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CHPP Daily Brief - October 4, 2010

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The Daily Brief - Monday, October 4, 2010

The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" (Rev. 22:17)

The Daily Brief

1. US issues travel warning for Americans in Europe - BBC News

The US government has issued a travel alert, warning its citizens to be vigilant while traveling in Europe because of the threat of an al-Qaeda commando-style attack. US and UK officials have confirmed that updated guidance has been issued because of the current terror threat. A UK official said the travel advisory would not be country-specific. Cities in the UK, France, and Germany are thought to be targets.

• If you and/or family and friends are traveling to Europe, be sure to cover them/yourself with the full armor of God. Pray for discerning eyes and ears, alert at all times, and then relax to enjoy your trip. Praise the Lord for ever vigilant officials who are concerned about everyone's well-being.

"Preserve me, O God, for in Thee do I put my trust." (Psalm 16:1)

2. Turkey Signs Strategic-Military Pact with Syria -

High-ranking officials from Turkey and Syria gathered in the Syrian Mediterranean seaport of Latakia on Sunday to sign agreements for cooperation in the military and strategic fields. The report said that the two governments have been holding talks since Friday on strengthening cooperation. One of the goals is to form a free-trade area in the two countries.

• This military pact is very important to Israel and the USA, for Israel has had the support of Turkey for its air force bases, but now, no longer. Syria is always playing diplomatic games with the USA, trying to portray itself as a friend of the US while accepting money and military supplies from Russia. Neither of these countries can be trusted. Pray that the actual content of this meeting will be exposed so that the world can see what plots have been agreed to.

"An honest answer is a true sign of friendship." (Proverbs 24:26 - Good News Bible)

3. Interfaith Group Urges U.S. To Press For Middle East Agreement - The Huffington Post

A broad coalition of U.S. Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders has backed the Obama administration's efforts to broker peace between Israel and Palestinians. Members of the National Interreligious Leadership Initiative for Peace in the Middle East met Wednesday (Sept. 29) with National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The coalition called for "active, fair and firm U.S. leadership for Arab-Israeli-Palestinian peace."

• Pray for the deceived Jews and Christians who are urging the peace plans for Israel. The Moslems need to read the Bible to learn what the descendants of Abraham say about Israel's place in the Middle East. None of these groups of people seems to realize that God intends for the Jews to inhabit the land of Israel, which is His. They have replaced the truth with their own thinking! All these people need direct encounters with Jesus Christ.

"Thus says the Lord God: "Behold, I will lift My hand in an oath to the nations, And set up My standard for the peoples; They shall bring your sons in their arms, And your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders " (Isaiah 49:22)

4. California Governor Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill -

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) Thursday signed into law a bill that decriminalizes the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana. The bill reduces simple possession from a misdemeanor to an infraction.

• Because more than 60,000 Californians were arrested last year for possession, court costs are straining the state's already struggling economy. Thus, this new law is a response to economic pressure. We hope that the governor truly understands what a Pandora's box he is opening! Most of us have seen the effects of marijuana, especially on young people: their brains are "burned" out. Jesus spoke against hurting children. Pray that spiritual power will move the California government to repeal this law and the governor will repent for allowing its passage.

"Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand." (Daniel 12:10)

5. First Monday in October: New Justice, New Court, New Rulings - AP

The U.S. Supreme Court begins its first term with the rejection of several appeals - including one on the surveillance of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

A. High Court Says No to Gitmo Lawyers - Fox News

The Supreme Court announced Monday it will not hear arguments about the federal government's ability to keep under wraps details of a controversial warrant less surveillance program. The decision is certain to be welcome news to intelligence officers and perhaps Bush Administration officials who put the Terrorist Surveillance Program into effect following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Read more:

• Now is the time to lift up all of our nine Supreme Court justices, asking that each one be granted "wisdom from above" as they render decisions about each case on the docket this year. May each one turn his or her heart to the High Court of Heaven, and to our own Judge Advocate, Jesus Christ, as they determine what is found to be legal, and illegal, in our land.

"Blessed are those who keep justice, and he who does righteousness at all times! (Psalms 106:3)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, "What has God wrought!" (Numbers 23:23)

1. Pressure mounts on PM to reject US 'benefits package' - Jerusalem Post

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has begun efforts to persuade Likud cabinet members to support a deal with the US in which Israel would limit construction in Judea and Samaria for 60 days in return for American promises, Likud officials confirmed on Sunday.

2. Blair says peace within a year is a real possibility - Jerusalem Post

Peace between Israel and the Palestinians within a year is possible, said Tony Blair on Sunday in an interview with Italian network RAI TV.

3. Palestinians backed by Egypt, Jordan; peace talks sputter - USA Today

Key U.S. Mideast allies Egypt and Jordan backed on Sunday the Palestinian refusal to negotiate with Israel as long as it continues to build West Bank settlements, but they urged more efforts to salvage peace talks mediated by Washington.

4. Mashaal: Israel Fears Our Next Generation - Ynet News

Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal said Friday that recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded the Palestinian Authority do in peace talks, will hurt Palestinian refugees and Israeli-Arabs. He added that Israel fears the next generation of Palestinians.

5. Israel to Lebanon: Ahmadinejad visit to Israel border will be a provocation - Ha'aretz

Israel is stepping up preparations for the visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Lebanon next week, during which he is scheduled to visit the country's border area with Israel.

6. Israel's unit 8200: cyber warfare - UK Telegraph

Thousands are said to have signed up since then and have been incorporated into the defence forces Unit 8200.

The Daily Jot

Prophetic Times--Global Governance Conspiracy Confirmed by National Intelligence Council

U.S. and allied intelligence agencies are reportedly conducting a near-global manhunt for teams of al Qaeda terrorists that are thought to be planning terrorist attacks throughout Europe. The U.S. State Department has issued a travel alert for Europe. Yet possible high profile targets, such as NBA teams on a European exhibition tour say government officials told them there is nothing to worry about. NBA spokesman John Black said the NBA is in touch with the U.S. Embassy, the CIA and Scotland Yard, "they are keeping us informed of the situation." Timberwolves forward Kevin Love told the Minnesota Star Tribune "They mentioned there was that threat, but it's nothing that we need to be really worried about."

In September, the U.S. Director of the National Intelligence Council issued a report saying, "Global governance-the collective management of common problems at the international level-is at a critical juncture." The report advocates global governance and says, "At the beginning of the century, threats such as ethnic conflicts, infectious diseases, and terrorism as well as a new generation of global challenges including climate change, energy security, food and water scarcity, international migration flows, and new technologies are increasingly taking center stage." It says that meeting these challenges will "require renewed efforts to address governance gaps." In other words, a one world government.

Interesting that the themes pointing to the need for a global government are the same issues being promoted by the U.S. government--global warming, swine flu, food control, refusing to control the borders, etc.,--all while working with Europe on global government. Threats of terrorism, food shortages and pandemic disease are enough for even a sovereign people to want to unite and seek security from those willing to give it. And that's exactly what this government is doing by its own admission in creating a report justifying abdication of U.S. sovereignty to multilateral interests. The report gives examples of governments, including China, Russia and those in the Persian Gulf that want global governance.

Insomuch as confirmed in this report the National Intelligence Council sees terrorism, global warming, illegal immigration, and the use of technology as opportunities to promote a one world government--at the very least a North American-European government. It is not beyond these governments to create global crisis opportunities in the media to advance a desire in people for global governance. An example may be a terrorist threat in Europe where NBA athletes are told that it is nothing to be worried about. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you." While men are deceiving and being deceived, flesh and blood are tools of satan's principalities as we face these prophetic times.

Read the report from the CIA website:

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry