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CHPP Daily Brief: "Praying for All in Authority" Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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The Daily Brief:
"Praying for All in Authority"
Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you,
they sing the praises of your name."
(Psalm 66:4)

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"Praise Him with the sound of the shofar." (Psalm 150:3)
Abide in Me . . .

Abide in Me . . .

Today's Devotional:

Day Eight: Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The first step to receiving God's peace is to make Him the center of your life.When you are in charge -- you retain the responsibility of finding and maintaining peace for yourself. That burden is a heavy one. If you'll let Him, God will carry that burden for you.

Today's Verse:

"Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken." (Psalm 55:22)

Join us every night through Tuesday, Sept. 29th, as we abide together in His presence . . .

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We welcome you all to come and join us in these very special times of worship, fellowship and fresh anointing as we continue our 21-day vigil to Abide in His Glory. Amen!
The Middle East in Focus

"Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD, who has compassion on you." (Isaiah 54:10)

1. Arab League Threatens Action Against Israel Over Al-Aqsa - Israel National News

The Arab League on Sunday warned against the "Judaization of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israel" and called for action against the Jewish state, Channel 2 News reported.

The condemnation came after masked Muslim rioters hurled rocks and fireworks at police on the Temple Mount, as well as firebombs near two entrances to the site.

Jerusalem District Police and Border Police were forced to respond with riot dispersal measures. No injuries were reported during the clashes.

"We warn Israel - do not allow Jews to pray inside the mosque and do not allow extremist settlers to break in and harm its holiness," the foreign ministers of the Arab League warned, according to Channel 2 News.

(Read more)

2. Erdan: Riots Won't Prevent Jews from Visiting Temple Mount - Israel National News

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan vowed to stop Arab rioting on the Temple Mount Sunday, after a Muslim mob attacked Israel Police forces at Judaism's holiest site on Sunday morning.

"The serious events that developed this morning at the Temple Mount demand that we think seriously about the current arrangement at the Mount," he fired.

"It cannot be that Muslim rioters who have camped overnight on the Mount, turn this holy place into a vehicle for a battle which includes rock-throwing, shooting firecrackers at security forces and even bringing explosives on the Mount."

(Read more)

3. PM calls an emergency meeting following stone throwing in Jerusalem - Jerusalem Online

PM Netanyahu will convene an emergency meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) after the holiday for an urgent discussion regarding the battle against stone throwers and Molotov cocktail throwers in and around Jerusalem.

This follows the death of a driver who lost control of his car, and drove into a pole. Police are investigating whether the accident happened because his car was pelted with stones. The accident happened close to midnight in Asher Viner Street in the Talpiot neighborhood in Jerusalem, close to Jabel Mukaber village.

(Read more)

4. JPost Exclusive: 'Over my dead body will Labor not have a peace plan for the next election' - Jerusalem Post

Labor must wave the flag of peace and negotiations in the next election, party Secretary-General and MK Hilik Bar (Zionist Union) said Sunday.

"Over my dead body will we not have a peace plan in time for the next election," Bar told The Jerusalem Post.

(Read more)

5. Israel considers natural gas pipeline to Gaza Strip -YNET News

Jerusalem is reviewing a proposal to lay a pipeline for transporting natural gas between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Ynet has learned.

According to the project, proposed by Qatar, the pipeline would connect Israel to Gaza's power plant, and in this manner Israel will transfer natural gas to operate the plant and thus alleviate the crisis in coastal territory. The power plant currently supplies Gaza residents only eight hours of electricity a day.

(Read more)

6. Supreme Court chief slams plan to 'penalize' lenient judges - Times of Israel

The president of Israel's highest court on Sunday warned against a reported plan by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan to stall the promotion of judges who issue lenient sentences to convicted stone throwers.

Responding to a report on Channel 2 television, Chief Justice Miriam Naor said that "the comments attributed to Erdan befit countries to which we would not like to be compared, and not to our country, as a Jewish and democratic state."

(Read more)

7. Insight for Intercessors: Weekly Bulletin

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8. Bridges for Peace: Weekly Bulletin

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9. Intercessors for Israel - Weekly Bulletin

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The Daily Brief

1. Landslide EU Vote to Label Settler Goods - Breaking Israel News

On Thursday, the European Union overwhelmingly voted for labeling products from Judea and Samaria as part of the political process moving towards a two-state solution. 525 EU parliamentarians voted in support of labels that would differentiate Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem, and the Golan, from the rest of Israel, 70 voted against the resolution, and 31 abstained. The guidelines are expected to be presented in detail by the end of the year, though they will not be mandatory for EU members. EU officials claim this is not a boycott and is an extension of existing EU law which considers those regions to be "occupied territory" and not legally part of Israel.

The resolution stated that the parliament, "Welcomes the EU's commitment - in the spirit of differentiation between Israel and its activities in the occupied Palestinian Territory - to ensuring that all agreements between the EU and Israel must unequivocally and explicitly indicate their inapplicability to the territories occupied by Israel in 1967, takes note of the letter sent to the VP/HR by 16 EU Foreign Ministers on 13 April 2015, encouraging her to take the lead within the Commission with a view to completing the work on EU-wide guidelines on the labeling of Israeli settlement produce." (Read more)

- Oh, Lord, we do not come into agreement with this vote of the EU and pray for this plan to end in utter failure to differentiate between Israel and Judea and Samaria. We pray for Your Strong Arm to come to the aid of Israel and fight for her since You gave her all the land of the pagans.

- "And I have promised to bring you up out of your misery in Egypt into the land of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites-a land flowing with milk and honey." (Exodus 3:17)

2. Iran deal at risk: Key senators demand secret annexes - Washington Post

In a written statement released by two prominent Republicans yesterday, we learned:

Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS-04) and Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) on Friday had a meeting in Vienna with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), during which the agency conveyed to the lawmakers that two side deals made between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) will remain secret and will not be shared with other nations, with Congress, or with the public. One agreement covers the inspection of the Parchin military complex, and the second details how the IAEA and Iran will resolve outstanding issues on possible military dimensions of Iran's nuclear program.

. . . refusal to release these two annexes would be a direct and indefensible violation of the law President Obama signed. Moreover, because of the centrality of the two issues to evaluating the deal, without them Congress has no choice but to reject it. On this, a veto-proof majority in both houses is almost certain to agree. (Read more)

- Father God, we understand from those who have been able to examine these annexes in detail, that it is worded in such a way that . . . if Israel defends herself from Iran, we are to attack Israel! Lord God, this is TOTALLY unacceptable. We lift up the members of the Senate even at this very hour, and we ask that they vote to REJECT this deal, as the House did last week. We ask this in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, amen and amen.

- "The Lord nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples." (Psalm 33:10)

"So He saved them from the hand of the one who hated them, And redeemed them from the hand of the enemy." (Psalm 106:10)

3. Congress now turns to spending bill to keep government open, avoiding shutdown over Planned Parenthood - Fox News

Congress now turns to several other pressing issues, particularly agreeing on a temporary spending bill to avoid a partial government shutdown on Oct. 1.

Leaders of the Republican-controlled Congress have vowed to avoid an unpopular government shutdown. But the party's most conservative caucus could still create problems, especially if members attempt to link the spending bill to de-funding Planned Parenthood. With Congress being officially in session just a handful of days before the potential shutdown deadline, GOP leaders haven't said how they will handle conservatives' demands while also rounding up enough votes to prevent a shutdown.

Conservatives' longstanding opposition to Planned Parenthood and abortion was re-ignited this summer by the release of secretly recorded videos showing group officials offhandedly discussing how they sometimes provide tissue from aborted fetuses for medical researchers. (Read more)

- Father, we thank You for our government, our leaders, and for the conservatives and the determination you have given them not to appropriate another penny of funding for the nation's largest abortion provider. We ask that You would give them resolve, favor, and effectiveness in their mission to keep the government operating and end the nation's participation with those who shed the blood of the innocent. We offer this prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

- "Then took Jeremiah another roll, and gave it to Baruch the scribe, the son of Neriah; who wrote therein from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the book which Jehoiakim king of Judah had burned in the fire: and there were added besides unto them many like words." (Jeremiah 36:32)

4. Second Review Says Classified Information Was in Hillary Clinton's Email- New York Times

A special intelligence review of two emails that Hillary Rodham Clinton received as secretary of state on her personal account - including one about North Korea's nuclear weapons program - has endorsed a finding by the inspector general for the intelligence agencies that the emails contained highly classified information when Mrs. Clinton received them, senior intelligence officials said.

Mrs. Clinton's presidential campaign and the State Department disputed the inspector general's finding last month and questioned whether the emails had been overclassified by an arbitrary process. But the special review - by the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - concluded that the emails were "Top Secret," the highest classification of government intelligence, when they were sent to Mrs. Clinton in 2009 and 2011. (Read more)

- Father, we thank you for President Obama's defining of "Top Secret" as information that if disclosed could "reasonably" be expected to cause "exceptionally grave damage to national security." We ask You to give our government officials, the media, and the American people clear perspective on the potential consequences of passing very weighty information over not weighty means of communication. We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, amen.

- "Indeed, let no one who waits on You be ashamed; Let those be ashamed who deal treacherously without cause." (Psalm 25:3)

5. KY Clerk Kim Davis Says She's "No Hero," Just Wants to Work Without "Violating My Conscience" - CBN

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis returned to work Monday, and a new showdown is already shaping up. Davis is fighting once again to obey her conscience when it comes to same-sex marriage. Dozens of people crowded outside the Rowan County courthouse as Davis arrived. She announced to the crowd that she is not going to interfere with her deputies issuing marriage licenses. But she would not authorize them and she questions whether they are valid.

"I don't want to have this conflict. I don't want to be in the spotlight. And I certainly don't want to be a whipping post," Davis told the crowd. She went on to say, "I am no hero. I'm just a person that's been transformed by the grace of God, who wants to work, be with my family. I just want to serve my neighbors quietly without violating my conscience." (Read more)

- Father, we thank You for the wisdom You have granted to Kim Davis, even as we uphold her right to defend her own conscience in the face of government intrusion. We do ask that others not begin to use this sister, and her testimony, as a "whipping post" for their own agendas, as Kim has requested. Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayers for Kim Davis, and for giving all of us Your wisdom as we walk through these perilous times. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, amen.

- "But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him." (James 1:5)

6. South Carolina Gov. Issues Order That Could Close Two of the States Three Abortion Facilities - Life Site News

(Charleston, SC)-All three of South Carolina's abortion facilities have violated state law, and Gov. Nikki Haley has issued an order that could close two of them in just over two weeks. And their managers and employees may face criminal charges.

Gov. Nikki Haley announced late Friday afternoon that she had issued Administrative Order of Suspensions against Planned Parenthood of South Atlantic in Columbia and Greenville Women's Clinic in Greenville and assessed more than $10,000 in fines so far. The state's Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) found 27 violations in those two offices-21 at Planned Parenthood alone.

Planned Parenthood was found to have violated the Woman's Right to Know Act five times, failed to prove that its staff was properly trained, kept expired medication on the premises, wrongly disposed of infectious material, and failed to report abortions to the state in a timely manner. (Read more)

- Oh, Father, we say praise the Lord for this good report! God bless Governor Nikki Haley, Lord God, and keep her safe from harm in the days ahead. We ask, too, that legal ground be discovered that would enable the closing of the third abortion center in the State of South Carolina, too. Amen and amen.

- "Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord!" (Psalm 150:6)

7. Office Depot Apologizes for Blocking Religious Flyer - CBN

The CEO of Office Depot has apologized after an Illinois store refused to print religious flyers for a customer. Maria Goldstein wanted to print flyers about a prayer meeting, including a call to pray for Planned Parenthood. The flyer included facts about abortion and Planned Parenthood's role in providing the majority of abortions in America. It also called for an end to abortion in America and for Planned Parenthood workers to become Christians.

Goldstein says the handout is part of a weeklong prayer and fasting campaign that aims to change opinions on abortion. "The intention of the prayer is to ask for conversion," she said. "The conversion of the staff, employees, everybody who is part of this at Planned Parenthood. It means they will recognize life has dignity and that it is valuable and not a commodity to be bought and sold." (Read more)

- Hallelujah, Lord, for the apology from this company; but, Lord, we ask that Christian activities will be given favor and treated fairly by all businesses. Thank You for the truth in this flyer. We pray that because this made the news that the plans of the enemy will be turned around and this commendable plan for conversion of employees of Planned Parenthood will move forward with Your blessings. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

- "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." (Matthew 5:44)

8. U.S. students forced to recite 'Allah is the only god' - WND

A holy war has erupted in schools all across the fruited plain, as American students are now being FORCED to recite the Islamic Quran. At the same time, barely a peep is heard about Jesus or Christianity.

Earlier this year, public-school students in Madison, Wisconsin, were given an assignment to "pretend you are Muslim," while students in Florida were instructed to "recite the Five Pillars of Islam as a prayer, make Islamic prayer rugs and perform other Muslim rituals," ACLJ said Monday. Now, parents of public-school students in Tennessee are protesting assignments that include writing a declaration that Allah is supreme and textbooks that recount Islamic doctrines as facts instead of beliefs.

Nearly 120,000 people have signed ACLJ's petition demanding a halt to such teaching. (Read more)

- -Our Precious Lord, we come against the indoctrination of the students of America with this destructive way of life. We seek an end to the favoritism given to this "religion" as opposed to Christianity. We ask that the voices rising up against the teaching of Islam will be made strong enough by You, Lord, to put this activity down. We pray for Your Divine pressure to be strong in Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, and any other school district that would contemplate such a teaching. We pray for an invasion of truth to hit the teaching of Islam and that America will be strengthened as a Judeo-Christian country.

- "Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after another god." (Psalms 16:4a)

9. ISIS: We will Use Refugee Crisis to Infiltrate the West - Red Flag News

American activists have been warning of a "fifth column," and some are saying that ISIS is using the Syrian refugee crisis to do so. I"d be lying if I said I understood any of this, but . . .

Evidence of that invasion came in February when an ISIS operative confirmed what many already suspected - the Islamic State is using the refugee crisis to form a fifth column of Muslim fighters inside Western nations. The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 trained ISIS gunmen have already been smuggled into Europe - hidden among innocent refugees, reported the Express, a British newspaper.

Hungary"s prime minister, Victor Orban, was lampooned in the European media Thursday for writing an op-ed in which he stated Hungary was blocking the Muslim migrants to preserve its Christian heritage. But more European leaders should be as astute as Orban, says Clare Lopez, a senior Middle East analyst for the Center for Security Policy.

According to reports (Buzzfeed, British newspapers, etc.), ISIS has been smuggling gunmen across the Turkish border and is believed to have over 4000 soldiers throughout the EU. So, if for some reason you"ve been looking for something do to worry about, here you go!

- Father, we ask your Hand to be on every person migrating across continents and oceans, on every person driving them to migrate, on every official that meets them at a border, and on every official making decisions about these movements of people. We ask that this would be a time for your Good News to go forth to many, and for a great harvest of souls for your eternal kingdom.

- "Let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the LORD." (Jeremiah 9:24)

10. ISIS Captures Last Government Oilfield in Syria - Al Jazeera

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters have captured the last major oilfield under Syrian government control during deadly clashes over a vast central desert zone, a monitoring group said.

The Jazal field was shut down and clashes were ongoing east of Homs, with casualties reported on both sides, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, without giving dates or more details.

Syria's army said it had repulsed an attack in the same area but did not mention Jazal or comment on how much of the country's battered energy infrastructure remained under its sway. It said it killed 25 fighters, including non-Syrian fighters. (Read more)

- Father, we ask you to expose the true motives of those involved in conflict in Syria including those who started the conflict, those opposed, and those who seek to exploit the deteriorating situation their for those own purposes. Redeem this situation for Your own purposes, glory, and motives, Father, in Jesus' name, amen.

- "Shall not God search this out? for he knoweth the secrets of the heart."
(Psalm 44:21)

The Daily Jot

The Caveat Card of the "prophets"

There are a few in the Christian community who have a win-win gig going. They prophesy doom and destruction for an entire year and when it doesn't happen, they play the "Caveat Card." The Caveat Card is the great fudge factor of the prophetic circuit. They say that while they specifically implied a time frame for fulfillment, they really didn't put any specific dates on what they said would happen, and the events could happen at any time. Then their supporters rally around and personally attack those who dare challenge the veracity of these proclamations. The revenue stream from books and conferences aside, they often trade off of intrigue and fear when sound doctrine should be the focus.

The real prophets that we read in the Bible had no Caveat Card. They heard from God and their words were consistent with the word of God, and their prophesies were true--often in many layers such as the present, the intermediate future, and the distant future. Prophecy aligns with the word of God in its context. This means that the context of the scripture needs to be considered with regard to prophesy. Context, or Exegesis, must be applied as opposed to daisy-chaining verses together to validate a point or to support a certain doctrine, called Eisegesis. Eisegesis is the process of interpreting a text in such a way that the process introduces presuppositions, agendas or biases into the text.

Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 4:3, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they draw to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." You see, the world is watching. And when false prophets make their case to tickle people's ears, and they end up having to play the Caveat Card, Christians and prophecy lose credibility, and in turn, perhaps many souls are hardened in the process. What will happen, for example, if Christ doesn't return when these prophets and teachers say he will? Do you trust Christ to take you out of peril or protect you, or will your faith falter and your heart fail?

Bible prophecy is an extremely important aspect of today's living. There are events occurring every day that reveal the pace of prophecy. But what did Jesus answer first when asked about the sign of his coming and the end of the world? He said in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you." He further warned that there would be many false prophets that "shall deceive many." It is easy to get excited about the times in which we live. At the same time, we all must be very careful as to not overstate or inflame the events before us into something they are not. Prophecy always aligns with God's word. The challenge is to not take someone else's word for God's word, but know it yourself. No one will have a Caveat Card when they stand before the Lord on that day.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

Our Grandmothers' Songs

Songs Our Grandmothers Sang:


""I . . . saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of Heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." (Revelation 21:2)


Jerusalem, my happy home! Name ever dear to me; When shall my labors have an end, In joy, and peace, and thee?

When shall these eyes thy heaven built walls And pearly gates behold? Thy bulwarks, with salvation strong, And streets of shining gold?

There happier bowers than Eden's bloom, Nor sin nor sorrow know: Blest seats, through rude and stormy scenes, I onward press to you.

Why should I shrink at pain and woe? Or feel at death dismay? I've Canaan's goodly land in view, And realms of endless day.

Apostles, martyrs, prophets there Around my Savior stand; And soon my friends in Christ below Will join the glorious band.

Jerusalem, my happy home! My soul still pants for thee; Then shall my labors have an end, When I thy joys shall see.

O Christ do Thou my soul prepare For that bright home of love; That I may see Thee and adore, With all Thy saints above.


Please go here.

About the Author:

Words: Jo­seph Brome­head, 1795

Music: Ed­ward Clark Barre, 1871

Signs and Wonders

Wildfires, flooding, earthquake hit California

As firefighters began to make significant progress on two of the 12 deadly wildfires raging in drought-stricken areas of California, emergency crews on Tuesday had to also contend with a small earthquake near one of the wildfires and flooding in Los Angeles.

At least four firefighters have been injured trying to extinguish the wildfires and one woman has died in her home. The wildfires are being attacked by an estimated 11,000 firefighters.

Some Lake County evacuees were being allowed to return home on Tuesday for 15-minute visits to take stock of what was left, KTVU reported.

"I saw all the houses and they were just devastated, gone - there was nothing here," volunteer Lake County firefighter Don Lopez told KTVU. "And I thought, 'My house is gone,' and I was crying. I didn't know what to do. I was numb."

Two of the fires have caused 23,000 people to be displaced from their homes. The wildfires have destroyed 720 homes and hundreds of other structures, such as businesses, barns, outbuildings and infrastructure.

While a lack of rain gave rise to the wildfires in one part of California, a downpour in Los Angeles caused flooding of the Los Angeles River. Several people had to be rescued from the waters, an assisted-living center was evacuated after it flooded and accidents snarled the freeways, KTLA reported.

Los Angeles received 1.70 inches of rain before 7:30 a.m., the Los Angeles Times reported. Santa Monica had 1.75 inches and Alhambra 1.82 inches. The National Weather Service said parts of Southern California were seeing up to a third of an inch of rain every hour. (Read more)

"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea." (Luke 21:25)

The Good News Corner

Billionaire Christian May Buy Island to House Syrian Refugees: "I Can't Just Sit Here Pretending . . ."

He has sent letters to the prime ministers of Greece and Italy asking them to sell him an island so he can house and employ 100,000 to 200,000 refugees, many of whom have fled Syria's four-year civil war.

An Egyptian Christian and billionaire philanthropist has announced he is hoping to buy an island, from either Greece or Turkey, to help resolve the massive refugee crisis hitting Europe.
During an interview Sunday morning with CNN's Fareed Zakaria on GPS, Telecom CEO Naguib Sawiris said the tragic death of Aylan Kurdi, a two-year-old Syrian boy who died while trying to reach freedom with his family, prompted him to lend a hand.

"I actually must admit, it's the picture of Aylan that woke me up," Sawiris said. "It was a very touching picture. In addition to that, the way these pictures were coming out of Hungary, the way these refugees were being treated by the authorities there, and being, you know, beaten and put into the trains and buses, I mean it was just too much."

(Breaking Christian News and the Gospel Herald) Read more here.
Worship With Us Today!

Worship With Us Today!

The song of Moses

By Paul Wilbur