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CHPP Daily Brief - Monday, August 29, 2011

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The Daily Brief - Monday, August 29, 2011

"You will also declare a thing, And it will be established for you; So light will shine on your ways." (Job 22:28)

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The Daily Brief


MONTPELIER, Vermont - The full measure of Hurricane Irene's fury came into focus Monday as the death toll passed 44, while towns in the northern U.S. region of New England battled epic floods and millions were still without electricity. From North Carolina to Maine, communities cleaned up and took stock of the uneven and hard-to-predict costs of a storm that spared the nation's biggest city a nightmare scenario, only to deliver a historic wallop to towns well inland. Read more.

-Tonight we are praying for the families of the 44 Americans who have lost their lives in this storm, and we are asking for an extra measure of grace to be with the countless power company employees who are now frantically working to restore electricity to the milliions of homes that have lost power. Even so, the damage from this storm could have been much, much worse had God's people not prayed . . . thank Him for the miracle (for example) of quick restoration of mas transit in New York City alone. His hand is sure with us . . . Continue in prayer now for the millions who are being hit by the floods from Irene. Amen.

- "But the LORD sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea." (Jonah 1:4)


Penetration by Radical Agents Worse than Thought

Infiltration of the federal government by members of the radical Moslem Brotherhood is worse than some have warned recently, says a former FBI special agent in Washington. The agent confirmed that at least three operatives of the Egypt-based Brotherhood - whose credo is "Jihad is our way and death in the cause of Allah is our dream" - have penetrated the Obama administration.

The shocking charge was first leveled by Moslem reformer Tarek Fatah during a recent speech in Toronto. "When someone says that there is penetration of jihadi Islamists within society, do not dismiss it as some right-wing, xenophobic, racist rant," warned Fatah, a Canadian journalist.

"Today in the White House, there are three members of the Moslem Brotherhood that influence Hussein Obama's policy," he told the audience gathered for an IdeaCity conference. "One is Rashad Hassan, who is the American ambassador to the 52-nation Organization of Islamic (Conference)."

Fatah also named "Dalia Mogahed, who writes (Hussein Obama's) speeches, who comes from the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt; and another woman, an academic, Azizah al-Hibri, (who) was appointed in that circle." Please read more.

- Pray for each of the Moslems named in this article - that they each will lose their office of influence in our government and each will have encounters with Christians who can lead them to the Truth of the Gospel. We might pray that each one will also be called back to their homeland, never to return to the USA. Check out your local candidates for political office to make sure none are Moslems nor have any affiliation with Moslem organizations. Remember that two members of the House of Representatives are associated with CAIR and took their oath of office with the Koran, not the Bible, in hand. In prayer, block all associations between President Obama and the Moslems who are trying to influence him.

The goal of Islam is to bring our nation under their Sharia rule of law, and into a global "caliphate." Stand against this agenda with Name of God, the Blood of the Lamb, and the Sword of the Spirit, wLinkhich is the Word of God.

- "In humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance , so that they may know the Truth." (2 Tim. 2:25)

- The Daily Caller

One day climate change skeptics will be seen in the same negative light as racists, or so says former Vice President Al Gore. In an interview with former advertising executive and Climate Reality Project collaborator Alex Bogusky broadcasted on UStream on Friday, Gore explained that in order for climate change alarmists to succeed, they must "win the conversation" against those who deny there is a crisis. Gore also took shots at Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has lambasted climate change alarmists on the presidential campaign trail, and at other politicians who dare to question the veracity of global warming science. Read more

- For some reason, Mr. Gore does not seem to have the Lord's ear. Apparently, the enemy of man has Mr. Gore's ear and tongue. This ridiculous statement can prove very wicked in its potential to arrest and enslave those who disagree with Mr. Gore. Please pray that Mr. Gore turns back to his Christian roots and repents for being a troublemaker in God's kingdom. Pray also that his words fall on deaf ears and have no influence at all.

- "Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent." (Acts 17: 30)


Widely grown corn plants that Monsanto Co. genetically modified to thwart a voracious bug are falling prey to that very pest in a few Iowa fields, the first time a major Midwest scourge has developed resistance to a genetically modified crop. The discovery raises concerns that the way some farmers are using biotech crops could spawn superbugs.

Iowa State University entomologist Aaron Gassmann's discovery that western corn rootworms in four northeast Iowa fields have evolved to resist the natural pesticide made by Monsanto's corn plant could encourage some farmers to switch to insect-proof seeds sold by competitors of the St. Louis crop biotechnology giant, and to return to spraying harsher synthetic insecticides on their fields.

The finding adds fuel to the race among crop biotechnology rivals to locate the next generation of genes that can protect plants from insects. . . Read more.

- Are these the same seeds that produce only one planting? Also, ethanol, made from corn, is now being used in gasoline, probably depriving some hungry people from the nutritional value of eating corn. Is God speaking to Monsanto about its plans to make money? Pray that farmers in our Midwest will use God's wisdom in growing their crops. Probably crop rotation is one of God's techniques. We need healthy crops in abundance to feed our nation as well as sending our excess to feed famine-burdened countries.

- "Boaz commanded his young men , saying, " Let her [Ruth] glean even among the sheaves do not reproach her. Also let some grain from the bundles fall purposely for her; leave it so that she may glean and do not rebuke her." (Ruth 2: 15,16)


Following weeks of heavy losses for banking stocks across Europe, the Sunday Times in the UK reported Sunday that European officials are working on a "radical plan" to prevent a fresh pan-European credit crunch. Wthout citing sources, the paper said officials from the European Central Bank and European Commission are considering offering central guarantees over certain types of debt issued by banks.

The paper goes onto say that the move comes after a number of European banks were shut out of international money markets. The report comes after the head of the International Monetary Fund warned on Saturday that "urgent recapitalization" was needed for Europe's banking industry.

On Saturday, President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke on the phone and agreed on the importance of "concerted action" to address current economic challenges and spur growth and job creation in the global economy. Read more.

- Because the economy is now global, what affects Europe also affects us. Please pray that, if our president has made any unholy alliances with Europe, they would be broken by the Blood of the Lamb. Decree that his eyes are focused on the economy of the USA and not solely on Europe. His advisors should be Americans, not heads of European countries. Ask the Lord to fix Obama's attention on America's needs so that the Lord can lead us to fulfill His destiny for us.

- "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." (1 Timothy 6: 10)


Iranian authorities began to systematically seize and destroy Bibles after a Shiite cleric issued an urgent warning about the spread of Christianity. Authorities in northwestern Iran seized 6,500 Bibles, according to the Iranian Christian news organization Mohabat News, which quotes an official as saying of the seizure that "all religions are strengthening their power to confront Islam; otherwise, what does this huge number of Bibles mean?" The agency has reported several other recent incidents of Bibles and other Christian literature being seized and sometimes publicly burned.

- Most of history's despots and tyrants have force their citizen to burn Bibles, for they have feared the Truth. Pray fervently for the Iranian Christians as well as for those who are now receiving the Gospel. Ask the Lord to use His mighty arm to protect the Christians in Iran. God is stronger than Ahmadinajad and than any demented mullahs. Amen!

- "I foresaw the Lord always before my face; for He is at my right hand that I may not be shaken." (Psalm 15: 8)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"Now also many nations have gathered against you, who say, 'Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion.' But they do not know the thoughts of the LORD." (Micah 4:11-12a)

1. Abbas: We won't recognize Israel as Jewish state - Ynet News

The Palestinian Authority will not be recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday, adopting a belligerent tone ahead of his planned statehood bid in September.

2. Gantz orders IDF reinforcement in South after terror alert - Ynet News

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has ordered a reinforcement of army presence near the southern Gaza Strip and the Israel-Egypt border following a terrorist alert indicating that the Islamic Jihad was planning to perpetrate an attack in the area.

3. Eight wounded, one seriously, in Tel Aviv terror attack - Ynet News

A Palestinian attacker wounded eight Israelis near a Tel Aviv nightclub early Monday, slamming into a police checkpoint with a stolen taxi and then stabbing others, police said.

4. UN recognition won't stop PA demand for right of return - Jerusalem Post

The Palestinians will continue to demand the right of return for millions of refugees to their original homes inside Israel even after the UN recognizes a Palestinian state along the June 4, 1967, lines, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Sunday.

5. US presidential candidate: Israel has given up enough - Jerusalem Post

Republican US presidential candidate Herman Cain advised Israel's leadership on Sunday to not make any concessions at all to the Palestinian Authority.

6. U.S.: We will stop aid to Palestinians if UN bid proceeds - Ha'aretz

The United States will stop all financial aid to the Palestinian Authority if they proceed with plans to ask the United Nations for recognition of an independent state in September, a U.S. official warned Friday.


IDF chief Benny Gantz ordered the deployment of reinforcements around both the southern Gaza Strip and the Egyptian border on Sunday night, due to intelligence reports suggesting an imminent attack by the Islamic Jihad. The reinforcements were coordinated with the Egyptian army. Although security sources estimate that the Islamic Jihad is planning the possible attack, a security official made clear that the IDF will hold Hamas responsible for any terrorist attack originating from the Gaza Strip.

According to estimates, members of the Islamic Jihad are currently in Sinai, and despite the recent ceasefire are interested in carrying out a new attack. Security officials say that the array of tunnels along the border allowed members of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) to cross from Gaza to Sinai and carry out the attacks in Eilat a week and a half ago.

The UK-based newspaper Al-Hayat reported Monday that Egypt has deployed 1,500 troops in the Sinai peninsula, a move that was coordinated with Israeli security forces.

- Pray for the intelligence used by Israel so that those who need to know will have continual information, as Israel works to secure its nation from harm. Ask the Lord to ensure the work of the Egyptian army working with the Israelis. Also, please pray for the safety of those civilians who live in the Sinai, some of whose homes are only tents. Pray that the Egyptians who are helping the Israelis protect its southern border will be blessed.

- "Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me."
(Psalm 50: 15)

8. Syrian opposition decides to take up arms against Assad regime - Haaretz

The leader of the Revolutionary Council of the Syrian Coordination Committees, Mohammad Rahhal, said in remarks published Sunday that the council took the decision to arm the Syrian revolution.

- Offer praise for this bold move by those who are supporting the revolution in Syria. Pray for supernatural, divine protection for all believers in this land, for they surely shall need an angelic host to encamp round about them in this hour. Praise God!

- 14 "Because he[b] loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. 15 He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. 16 With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation." (Psalm 91:14-17)

The Daily Jot

A word of understanding about the Jot

In recent months, The Daily Jot has increased tremendously in new subscribers, prompting me to share how the "Jot" began and its purpose. In January of 2002, I felt the Lord impress upon me to begin writing a daily email relating current events to the Holy Scriptures with the intent of equipping people to evangelize, and to bring people back to the word of God. The idea came after a lot of prayer. That verse in Proverbs 18:16 kept coming to mind, "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men." Indeed, I knew from my days as an award winning journalist, that the Lord had gifted me with two things--one was the ability to write, the other, as an investigative journalist, the ability to discern.

In my prayers, the Lord gave me the boundaries for the "Jot." The "Jot" was to be a short, quick read that people could put to use in discussing issues from a Biblical perspective. It was to sound the alarm as a watchful eye over events that had a profound and prophetic impact on God's children. It was to encourage people to aspire to The Great Commission. And it was to warn folks of the impact of events, trends, and dealings by providing information of Biblical importance that is not normally found in the media. The "Jot" is not political, although it comments on politics from a Biblical perspective. The "Jot" is written after much research and events are confirmed by at least two independent sources.

Another very interesting boundary: The "Jot" was not to require subscription fees or to solicit money without need. The Lord impressed upon me, that even though our well being was largely dependent on the "Jot" that we were not to use the marketing techniques that big ministries do to make money. IF there is a need, the Lord impressed upon me, make it known, and through his people, he would provide. Subscriptions to the "Jot" are free. If you feel led by the Lord to contribute to our efforts, you are free to do so. When there is a need, I will let you know what that need is and its between you and the Lord whether you help. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

The "Jot" is also based on what I call an Ezekiel mantle. Ezekiel 3:17 says, "Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me." The Lord goes on to say, and I am paraphrasing, to tell them what he wants you to tell them. If they receive it it is good, if they do not it is on their heads. But if you don't tell them what I tell you to tell them, the "blood will I require at thine hand." So once I write it, and you have it, it is up to you to do with it what you will. I carry no offense toward you one way or another. I do not claim to be a prophet or an apostle. I am just a guy who loves the Lord and is trying my best to be obedient. May the "Jot" be a blessing to you.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

40-Day Fast for Israel

August 30 - October 10

Sponsored by the Elijah Prayer Army

'Come,' they say, 'let us destroy them as a nation, so that Israel's name is remembered no more.'" (Ps 83:4)

On September 20, the Palestinians are planning to ask the United Nations' General Assembly to unilaterally endorse a Palestinian state, thereby dividing God's own land including Jerusalem. The following day the Durban III UN Human Rights conference, with its history of raw anti Semitism and Israel hatred, will begin in New York. (So far six nations have cancelled their participation in Durban III: the US, Canada, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Israel.)

Coinciding with these two events, the Palestinians are preparing for mass demonstrations that most likely will turn violent. No one knows what will happen, but deliberately planned Palestinian casualties of willing "martyrs," like we have seen so many times before in similar cases, will most likely turn world opinion against Israel in a very ugly way. For instance, we have the famous example at the beginning of the second Intifada where 12 year-old Mohammad Dura died in the arms of his father in front of the TV cameras. According to subsequent detailed investigations, he was hit by a bullet fired by his own people. But Israel was of course immediately blamed, and this fueled a wave of terror against Israel and the Jewish people around the world like lighting a match in front of gasoline. World opinion never waits for the results from careful investigations.

One week after the UN events in New York, the Feast of Trumpets, commonly referred to today as Rosh Hashanah, begins. The Feast of Trumpets initiates the Fall Feasts of the LORD and the Days of Awe. Just as the Spring Feasts prophesy about the first coming of Messiah as the Lamb of God to die for our sins, the Fall Feasts speak about his return in power and glory as the Lion of the tribe of Judah to defend Israel and judge the world in righteousness.

"For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God." (1 Thess 4:16)

It is interesting to note that in this new millennium, the season around the Fall Feasts have become more and more volatile and intense. It was exactly on the Feast of Trumpets in 2000 that the second Palestinian Intifada, also known as the Oslo War, began. One year later on September 11, one week before the Feast of Trumpets on the Biblical calendar, the twin towers in New York fell. Seven years later, the New York stock market fell just before the beginning of the Fall Feasts, plunging the whole world into a financial crisis.

As the UN begins its annual working season during this time of year with an increased focus on Israel and the Middle East, the Fall Feasts are increasingly becoming a crucial time of year in world politics. The theme of the Feast of Trumpets is God as king judging the world through the Messiah. We see a confrontation building up here, specifically around the issue of Jerusalem, eventually leading to the final fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets with the coming of the Messiah.

"As a lion growls, a great lion over its prey - and though a whole band of shepherds is called together against it,
it is not frightened by their shouts or disturbed by their clamor -
so the LORD Almighty will come down to do battle on Mount Zion and on its heights. Like birds hovering overhead, the LORD Almighty will shield Jerusalem;
he will shield it and deliver it." (Is 31:4-5)

The 40-day fast for Israel

August 30 - October 10

We encourage everyone in the Elijah Prayer Army to intensify prayer for Israel during the upcoming forty days from Elul 1 to Yom Kippur, August 30 - October 10 and also to take responsibility for at least one day of fasting from sundown to sun down during these forty days. If you want to be part of this 40-day fast for Israel, please go to our web site and register the day you will fast! We encourage you to forward this appeal to as many praying people as possible. Let's help build a wall of protection around Israel with prayer and fasting during this very crucial time in history!

May God bless you as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem!

Lars and Harriet Enarson

Read more.

Note: The Elijah Prayer Army has published a list of prayer requests to be lifted up during these 40 days of fasting for Israel. We will publish one each day until we have completed this list, beginning on Day One: Tuesday, August 30, 2011.

The Good News Corner:

Australia, in Solidarity With Israel, Won't Attend UN's Durban III Conference

Like other nations, Australia wants no part of an anti-Semitic hi-jacking of the UN conference.
(Australia)-Following the lead of the U.S., Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, and the Czech Republic, Australia's Prime Minister has announced that her country will also not attend the September Durban III conference at the UN.

The UN "Conference on Racism" is expected to be exploited by enemies of Israel, and Australia anticipates that it will devolve into unacceptable anti-Semitism.

A spokesperson for Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said: "Australia remained involved in the early stages of consultation on the High Level meeting in order to oppose attempts to endorse extreme language or explicit references to the text of the Durban Declaration. But we have not been convinced that the High Level Meeting will avoid unbalanced criticism of Israel and the airing of anti-Semitic views."

The original Durban conference was held in South Africa in 2001, followed by a second conference in Switzerland in 2009, which was also boycotted by a coalition of Western Nations when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke.

The Israeli government is lauding Australia's move and is calling on other nations to join the boycott.
(Source: Gil Shefler - The Jerusalem Post) Read more.
(Reported by: Breaking Christian News)

Worship with Us Today!

Agnus Dei

Breathtaking Performance Of Agnus Dei From Child Singer

This performance will take your breath away. Jotta A is a child singing sensation from Brazil and has a special love for his Lord and Savior. Enjoy this unforgettable performance of Agnus Dei. WOW!