Thursday, July 27, 2017

CHPP Daily Brief "911" Prayer Alert for Israel Thursday, July 27, 2017

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The Daily Brief
"911" Prayer Alert for Israel
Thursday, July 27, 2017


PRAYER ALERT: Fatah, Hamas Call
for Yet Another 'Day of Rage' Friday

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
May they prosper who love you."

(Psalm 122:6)

Prayer Alert for the Temple Mount

Prayer Alert for the Temple Mount

Palestinian Arabs Calling for a New "DAY OF RAGE"

(A note from Laura Densmore)

Precious ones who love and pray for Israel,

Tomorrow, Friday, is the day when Muslims gather in their mosques. This could get really ugly. Prayer is needed NOW!

Even after the Israelis capitulated, and took down the metal detectors off Temple Mount, even still this violence goes on.

Even after the BRUTAL slaughter of members of the Salomon family at their Friday Sabbath table one week ago, even still it continues . . .

Please read the following articles, and seek our Lord for His Mercy to rest upon Israel in this hour.

Our own prayer requests follow at the end of this bulletin.

Abba have mercy . . . May we pray into this . . .

Thank you,
Laura Densmore

Arabs riot on Temple Mount

Arabs riot on Temple Mount

Riots broke out within minutes as thousands of Muslims flooded the Temple Mount, attacking police officers who responded with crowd-control measures including tear gas, shock grenades, and rubber bullets.

Police said "worshipers" began hurling rocks at security forces upon their reentry to the compound. Some stones fell at the Western Wall plaza below, causing no injuries, a police spokesperson said. The police responded to the stone-throwing with riot dispersal methods and vowed to forcefully combat any violence. (Source: Arutz Sheva) Read more

Click here to watch:

Arabs riot on Temple Mount, throw rocks down at Western Wall Plaza

[Please note: this video was filed last week, on July 17th. The same is expected to happen tomorrow on the Temple Mount, if not worse . . .]

Updated News

Updated News:

Events on the Temple Mount since Last Week

(From Laura Densmore)

As I write this, it is now 11:30 p.m. in Jerusalem (7 hours ahead of us). So there was violence today at Temple Mount, but the REAL value of prayer right now is to do a PRE-EMPTIVE PRAYER STRIKE over Jerusalem and Temple Mount for TOMORROW, FRIDAY, when the Moslems will be going to mosques and where incitement to violence may continue.

Quick recap of the news:

- After a two week ban from Al Aqsa mosque, Muslims have returned the Temple Mount to pray after Israel has removed the metal detectors from off the Temple Mount plaza.

- Arabs began rioting again on and near the Temple Mount region. Dozens of Arabs are rioting near the gates of Temple Mount in the Old City. Large police forces are pushing them back using riot dispersal methods.

- At least 56 people were injured in the Old City of Jerusalem Thursday, shortly after Muslim worshippers returned to the Temple Mount following a nearly two-week ban by Muslim authorities on prayer at the holy site.

- Riots broke out within minutes as thousands of Muslims flooded the Temple Mount, attacking police officers who responded with crowd-control measures including tear gas, shock grenades, and rubber bullets.

Arabs Call for another "Day of Rage"

Arabs Call for another "Day of Rage"

Some 2,000 members of the Hamas terror group marched in the Gaza Strip Wednesday to mark "victory" after Israel removed contested metal detectors from entrances to the Temple Mount a day earlier in a bid to calm tensions.

The group also called for a fresh "day of rage" throughout the West Bank on Friday to protest continued Israeli security measures at the site.

The group urged Palestinians to "respond to the ongoing events in order to deter Israel from continuing its violations against our people and holy places," according to Israel's Channel 2.

It was the second week in a row the Palestinian terrorist group made such a call.

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Authority's ruling Fatah party also called on its supporters, for the second week in a row, to take to the streets in Jerusalem and the West Bank on Friday in opposition to the security measures at the holy site.

Fatah's Central Committee said that it would continue protests over the security measures and called for this week's Friday prayers to again take place outside of the compound.

(Read more)

Tisha b'Av Approaches

Temple Mount Crisis is Escalating as Tisha b'Av Approaches:

How to Pray
Earlier this week and just five days before Tisha b'Av, Palestinians issued what could be interpreted as new declarations of war over Israel and the Temple Mount. While Palestinian rhetoric on the topic is nothing new, recent statements have escalated the longstanding controversy into what could be a whole new level. In any case, the current crisis, which began July 14, is not likely to end any time soon.
To summarize the past two weeks' events, on July 14, three Palestinian terrorists came down from the Temple Mount and killed two Israeli police officers. In response, and as a security measure to prevent similar attacks, Israel installed metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount. These were the same sort of airport metal detectors through which all Jewish and non-Jewish visitors to the Western Wall must pass. Palestinians said the metal detectors amounted to an illegal Israeli takeover of the Temple Mount. They retaliated by calling for a "Day of Rage" last Friday. There were riots and acts of murderous terror against innocent Israeli civilians. Palestinians successfully encouraged anti-Israel protests in many nations and rallied their cause across the Muslim world, particularly Turkey. PA President Abbas's Fatah Party announced the "campaign for Jerusalem has effectively begun, and will not stop until a Palestinian victory and the release of the holy sites from Israeli occupation."
[See Wall Street Journal: "Why Israel Removed Metal Detectors." Go here.]
Reportedly, Jared Kushner brokered a resolution of the crisis between Israel and Jordan, which technically maintains quasi-jurisdiction over the Temple Mount. Acquiescing to Jordan's demands, Israel removed the metal detectors. Jordan released a detained Israeli embassy guard as Abbas instructed East Jerusalem Palestinians, "Jerusalem is ours and it is our capital. What you are doing [through violence and terror] is correct and we supported and will support all that you did and are doing." (Read more)
Hamas in Gaza then joined Abbas' Fatah leadership in calling for another Day of Rage this Friday in Israel and around the world. Days of Rage typically result in not one, but several days or more of murderous terror and violent protest. Meanwhile, according to this week's survey, 77 percent of Israelis disagree with PM Netanyhu's decision to remove the metal detectors. Some conservative Israeli government leaders say they will now call for a vote of no confidence against him, which would again threaten his tenure as Prime Minister.
Please go here to read 10 key points to consider as you pray.
Remember that despite the tragedies and trials of Tisha b'Av, God promises to redeem the day. "The fasts . . . of the . . . fifth month [Av] will become joyful and glad occasions and happy festivals for Judah." (Zechariah 8:19)

Shabbat Shalom,

Kerry and Sandy

Update from CBN


It's Begun:

Fatah, Hamas Call for 'Day of Rage' and the Rocks Are Already Flying

(From CBN News)

"We have supported you in what you have done and what you are doing," Palestinian Media Watch quoted P.A. leadership. "[You are] taking care of your al-Aksa Mosque, your land, your dignity, your people, your religion and your holy sites."

By early Thursday morning, the last vestiges of security equipment were removed, prompting the Wakf to give Muslims permission to enter the site rather than congregating on the street outside the entrance.

"The metal detectors and cameras that were put into place outside the Temple Mount after the terror attack on the Temple Mount when two officers were murdered have been removed," the police spokesman's office confirmed in a statement.

ordan welcomed the removal of the metal detectors and surveillance cameras, calling Israel an "occupying power" that "has no right to impose" changes on the ground.

Israel installed the metal detectors and security cameras after three Israeli Arabs from the north smuggled weapons into the al-Aksa Mosque (reportedly with the help of a Wakf official) and used them to attack security forces at the entrance and then on the site itself.

Both P.A. factions, Fatah and Hamas, cheered the removal of the security equipment, declaring Israel's compliance a victory for Islam.

But many Israelis are upset with the decision to remove the upgraded security installations. One Israeli summed it up this way for CBN News: "The bottom line is many of them are taught from an early age to kill Jews."

Muslim journalist Bassam Tawil agreed, saying, "They are protesting because Israel is trying to make it hard for them to murder Jews."

Meanwhile, Turkey's Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of using excessive force and defiling the site.

"Israeli soldiers are defiling al-Aksa with their combat boots by using simple excuses to easily shed blood there," Erdogan said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by saying, "Erdogan is the last person who can preach to Israel," citing Turkey's occupation of northern Cyprus and its history with the Kurds. (Read more)

Special Prayers for Tomorrow

Special Prayers for Tomorrow

(Submitted by Laura Densmore)

- Pray that as Muslims gather tomorrow in mosques for their Holy day, that the incitement to violence would cease and desist.

- Pray for special covering, protection for IDF and police up on the Temple Mount, especially tomorrow (Friday) and through the weekend. May the Father drop down words of wisdom and knowledge to them and reveal any plots/plans/schemes of the enemy to do harm/hurt to the Jewish people. May those plans from HaSatan be foiled, squashed, and made null and void!

- Pray that the Spirit of God would begin to visit Muslims in Jerusalem and that they would have a "Saul like" encounter . . . "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?" (Acts 9:4)

- Pray for the salvation of Yeshua to come upon the Muslims in Jerusalem!


- Pray for special protection and covering for Jewish residents in Jerusalem, and in biblical Judea and Samaria. May they be on high alert for any more possible terror attacks.

- May angels be dispatched from on high to watch over, guard and protect them!


- Pray that when the Knesset next meets on Sunday, they will most certainly have to be responding to all the violence. Pray for the Knesset members, the cabinet and for Bibi Netanyahu that they would have courage, strength, and the wisdom of the God of Israel to know what to do and how to respond to the latest surge in violence.

Scriptures to pray into:

Psalm 91

Psalm 18: 3, 37, 40, 48,

Psalm 25: 2, 19

Psalm 83

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