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CHPP Daily Brief: "Praying for All in Authority" Monday, June 27, 2016

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The Daily Brief:
"Praying for All in Authority"
Monday, June 27, 2016

"Standing Together in the Kingdom of God . . .
Under the Cross of Christ"

"How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob,
Whose hope is in the Lord his God . . ."
(Psalm 146:5)

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"See, the LORD rides on a swift cloud . . ." (Isaiah 19:1)

Tracking the Markets

Tracking the Markets

Dear Prayer Partners,

After the global earthquake that hit the world's markets on Friday, all eyes in our nation will be on Wall Street on Monday morning.

But the true indicator of what may occur will begin TONIGHT, as the markets open in Asia and in Europe.

Please find below the websites of several financial sources that track overseas selling. As you study what is happening there, please join us in prayer that:

Your steadying Hand would rest upon world markets, as fear seems to run rampant. We speak peace to this situation, and pray for this to become an opportunity to help the nations find Christ.

- "Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession." (Psalm 2:8) Thank you.

1. For China, go here.

2. For Europe, go here:
3. For London, go here:
4. For World Markets, go here.

The Middle East in Focus

"Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD, who has compassion on you." (Isaiah 54:10)

1. After Brexit vote, Israeli prof warns: 'When the EU is sick, Israel will suffer' - Times of Israel

"Above all, we should remember that the EU is Israel's largest trade partner. Every obstacle in the European integration project will have financial implications that will immediately influence the Israeli economy," said Prof. Sharon Pardo, the director of the Center for European Politics and Society at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. "When the EU is sick, Israel will suffer [too], it's as simple as that," he said. (Read more)

Prayer Point from Intercessors for Israel:

The passing of Brexit - for the UK to pull out of the EU - was confirmed as we were in prayer. So the EU decides to divide God's land, approving the French plan, with all 28 foreign ministers voting in favor, and a few days later, the EU is divided! Coincidence? Someone has said that the more one prays, the more "coincidences" one sees! Our main prayer burden was for Israel to know how to respond.

- Raise up men of Issachar who know the signs of the times and what Israel must do (1 Chronicles 12:32).

- Impart wisdom to us and the Church in both the UK and the EU on what You are doing and how we are to pray in line with Your will (1 John 5:14-15).

- Lord, use this division and shaking to destroy the boycott movement in the EU against Israel.
(Read more here from Intercessors for Israel)

2. Turkey-Israel settlement reached - Israel National News

Israel and Turkey reached a deal on Sunday aimed at ending years of acrimony and restoring normalized ties that soured after a 2010 flotilla to Gaza.

The highly anticipated agreement comes six years after a Gaza-bound ship departed Turkey in an attempt to break Israel's anti-Hamas blockade. When Israeli forces boarded the vessel, they were attacked by pro-Hamas Turks on their way to the Gaza Strip. Israeli soldiers ultimately opened fire on the attackers, killing 10.

Both sides have been pushing to complete the deal in recent months, with Israel in search of a potential customer for its offshore gas exports and NATO member Turkey wanting to restore its regional clout, analysts say. (Read more)

3. Amid reports of warming ties with Israel, Erdogan hosts Hamas leader - Times of Israel

As Israel and Ankara reportedly near a deal on normalizing ties, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday met the leader of Palestinian terrorist group Hamas for unscheduled talks.

Erdogan received the Doha-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, whose group rules the Gaza Strip, at the Ottoman-era Yildiz Palace in Istanbul, the official Anadolu Agency reported, quoting presidential sources. (Read more)

4. PM lambasted by opposition MKs over Turkey reconciliation deal - Times of Israel

Opposition lawmakers railed at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday for reaching a deal to restore ties with Turkey that involves paying millions of dollars in compensation to the families of Turks killed in a violent skirmish with IDF troops in 2010.

After months of negotiations, Israel and Turkey reached a rapprochement agreement Sunday, ending years of diplomatic fallout following the deadly 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, an Israeli official said. The deal is set to be formally announced on Monday. (Read more)

5. Israel outraged by PA president address to EU parliament - Israel Hayom

Israeli officials were outraged following Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' speech before the European Parliament Thursday, in which he accused Israel of carrying out a Palestinian mass-murder and claimed that Israeli rabbis called on their government to poison Palestinian water wells. The latter claim, reported in Turkish and Palestinian media, appears to be an invocation of a medieval anti-Semitic libel, and has been widely debunked.

"Only a week ago, a number of rabbis in Israel announced, and made a clear announcement, demanding that their government poison the water to kill the Palestinians," Abbas said. "Isn't that clear incitement to commit mass killings against the Palestinian people?" (Read more)

6. UK will remain a friend to Israel outside EU, says British envoy - Times of Israel

The British Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey said Friday the United Kingdom will continue being a friend to Israel from outside the European Union, which Britons chose to leave on Thursday following a fraught referendum.

The results prompted British Prime Minister David Cameron, a strong supporter of Israel, to announce he would resign in the coming months.

Israel, Quarrey said, will now have to navigate relations with the European Union without the United Kingdom while maintaining separate ties with London. (Read more)

7. ISIS claims suicide attack on Jordan-Syria border - Israel National News

The Islamic State (ISIS) group on Sunday claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing this week that killed seven Jordanian soldiers on the Syrian border, the jihadist-linked news agency Amaq said in a statement on its website, according to AFP. Quoting an unnamed source, it said Tuesday's attack against "the Jordanian-American base at Rokban in Jordan was carried out by an Islamic State fighter".

The blast, which also left 13 soldiers wounded, struck an area where thousands of Syrian refugees are stranded. According to the Jordanian army, the suicide bomber set off from the makeshift Syrian refugee camp near the Rokban crossing in Jordan's remote northeast. (Read more)

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10. Hebrew Nation News Alert

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The Daily Brief

Please note:
Every prayer below is presented to our Lord in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

1. Stock market plunges but 'Brexit' unlikely to spark a U.S. recession
- LA Times

The Dow Jones industrial average plummeted 610 points, or about 3.4%, on Fridayas global stock, currency and other markets convulsed in response to Britain's surprising vote to leave the European Union.

The so-called Brexit shouldn't lead to a recession in the U.S., experts said. Still, the turmoil caused by the referendum wasn't good news for the struggling U.S. economy. It marked another in a seemingly unending series of foreign and domestic crises in recent years that have slowed the recovery from the Great Recession.

The U.S. market drop followed a fall of nearly 8% in Japan and somewhat smaller but widespread losses across Europe. (Read more)

- Father, we ask Your steadying Hand upon world markets, as fear seems to run rampant. We speak peace to this situation, and pray for this to become an opportunity to help the nations find Christ.

- "Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession." (Psalm 2:8)

2. Global banks seek to reassure after Brexit vote - Yahoo News

Global banks sought to reassure investors and clients Friday that they will absorb the impact of Britain's vote to leave the EU, with US giant JPMorgan warning that financial sector jobs may leave Britain.

"In the months ahead... we may need to make changes to our European legal entity structure and the location of some roles," said a JPMorgan staff memo obtained by AFP. JPMorgan employs 16,000 people in Britain, while chairman and chief executive Jamie Dimon previously said that up to 4,000 jobs could move out of the UK. "For the moment, we will continue to serve our clients as usual, and our operating model in the UK remains the same," the memo said. (Read more)

- Father, these giant banks knew this was a possibility, and were not taken off guard by the Brexit. We understand that separating economies that have been woven together for decades will be difficult, but it will not be impossible. We pray for Your wisdom over the jobs issue in a way that will benefit Your people in the UK.

- "And now, Lord what do I wait for? My hope is in You." (Psalm 39:7)

3. As EU dithers, Putin enjoys the show - Washington Times

There has been a global outbreak of nervousness in the long run-up to Britain's Brexit vote Thursday, with European Union politicians and heads of state apoplectic about the possibility of a member of the club saying no thanks and walking away from the utopia they have created.

International markets and traders have been on edge for weeks, the polls have only fed the uncertainty, and both sides are recalculating now as the votes are in. But there is one place where they have been just sitting back and enjoying the show - Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the leadership of the Kremlin must be smiling. After watching their world fall apart thirty years ago, now they're seeing the same thing is happening to the West. Leave or Remain - Brexit is just one symptom of this deeper dysfunction. (Read more)

- Lord, we can imagine that Vladimir Putin will be watching with an eye toward the eventual outcome of this breakup, looking for weakness or opportunities. We pray that You will overcome whatever his mental narrative might be, and touch his heart with truth.

- "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple." (Psalm 19:7)

4. ISIS Calls for Attacks to 'Paralyze' Europe After Brexit Vote - Fox News

The Islamic State called for attacks in Berlin and Brussels in order to "paralyze" Europe in the wake of the historic Brexit vote. Voters in the United Kingdom decided Thursday to leave the European Union, causing ISIS to tout the negative economic effects of the decision. The message reportedly came via an encrypted communication service often used by ISIS fighters and supporters. (Read more)

- Lord, the Islamic State takes every opportunity to cause fear and division of people in all nations. They are making threats of attack in Berlin and Brussels because of Thursday's vote in the United Kingdom. Let their threats be null and void. Father, we thank You that the voters in the UK have now decided to leave the EU. Prayers are for Your leading of the UK. Let there be peace and unity of the people as they work together as the UK leaves the EU and enters a new way of governing. Thank you Lord. Amen.

- "God reigns over the nations; God sits on His holy throne." (Psalm 47:8)

5. Ban on transgender troops to be lifted July 1 - USA Today

The Pentagon plans to announce the repeal of its ban on transgender service members July 1, a controversial decision that would end nearly a year of internal wrangling among the services on how to allow those troops to serve openly, according to Defense officials.

Top personnel officials plan to meet as early as Monday to finalize details of the plan, and Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work could sign off on it by Wednesday, according to a Defense official familiar with the timetable but who spoke on condition of anonymity because officials were not authorized to speak publicly about it. Final approval would come from Defense Secretary Ash Carter, and the announcement will be on the eve of the Fourth of July weekend.

The plan would direct each branch of the armed services over a one-year period to implement new policies affecting recruiting, housing and uniforms for transgender troops, one official said. (Read more)

- Lord, the Pentagon's repeal of its ban on transgender service members isn't a decision lead by You. According to Your word the decision is contrary to Your laws. Let the flags of rainbow colors flying on many churches be eliminated and replace them with the Christian and American flags. The beautiful rainbow You created is being perverted to promote ungodliness.

Father, we ask that the Pentagon spend time instead to work on reversing the fact that military chaplains can't say the Name of Jesus in their services and to allow those in the service to carry a Bible. Jesus, we pray that freedom of religion will be allowed and that Christians won't be persecuted. Jesus, we ask that those making these decisions will be touched by Your love and truth. Lead them to repentance and let them seek Your salvation. In Your precious name.

- "Therefore you shall keep My commandments, and perform them: I am the Lord." (Leviticus 22:31)

6. New York LGBT bar becomes first U.S. monument to gay rights - Reuters

President Barack Obama on Friday designated the site of a watershed event in the history of U.S. gay rights, the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City, as a national monument, the first to honor the contributions of gay Americans.

The Stonewall Inn gay bar in Manhattan's Greenwich Village was the scene of a police raid that triggered riots and ignited a long struggle to bring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people into the American mainstream and guarantee their rights. "Welcome to the family," the National Park Service said in a tweet welcoming its 412th site. (Read more)

- Father God, have mercy, we pray. We stand in the gap for this president, for he knows NOT what he does. Lord God, in designating this club as a national monument, he is violating the conscience of our nation. Lord God, look down from heaven tonight, and gaze upon these, Your people, who vow to follow Your way and Your law, only. Have mercy, O Lord, we pray, amen.

- "You shall not make idols for yourselves; neither a carved image nor a sacred pillar shall you rear up for yourselves; nor shall you set up an engraved stone in your land, to bow down to it; for I am the Lord your God." (Leviticus 26:1)

7. Democrats, LGBT activists' sinister plan to crack down on Christian schools - Fox News

If California Democrats have their way, Christian colleges and universities will no longer be allowed to require students attend chapel services or require them to profess a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Senate Bill 1146 would close a loophole that lawmakers say allows Christian universities to discriminate against students based on their gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

"All students deserve to feel safe in institutions of higher education, regardless of whether they are public or private," said Senator Ricardo Lara, the author of the legislation. "California has established strong protections for the LGBTQ community and private universities should not be able to use faith as an excuse to discriminate and avoid complying with state laws."

The legislation has already passed the Senate and is expected to clear hurdles in the Assembly. Thus far, Lara has refused to compromise with the state's Christian colleges and universities. "No university should have a license to discriminate," he said in a statement. (Read more)

- Father, we ask that this bill die in the California State Assembly. We ask for a miracle, in Your name, amen.

- "Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you." (Jer. 32:17)

8. Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to place gun owners on FBI database - Yahoo News

Hawaii's governor signed a bill making it the first U.S. state to place its residents who own firearms in a federal criminal record database and monitor them for possible wrongdoing anywhere in the country. The move by gun control proponents in the liberal state represents an effort to institute some limits on firearms in the face of a bitter national debate over guns. (Read more)

- Lord God, we ask that this state law be contested in a court of law, and found illegal. Protect our people, we pray, amen and amen.

- "I will make justice the measuring line And righteousness the level . . ." (Isaiah 28:17a,b)

9. 23 dead, including 2 kids, as flooding devastates West Virginia - New York Daily News

Some of the worst flooding in West Virginia "in 100 years" has left at least 23 people dead, including two children.

Tens of thousands of residents were left without power and many roads were impassable after nine inches of rain came down on Thursday, officials said. The hardest hit counties include Greenbrier, Nicholas, Fayette, Kanawha and Webster. In Greenbrier, a flaming house could be seen floating down a creek. Approximately 100 homes have been damaged, and the death toll rose to 23 by Friday night, WCBH-TV reported.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said that there had been 9 inches of rain in the state, adding, "It's been a long 24 hours, and the next 24 hours, and the next 24 hours may not be an easier." (Read more)

- Father, we pray for Your mercy on the State of West Virginia as they work to recover from the heavy rains which have caused so much flooding. Comfort those who have lost loved ones and we pray that no more lives will be lost.

Lord Jesus, help these people to have the finances and help from others to have all their needs met promptly. Protect them from everything harmful that can come in flood waters. Let the waters recede as quickly as you see fit. We ask in Your name. Amen.

- "For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You in a time when You may be found; Surely in a flood of great waters They shall not come near him." (Psalm 32:6)

10. China weather: Tornado and hail kill scores in Jiangsu - BBC

A tornado and hailstorm have killed at least 98 people and injured nearly 800 in the east Chinese province of Jiangsu, according to state media. Accompanied by torrential rain, the tornado struck the outskirts of the city of Yancheng on Thursday afternoon. Counties on the city's outskirts saw winds of up to 125km/h (78 mph). [Read more]

- Father God, in these end times, so many are suffering throughout the world, and You know the needs of each one. For those who have survived this massive tornado in China, we pray for salvation. Let the church, even in persecution, reach out to the lost, bringing comfort and hope, and the knowledge of You, Lord, in Your name, amen.

- "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

The Daily Jot (Part One)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Choosing wisely

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump met with leaders of the Christian community to discuss politics. From reports circulating by those in attendance, Trump did a pretty good job convincing a wide cross-section of Christian leaders that he will, in fact, stand up for Christian values if he is elected President. In general, he is reported to have committed to choosing pro-life, conservative values driven Supreme Court justices and working to allow Christians with government-approved 501C3s to speak openly about politics. Some came away convinced that Trump was the right presidential candidate in comparison with presumed Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton.

With the aging Supreme Court, there is a possibility that the next President could actually select up to five justices, which could establish the court's political direction for the next 30 years. Imagine how the continuation of leftist, godless, communist-oriented court decisions would impact our nation's future if Hillary Clinton was able to make those selections. I have heard many Christians criticize Trump, and many do it by just making general statements without any documentation to back them up. Trump, however, has made a commitment to appoint justices that are pro-life and values oriented. That is a differentiator that Clinton will never be able to make. For this reason alone, Trump should be seriously considered.

Trump announced a new advisory board of evangelicals. The list is an eclectic mix of people. There are those who support Israel, those who are politically active for conservative social values, those who are controversial, those who are well respected, those who are genuine nut cases, and those who are keepers of the word of God. This is not necessarily a group of people who will be able to turn the country around, but a group of people who are representative of the Christian community. It is a smart move by Trump, but only a handful are part of the solution-meaning the rest have been part of the problem (promoters of emotional, extra-biblical, self-indulgent doctrine).

Trump, unlike his communist opponent, has made some pretty straight-forward declarations. He says he is for Israel and will reverse the anti-Israel, pro-Islamic policies of the past eight years. He said he would fight to allow pastors with 501C3s to speak freely about politics. He said he would appoint pro-life judges. He said he would stand firm on not allowing threats into our nation through open immigration. This is a good start. We know that Hillary Clinton will do none of these things. Let us be reminded of Exodus 18:21 in choosing "able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness." There are only two legitimate choices with a chance to sit in the White House. The choice is not perfect. Choose wisely.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

The Daily Jot (Part Two)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Congressional Dems hypocritical gun protests

The entire gun debate in both houses of Congress is an attempt by Congressional Democrats to continue to chip away at the Second Amendment right to bear arms, own guns. They know that once a citizenship is disarmed, they can rule with impunity. History is proof-Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China, Cuba, most third world dictatorships, and so on. You don't have to look far. But the height of hypocrisy is to blame the Orlando terrorist attack on guns. Guns don't kill without someone pulling a trigger. And no matter how you look at it, the criminals will always find ways to get guns. Look at the US cities with the strictest gun control laws. They have the highest murder rates by those using guns.

The latest racket to disarm law abiding citizens is a bill to prevent people who are on a terrorist watch or "no fly" list from buying guns. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea. But in reality, it is obfuscation. If those people wanted guns, they would get them. The Islamist that attacked in Orlando worked for a Homeland Security contractor. Using that logic, we should ban guns for anyone working for Homeland Security. Banning guns from people on watch lists complicates the law. They have done no crime. Their rights are being taken away because the government has put them on a list. This is a bad precedent to set in the name of public safety. It is taking rights away for what people might be thinking.

There is a better way. Enforce the law by banning Islamic immigration. Chapter 2 Section 212 of The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (Public Law 414), prohibits entry to the US if an Alien is a member of or affiliated with any organization that advocates or teaches, the overthrow by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means of the US or of all forms of law, and Aliens who publish, circulate and distribute materials teaching or advocating the overthrow by force, violence or other unconstitutional means of the US Government or of all forms of law. Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic.

Muslims who believe the Koran is their life's guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Whether Islam is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any "organization" that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited. It also prohibits those who distribute literature that advocates the overthrow of our country, which would include the Koran. Does Congress have the integrity to act? Or shall we be a nation like that in Isaiah 59:14 where, "justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter." I think you know the answer. The silly sit-ins and rhetoric are just that.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

Focus on BREXIT

Focus on BREXIT

In addition to the headlines cited above, we are listing the following headlines . . . all related to the impact of Thursday's vote by British citizens to leave the EU.

With a topic that is this huge, with a global impact and many ramifications that will follow, we simply turn to our Lord with this decree:

"In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans." (Romans 8:26)

Thank you for praying in the Spirit over each item listed below. Amen.

1. Obama: Our 'Special Relationship' With the UK 'Will Not Change' -

At a Global Entrepreneurship discussion with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and entrepreneurs at Stanford University in California, President Barack Obama said Friday that the United States' relationship with the United Kingdom will not change despite the UK vote to leave the European Union.

Obama praised UK Prime Minister David Cameron as "an outstanding friend and partner on the global stage" and said he is "confident that the UK is committed to an orderly transition out of the EU."

To read his remarks, go here.

2. Rev. Graham on Brexit: A Setback for Politicians 'Who Want a One-World Government and One-World Currency' -

Commenting on Britain's historic vote to leave -- Brexit -- the European Union, evangelist Franklin Graham said the "breakdown of immigration laws and economies" played a major role, and added that the vote represents at least "a temporary setback for the politicians in this country [USA] and around the world who want a one-world government and a one-world currency."

. . . "Join me in praying for all of those impacted and that Europe's leaders, as well as our leaders in the United States, will look to Almighty God for wisdom and discernment in these trying and complex times in which we live," said the reverend. (Read all of Franklin Graham's remarks by going here.)

3. It's official-Brexit's 'Black Friday' selloff was the worst ever at $2 trillion -

The U.K.'s referendum to leave the European Union was a costly decision in more ways than one.

Markets hemorrhaged more than $2 trillion on Friday, according to data from S&P Global, the worst on record. For context, the whipsaw trading sessions of the 2008 financial crisis were eclipsed by the fallout from Brexit, according to S&P analyst Howard Silverblatt.

The prior one day sell-off was $1.9 trillion back in September of 2008, Silverblatt noted. According to S&P's Broad Market Index, combined maket capitalization is currently worth nearly $42 trillion.

In fact, Bloomberg's Billionaires Index noted that the world's 400 wealthiest investors lost a combined $127 billion in Friday's market downturn. (Read more)

4. EU worried about other countries taking Brexit-like leave - New York Post

The dust hasn't settled yet after Britain's historic vote to cut ties with the European Union, but the seismic shift was already felt across the soon-to-be 27-nation bloc, where calls are being made for similar referendums.

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries in the continent face new challenges as they face a realignment of diplomatic and trade relations in the new political landscape. (Read more)

5. France says new Europe needed after Brexit 'explosive shock' - Reuters

The European Union has suffered an "explosive shock" and must reinvent itself to prevent its break-up and restore the confidence of voters, French leaders said on Friday after Britain voted to quit the bloc.

President Francois Hollande must navigate a fine line between tackling French voters' increasing disillusionment with the EU and France's ambition to be in the driving seat alongside the bloc's powerhouse Germany.

He said on Friday he would make proposals to ensure the EU moved forward on key remits of security and defense, investment for growth and jobs, and reinforcing the euro zone.

But he also insisted it cannot be business as usual for the EU and deep changes must be made.

"Europe must be understood and controlled by its citizens. Europe must act quickly where it's needed and must, once and for all, let member states handle what is their exclusive domain," he said in a televised address. (Read more)

6. Germany fears Brexit could trigger domino effect, leading other nations to exit EU - Fox News

As the European Union's founding nations rushed to an emergency meeting Saturday to consider their future, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government reportedly fears the United Kingdom could be just the first of several nations to pull out of the alliance.

A German government-run newspaper pleaded for the EU not to sever ties completely with Britain -- otherwise France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria and Finland could lose any incentive to stay. The paper, Die Welt, called for keeping the UK an "associated partner country." (Read more)

7. Investor George Soros calls for reconstruction of EU after 'Brexit' vote -

Billionaire investor George Soros on Saturday called for thorough reconstruction of the European Union in order to save it, even though he warned that Britain's vote to leave the bloc makes "disintegration of the EU practically irreversible."

Soros, who warned of financial meltdown if Britain voted to leave the EU before Thursday's referendum, also said the effects of the decision will likely damage Britain.

"Britain eventually may or may not be relatively better off than other countries by leaving the EU, but its economy and people stand to suffer significantly in the short to medium term," he wrote in a commentary on the website Project Syndicate. (Read more)


Supreme Court set to rule on abortion clinic restrictions

The Supreme Court on Monday is poised to once again enter the fray on the abortion issue, an already divisive subject complicated by election-year politics and a split bench that may lack the votes to rule definitively.

The high court will wrap up its work for the summer by issuing a judgment on how far Texas can go to regulate abortion clinics in the state, and whether those provisions have the effect of limiting first-trimester abortions guaranteed by the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling. Texas reproductive clinics are asking the justices to keep their facilities open in the face of the state restriction.
Activists on both sides of the issue are expected to rally outside the court when the ruling is announced.

A 4-4 tie would sustain the lower court's ruling, meaning a default victory for Texas, and likely for similar laws in other nearby states, including Louisiana and Mississippi. But no legal precedent would be established, leaving continued uncertainty nationwide. The Supreme Court could later hear new arguments in the case, when a ninth justice has been sworn in to replace the late Antonin Scalia.

. . . If upheld, all clinics performing the abortion procedure in the state must operate as certified "ambulatory surgical centers" regulated under the same standards as hospitals. Another challenged provision would force doctors performing abortions to first obtain admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.
Lawmakers in the state's Republican-majority legislature have said the regulations contained in the 2013 law -- known as H.B. 2 -- would improve patient care and safety.
Abortion rights groups counter that the law is designed to make it nearly impossible to operate an abortion clinic in Texas. Only nine or 10 such health centers would qualify to stay open, and large areas west and south of San Antonio would have no full-time abortion providers. (Read more here)
- Father, tonight we rest our case before You, who resides over the High Court of heaven. Father God, we acknowledge that our "Supreme Court" is not THE Supreme Court, which is a court of mercy and of justice.

We thank You, Lord, for hearing the prayers of thousands of prayer warriors, who have not stopped interceding over this case since it first came before the court in March. Lord God, whatever the outcome, we give You our praise, in Your name, amen.

- "And when he had taken it, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God's people." (Rev. 5:8)

Our Weekly Bible Study

Our Weekly Bible Study:

Sunday, June 25, 2016 - Saturday, July 2, 2016

> > > To read the "One Year Bible" weekly letter, go here.

> > > To read the Shabbat Torah readings, go here.


This week's study includes information on:

- the BREXIT vote
- Call2Fall on July 3rd
- H.Res. 790: Calling the Nation to a Day of Repentance on Saturday, July 2nd.

This edition also explores the history of British - Israeli relations, going back to the signing of the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 1917, creating a "national home for the Jewish people."

May the blessing they showed the Jewish people at that time be returned to them now, according to Genesis 12:3!

Ramadan Prayers

Prayers During Ramadan:

Monday, June 27th: WEST BANK

Christians near the West Bank are asking prayer based on 1 Peter 2:12.

"Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us." - 1 Peter 2:12 (NIV)

- Praise God for the many encouraging stories coming from churches in the West Bank over the last year, including sharing Scripture with Muslims. Pray the churches would continue to persevere as they represent a small part of the population and face persecution.

- Pray for a church in Ramallah, which also serves as a home for boys. Please pray that the church would grow spiritually and that the boys who live there would grow up to be men of God.
- Pray for the ministry to the disabled in Bethlehem. Pray many Muslims and others would find Christ and receive comfort, as God's people care for them.
- Pray for church fellowships to be started in the areas of the West Bank where there are none.

- Pray for a stable, reliable and peaceful leadership to develop in this region. Pray the Lord would thwart the plans of groups that wish to cause chaos here.

(Source) Christians serving among Palestinians

The Persecuted Church

Vietnam slams door shut on human rights, religious freedom reforms

President Barack Obama had no sooner left Vietnam when government authorities there conducted a brutal crackdown on Christians in the country, International Christian Concern has reported.

According to the international persecution monitor, less than two weeks after the U.S. delegation left the country and President Obama encouraged the government to improve its human rights record, around 30 police and government officials stormed a church on the Vietnam-China border.

ICC reported the arrest and torture of one pastor's wife and the beating and arrest of a 14-year-old boy. The church's pastor was also interrogated and police attempted to coerce the pastor into signing a statement that the church was a threat to the local community and national security. The report did not say if the authorities had gained a confession.
In the weeks prior to the raids, the United Nations issued a stinging report on Vietnam's human rights abuses, in particular against Tran Thi Hong, the wife of a Christian pastor who had been arrested and tortured on multiple occasions. Tran's husband has been in prison since 2011.

"We are concerned that the repeated arrests and the continuing detention of Ms. Tran resulted from her peaceful human rights work and exercise of her fundamental rights, which constitutes arbitrary detention," UN representatives said in a statement calling for her unconditional release June 2. (Christian Examiner) Read more here.

Classic Hymns

Songs Our Grandmothers Sang:


"Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love." (Ephesians 6:24)

More love to Thee, O Christ, more love to Thee! Hear Thou the prayer I make on bended knee. This is my earnest plea: More love, O Christ, to Thee; More love to Thee, more love to Thee!

Once earthly joy I craved, sought peace and rest; Now Thee alone I seek, give what is best. This all my prayer shall be: More love, O Christ to Thee; More love to Thee, more love to Thee!

Let sorrow do its work, come grief or pain; Sweet are Thy messengers, sweet their refrain, When they can sing with me: More love, O Christ, to Thee; More love to Thee, more love to Thee!

Then shall my latest breath whisper Thy praise; This be the parting cry my heart shall raise; This still its prayer shall be: More love, O Christ to Thee; More love to Thee, more love to Thee!


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About the Author:

Words: Eliz­a­beth P. Pren­tiss, 1856

Music: W. Howard Doane, 1870

About the Hymn:

Pren­tiss wrote these words dur­ing a per­i­od of ill­ness, but kept them to her­self. When she showed them to her hus­band 13 years lat­er, he en­cour­aged her to pub­lish them. How­ard Doane saw the re­sult­ing pamph­let, and wrote mu­sic for the words.

Signs and Wonders


At this time of year, a colorful arc often appears in the noontime sky. It looks like a rainbow, but it's not. "I saw one on June 23rd while I was walking through forest near Flagstaff, Arizona," reports David Blanchard, who took this picture through the treetops.

Blanchard witnessed a circumhorizon arc--a rainbow-colored band of light caused by the sun shining through plate-shaped ice crystals floating in cirrus clouds. Actual rainbows, on the other hand, are caused by sunlight reflected from raindrops.

Summer is the season for circumhorizontal arcs because they appear only when the sun is high in the sky--more than 58o above the horizon. The arc's enormous size and pure spectral colors make it one of the most beautiful of all ice halos.

At medium latitudes, like much of the USA, the arc is not rare.Typically, it can be seen several times each summer. In contrast, further north in much of Europe the circumhorizon arc is a rarity and impossible to see north of Copenhagen. See the charts in Les Cowley's web page 'How rare?' for the visibility at your location. (Read more)

"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea." (Luke 21:25)

The Good News Corner

Incredible Testimony of San Bernardino Survivor Who Prayed When Terrorists Tried to Kill Her
"The amazing thing is God's grace, because when I was in the room, when I was lying there on the floor, when I said that prayer, I literally felt this-like, shield over my body . . ." -Michelle Saltis

> > > The only way we can do this intense story justice is to refer you to this link, where you can read this entire story for yourselves. Praise God for His safekeeping of Michelle's life on that terrifying day. Amen.

(Source: Breaking Christian News and CBN)

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