathways. We ask You, Lord, to lead us clearly how to live in this hour. We ask that You awaken Your people as to understand the economic peril we are facing. In the Name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen.

- "'Is not My word like a fire?' says the Lord, 'And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?'" (Jeremiah 23:29)

3. Obama-nomics: Homelessness on the Rise - Breitbart

Families with children are facing stagnant incomes, if not unemployment and increased housing costs driving rents beyond their reach, thereby growing the number of homeless Americans in an increasingly failed Obama economy.

Add in increased unemployment, or reduced hours thanks to ObamaCare and Americans are facing more challenges, not fewer with a man in office who promised all but entry into the Promised Land when he initially campaigned for the presidency.

For households with children, rising housing costs, elevated unemployment and stagnant earnings are increasingly placing rent beyond reach. The housing slump made matters worse as former homeowners turned into renters, increasing competition for available apartments. (Read more)

- Abba Father, so many families are falling victim to these badly thought out economic policies: wage earners have lost many hours of work or their jobs altogether, their homes, and their ability to afford rental costs. And now, on top of it all, the extreme cost of the new healthcare law is wrecking their lives, causing many families to end up homeless and on the streets. We ask You, Father, to have mercy on these people and draw them unto You if they will come, redeeming their lives. Keep them in Your care, in the Name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen.

- "But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one."(2 Thessalonians 3:3)

4.Obamacare Glitches Give Insurers Big Error-Hunting Headaches - Newsmax

The glitchy government healthcare marketplace is generating faulty data for some insurance companies, forcing them to backtrack to verify information from Obamacare enrollees.

"We talked to one gentleman who had not received confirmation [of his enrollment] hit 'submit' a couple of times and was concerned he had enrolled in multiple plans," Joan Budden, chief marketing officer for Michigan's Priority Health, told CNN Friday. "We're calling each member and going over their information to make sure it's accurate."

Duplicate enrollments are not the only errors being discovered as the Affordable Care Act's rocky rollout continues, reports The Wall Street Journal. Other unreliable data generated by the new marketplace include spouses reported as children, missing data fields and suspect eligibility determinations, executives at more than a dozen health plans told the newspaper. (Read more)

- Heavenly Father, not only is the website for the new healthcare law enrollment extremely difficult to use but it also, according to this article, is storing incorrect data which would cause long term problems, and incomplete or inaccurate enrollment. Lord, we ask You to somehow stop this contentious law in its tracks, causing it to be totally shutdown. We ask in the Name of Jesus, Amen and Amen.

- "Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; nor His ear heavy, that it cannot hear." (Isaiah 59:1)

5. ObamaCare site glitches run risk of turning off millenials - Fox News

The prolonged glitches with the ObamaCare website are frustrating many of the president's most high-valued customers -- the young, tech-savvy generation that helped him win two terms and whose participation is critical to the success of the health care exchanges. President Obama is depending on young people being the backbone of his signature, 2010 health care law. Typically among the mostly healthy Americans, their premiums were supposed to help finance coverage for the elderly, poor and others with long-term illnesses and more frequent emergency-care visits. However, the glitches and other problems that have plagued the online exchanges since they went online could put the plan in jeopardy. The administration runs for the 36 states that chose not to have their own sites. The 14 other states and the District of Columbia run their own site but are still part of ObamaCare. (Read more)

- Father, it appears the 'valued voters' are not so pleased with this contentious law and the heavily error-prone website. They are the core group which the government hopes will largely fund this law and if they 'default' it will be costly in many ways. Lord, be in the midst of them to direct how this group should respond to this poorly designed, destructive law. We ask in Jesus' Name, Amen and Amen.

- "For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity." (Proverbs 24:16)

6. Administration responding to pressure for answers on messy ObamaCare site - Fox News

Obama administration officials and other Democrats appeared to respond Sunday to increasing pressure for a full, public explanation from the Health and Human Services Department about the problem-plagued federal health care website. The agency on Sunday posted a blog on its site with some preliminary statistics and an assurance to Americans that officials are "working around the clock" and "committed to doing better."

And President Obama is scheduled Monday to publicly address the issue. The White House said Sunday the president will directly address the technical problems with the site that "he and his team find unacceptable." The website has been mired in problems since going live Oct. 1, including crashes, slow response times and failing to allow customers to complete the online process by purchasing health insurance. (Read more)

- Lord God, we have seen for some time now, that in the end, the Affordable Care Act (aka, Obamacare) would be turned to sawdust and would slip through Your fingers, never to be seen by man. Abba God, this is exactly what we see happening now. Even the President of the United States is alarmed by this development, but You sit in the heavens and laugh (Psalm 2). We thank You, Lord, that this vision is now coming to pass, right before our eyes. We ask that You grant Your wisdom to those in Congress, who can finally and fully defund and dismantle this disaster. Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayers, in Your Mighty Name, amen.

- "For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry." (Habakkuk 2:3)

7. Bracing for the Next Budget Crisis - Barrons

It is time to add the congressional budget approval process to the permanent list of known unknowns that can threaten the financial market's stability. Investors should view federal budget approvals as tradable events like corporate earnings reports, economic data releases, and Federal Reserve interest-rate-setting committee meetings. (Read more)

- Lord, what was not just achieved, a true national budget, must still be developed within the next couple of months. We ask You, Lord, to confront our national leaders in some way so that they cannot avoid the seriousness of continuing on and on without a budget and some restraint as to spending. Rise up and extend Your arm where they cannot avoid You any longer, putting the fear of You fully inside of them. We ask in Jesus' Name, Amen and Amen.

- "Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil." (1 Thessalonians 5:21-22)

8. JPMorgan Chase reportedly in talks with US over $13 billion settlement -

JPMorgan Chase and the Justice Department are moving closer to a $13 billion settlement over the bank's mortgage practices, a record penalty that would cap weeks of heated negotiating and underscore the extent of the bank's legal woes.

The penalties eclipse what the bank previously offered to pay. Until now, JPMorgan was offering about $11 billion in total. It was also refusing to increase its offer until the Justice Department dropped a parallel criminal investigation into the bank's sale of troubled mortgage securities to investors.

But the bank, one of the people briefed on the talks said, has tentatively backed down from that demand, a major victory for the government. The Justice Department is free to pursue its criminal investigation into the bank. (Read more)

- Heavenly Father, be in the midst of this agreement and investigation, calling forth truth and integrity to be reported for all to read and hear. Let all agreements be exposed to the citizens involved, and fairness in what is agreed upon, restoring funds inappropriately taken. We ask this in Jesus' Name, Amen and Amen.

- "Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the wicked; for there will be no prospect for the evil man; the lamp of the wicked will be put out." (Proverbs 24:19-20)

9. Family fights to include 'Jesus' on grave marker at city-owned cemetery - Fox News

The family of a Colorado preacher's wife is still fuming after the director of the city-owned cemetery refused to engrave her final resting place with the name 'Jesus' because it might offend people. The city eventually reversed course under public pressure. "We were in disbelief," said Stacy Adams, the daughter-in-law of Linda Baker. "Who tries to censor Jesus from a cemetery?" (Read more)

- Abba Father, as Your word warns us, more and more animosity towards anyone who uses the name of Jesus in a speech, article, prayer or now grave marker, will be hated for Your name's sake. This pastor's wife's marker has been the focal point for this kind of hatred. We give thanks that under public pressure this has been reversed. Strengthen us for the days ahead as the enemy rises in battle. We pray in Jesus' Name, Amen and Amen.

- "Do not keep silent, O God! Do not hold Your peace, and do not be still, O God! For behold, Your enemies make a tumult; and those who hate You have lifted up their head." (Psalm 83:1-2)

The Middle East in Focus

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates! Lift up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah" (Psalm 24:7-10)

[All articles below were published by Bridges for Peace.]

1. Khamenei: Main Enemy is Zionist Network

Iran's Supreme Spiritual Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday [Oct. 14] that "we should not make a mistake in knowing the main enemy, who in the present time is global arrogance and the criminal Zionist network."

In his address to the hajj pilgrims, Khamenei mentioned Israel several times: "we should properly identify the methods of this hostile enemy which is creating discord among Muslims. Moreover, we should identify their agents and those who are, knowingly or ignorantly, dependent on them."

Prayer Focus
Pray that the world follows Israel's example and looks at Iran's actions rather than listening to their words. Pray that anti-Semitism will become a thing of the past.

"And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You. Sing praises to the Lord, who dwells in Zion! Declare His deeds among the people. - Psalm 9:10-12

2. Report: Palestinians "Lost" 1.95 Billion (Euros) of Aid Money

[More than] One billion Euros in EU aid funds to the Palestinians has been wasted or "lost" due to corruption-according to a harsh report leveling severe criticisms published by the European Court, the official institution located in Luxembourg. This was reported on Sunday [Oct 13] in the British Sunday Times, which added that the report has not yet been published.

Prayer Focus
Pray for the people who live under the Palestinian regimes. Pray that someday they will know the God of righteousness and will be able to live without deceit.

"The mountains will bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by righteousness. He will bring justice to the poor of the people; He will save the children of the needy, and will break in pieces the oppressor. - Psalm 72:3-4

3. Gaza Terror Tunnel Opening Uncovered

On October 7, IDF [Israel Defense Forces] soldiers discovered the opening of a tunnel built by Gazan terrorists near Israeli civilian communities. The tunnel is approximately 18 meters [59 ft] underground and extends 1.7 kilometers [1 mi]. This is the third such tunnel found along the Gaza-Israel security fence in the past year.

Prayer Focus
Thank God that this tunnel was found before anyone was harmed and pray for the revelation of any other hidden tunnels from Gaza. Pray for the safety of families and IDF patrols that are in southern Israel.

"The God of my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge; my Savior, You save me from violence. - 2 Samuel 22:3

The Persecuted Church

Today's Focus: The Persecuted Church

"The righteous cry, and the LORD hears And delivers them out of all their troubles." (Psalm 34:17)

Uganda Facing 'Imminent' Terror Attack; Christians Urged to be Alert, Cautious - Sabahionline
Uganda was on high alert Friday (October 18th) over fears of an attack similar to al-Shabaab's attack at the Westgate mall in Nairobi, where investigators continue to recover charred body parts nearly one month later, AFP reported.
"Stay alert and watch each other's steps and activities, as we are still threatened by terror," the Ugandan police said in a message, as armed security forces patrolled outside shopping centres in the capital Kampala.

It followed a message Tuesday from the US embassy in Uganda which said it was continuing "to assess reports that a Westgate-style attack may soon occur in Kampala". The embassy said there was no further information on the timing or location of any attack.

On Thursday, investigators found a charred skull in the wreckage of the Westgate mall, Kenyan police said, adding that DNA testing would be carried out to help identify it. Automatic rifles were also found.

The Kenya Red Cross lists 23 people as missing after the siege.

Fears are high al-Shabaab will follow through on their threat to launch further attacks, after the al-Qaeda-linked extremists this week said on posters at rallies in Somalia that "Westgate was just the beginning".

A propaganda video also released this week by al-Shabaab praised its contingent of foreign fighters, showing several insurgents who had allegedly come from Britain and were killed in battle.

The video was apparently made before the Westgate attack as it made no reference to it, although it highlights the "suffering of Muslims in Kenya" as well as other countries.

The video, narrated by a man in a military jacket, face hooded in a black mask and speaking with an apparently British accent, claims fighters from multiple nations including Ethiopia, Eritrea, Lebanon, India and Pakistan had all fought with al-Shabaab. (Read more)

For more news about the Persecuted Church, and how you can be more involved in intercession for these precious saints, go here.

"The Stenographer"

A Stenographer's Message from God: Will Anyone Listen?

House stenographer Dianne Reidy seemed to "lose it" and run to the podium of the House of Representatives in Washington the night of the debt deal, shouting things about God. But today, there is more to the story: she was trying to deliver a message - a message that had kept her up four weeks in a row.

Mrs. Reidy is a woman of great faith, and is the wife of a Christian pastor, Dan Reidy. She loved her job at the House, and even showed up for work when she was suffering with morning sickness during a pregnancy. When the Holy Spirit began to waken her in the middle of the night to read the Bible and pray, she knew it had to be the Lord.

Throughout her eight year tenure, Dianne held the highest respect for the institution and all that it stands for. She had always been "well thought of" by all of the House members. We can call it "stress" that she snapped at that moment. After all, she watched people pretend to be "friends" when they obviously were not. She watched Republicans compromise their constituencies and back down from promises. She did not desire to disrupt the "decorum" of the House, which is why it took four weeks for her to act on it.
She resisted the inclination to deliver His message, but it came at a moment when the eyes of a nation were on the House. His perfect timing. She was whisked out of the chamber, and a resident psychiatrist was sent to her home. . . He maintained a professional attitude, and ultimately released her with the gentle admonition to seek out her personal physician. The Reidy family liked him, and he knew that she was not crazy.
In the sometimes nebulous world of "hearing God's voice," there is a reality: sometimes God is inconvenient. We may be required to look like a fool to make His thoughts known. We are imperfect humans, who hear His voice through our own backgrounds, thoughts and desires. But when we are obedient, His thoughts will come through loud and clear.
Dianne's message will be ignored and scorned, as the point of history in which we live is riddled with compromise, lies, deceptions, and anti-Christian hostility. But like the prophets of old, the Word of the Lord accomplishes all that He purposes for it. They have been warned, and the ball is in their court.

"So shall My Word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." Isaiah 55:11 NKJV (Read more)
Galatians 6:6-8 (King James) 6) Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things. 7) Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8) For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
Matthew 6:24 (King James) No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
Joel 2:28-29 28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: 29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.
- Lord God, we ask You to place Your Hand of protection upon our sister, Dianne. We thank You for her boldness and her courage to risk all by being obedient to you. We ask You to cause this message to be a "wake up call" to our leaders and to our citizens, as spoken. Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayer, in Jesus' Name, amen!
A Commentary from a Prayer Partner:

Dianne Reidy is the frail vessel who carried the weight of heaven's message as she aligned the crooked places in the House to GOD'S LAW.

She was the sound of Heaven's plumbline crushing the head of the house of the wicked laying bare the foundation even to the neck. (Habakkuk 3:13)

Now to all those who are under the LAW, every mouth must be stopped and found guilty. For by her spoken knowledge of GOD'S LAW was sin revealed. (Romans 3:19-20)

Please Pray for Hawaii


Governor Neil Abercrombie has unilaterally called the Hawaii State Legislature into a special session to consider what he considers emergency legislation to legalize same sex marriage. According to the Governor, "rights delayed are rights denied." Specifically, based on the June court ruling on DOMA, Governor Abercrombie believes same sex couples should be given the tax benefits and other rights of other married couples in 2013.

The State Senate is positioned in favor of this measure 21-4. However, the State House of Representatives are split on this issue almost in half with 24 in favor, 16 opposed, and 11 undecided. Those against the measure disagree with one or two issues:

1. Opposed to the legalization of same sex marriage
2. Opposed to the religious exemption language that does not protect church facilities, businesses owned by faith-based people, and pastors.

The body of Christ in Hawaii has become very united in opposition to the special session and the same sex marriage legislation. Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Calvary churches, and other evangelical groups have come together to fast and pray. We have seen unity like never before and we have seen the people of God rise up and become an active and important voice in our state government process. Pastors and church members have started to build relationships with their elected officials and have become sensitive to the prayer needs of our state.
We ask for prayer partners to come alongside the people in Hawaii as we battle the enemy of God for the sake of our children and our land. God bless you all and God bless Hawaii and America!
Stand with our troops!

Stand with our troops!

Don't let Obama get away with it!

Those who sacrifice so much to defend our freedom are on the verge of losing theirs -- unless you stand with them now!

It's all part of a concerted effort by the Obama administration to remove any obstacles that fundamentally oppose the radical plan to make America a godless nation.

Unfortunately, most Americans are not aware of the religious persecution that is occurring in the military almost on a daily basis.

Let me share just a few recent examples:

- The Army labeled evangelical Christians and Catholics as extremists along with al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the KKK.
- The Pentagon put an end to military-themed Bibles.
- A West Point study linked pro-life groups to terrorism.
- The U.S. military ordered crosses removed from chapels.
- An Air Force officer was ordered to take his Bible off his desk.
- A soldier was reprimanded for serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at a private party celebrating his promotion and the Defense of Marriage Act.
- A painting including a Bible verse was removed from an Air Force dining hall.

President Obama "strongly objects" to language in the House National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which protects the right of service members to freely practice their religious beliefs as long as it does not interfere with the good order and discipline necessary for an effective military.

These confirmed attacks on religious liberty in the U.S. military are not isolated instances. They are just the tip of the iceberg. . .

But that's all about to change.

FRC has taken the lead nationally and made religious freedom in America's Armed Forces a top priority.

(Family Research Council) Read more.
The Good News Corner

The Good News Corner:


Nike Ladapo shares a birthday week with Billy Graham, and the soon-to-be 50-year-old Texas woman is following his lead on the most fulfilling way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

For his 95th birthday on Nov. 7, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is kicking off a weeklong endeavor to reach the country with the Gospel. From Nov. 7-10, more than 22,000 churches are participating in "My Hope America with Billy Graham," reaching out with the love and Good News of Christ in homes and other venues across the country.

Nike, a member of the Dallas-area Prestonwood Baptist Church, signed up after a Sunday service (Oct. 6) to host a "My Hope Party" at her home. She said she cannot imagine a better way to celebrate her birthday than by inviting family, friends and neighbors to her home and then sharing what Christ has done in her life and how He can transform their lives."

Matthew 28:19 tells us that we are to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth and help fulfill the Great Commission that the Lord has given us," she said. "My Hope America is a great opportunity to do that."

Nike was among the thousands attending services at three Prestonwood campuses who viewed a 29-minute video to be shown in the homes of those across the country hosting a "My Hope Party." Produced by the Graham evangelistic association, the video weaves footage of classic Billy Graham crusades with the testimonies of three people who found God while broken and in the depths of misery.

"Billy told several of us months ago that he believed God had given him one last message to preach to the country, and 'My Hope America' was born out of that conversation," said Jack Graham, pastor of the 33,000-member Prestonwood Baptist Church. "We are praying that millions will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ across America and that hundreds of thousands are going to be born again into the family of God."

Currently, the pastor said, Prestonwood has nearly 700 homes registered to host a party, with a goal of at least 1,000 homes.

"Our people have seen the vision of what God can do if we, like the New Testament church, publicly, and then from house to house, share the hope that is ours in Jesus Christ," Jack Graham said.

. . . Indeed, it is a stirring video not only because of the poignant testimonies but also because of the vignettes of Billy Graham -- the man who preached to hundreds of millions of people for six decades -- sharing the Gospel in his winsome Southern resonance.

"Millions are crying, 'What can I do to be saved from the pressures of life; the pressures are just so great," the evangelist who has preached the Gospel face-to-face to more people than anyone in history, says in the video. "We want to scream at life; we want to escape from life. Adlai Stevenson once said, 'It's not the days of your life, but the life in your days that counts.'

"You have so much time, but for what? The things that are broken in your heart and life can be restored in Christ if you put your faith and your confidence in Him. He died on the cross; He rose from the dead for you. He wants to give you guidance in your life; He wants to give you a peace and joy and assurance that if you die, you'll go to heaven. But first, there must be a change. You must turn around; that's called repentance in the Bible.

"Repent," he says, his voice fading in the video, "repent, repent."

To learn more about participating in My Hope America with Billy Graham and view view the evangelistic video programs visit,
Or . . . go here . . .
Worship With Us Today!

"I Will Carry You"

by Michael W. Smith

Allow the LORD to carry you through the week ahead as you enjoy this beautiful worship. Amen.

Pray for the Harvest!

Pray for the Harvest!

"Do you not say, 'Four months more and then the harvest'? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." (John 4:35)

Every day, in every nation on earth, tens of thousands of men and women are making decisions for Christ. Now, you can monitor this amazing fact online by literally "watching" as these souls are born again into the Kingdom.

Of course, the identities of those who are coming to the Lord are never revealed, but our God knows who they are! Join us as we monitor these "names" daily, praying over each one to be mentored and to grow in his or her faith . . . even in these perilous times. You may visit either or both of the sites below, to pray for fields that are ripe for harvest.


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