Sunday, June 21, 2015

CHPP Honoring Charleston: Traditionally Called "the Holy City " Sunday, June 21, 2015

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Honoring Charleston:
Traditionally Called "the Holy City . . ."

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted . . ." (Mt. 5:4)

". . . the whole earth is full of His glory." (Isaiah 6:3)
Today's Memorial Service at the AME Church

Charleston church holds first worship service since 9 killed in shooting

The historic black church in Charleston, S.C, held its first worship service since nine of its members were killed during a Bible study Wednesday night.

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church was filled for the service Sunday morning. Uniformed police officers are posted on both levels of the sanctuary.

The service started with a message of love, recovery and healing, which will no doubt reverberate throughout churches across the country.

"We still believe that prayer changes things. Can I get a witness?" the Rev. Norvel Goff said. The congregated responded with a rousing "Yes."

"But prayer not only changes things, it changes us," Goff said.

Goff is a presiding elder of the 7th District AME Church in South Carolina. He was appointed to lead the historic Charleston church after Senior Pastor Clementa Pinckney was shot and killed. He will remain at the church until a new pastor is named.

"It's been rough," Goff said. "We some of us have been downright angry.""But through it all, God has sustained us and encouraged us. Let us not grow weary."

Goff vowed that he and others will "pursue justice and we're going to be vigilant and we are going to hold our elected officials accountable to do the right thing."

Events to show solidarity are planned throughout the city and beyond. At 10 a.m. ET, church bells rang throughout downtown this "Holy City" - which garnered the nickname because of the numerous churches here.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Mayor Joseph Riley attended the service at Emanuel. (Fox News)Read more.
Family Members Talk About Today's Service

Family Members Talk About Today's Service

For the family of Cynthia Hurd, Sunday's service will be especially poignant. The longtime librarian would have been celebrating her 55th birthday and was planning a trip to Virginia with her siblings.

"Sunday will not be a sad day for me; it will be a celebration for me. It will be a celebration for our family because our faith is being tested," Hurd's younger brother Malcolm Graham said Friday. "She was in the company of God trying to help somebody out. She was where she needed to be."

Felicia Breeland, an 81-year-old lifelong Emanuel member, said she sang in the choir with Susie Jackson, 87, who was also fatally shot Wednesday.

"It's going to be sad. She sits right on the front row, too," Breeland said. "She had a very soft soprano voice. It was beautiful."

Harold Washington, 75, said he expected a tearful, emotionally charged gathering.

"I hope we'll be much stronger. I think we will because it brings people together. For how long? I'm not sure. But at least for right now we're very well galvanized," he said. "We didn't miss a Sunday."

- Father God, we thank You for the faith, the love, and the courage that members of this congregation continue to demonstrate in this time of great need. May their witness resound around the earth, and may many behold Your Glory in their words. We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

- "But as for you, you thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save many people alive." (Genesis 50:20)
Pastors Reach Out to Charleston

Bonds of brotherhood in Charleston

"Bonds of brotherhood were strengthened today. As tragic as this shooting was, it has brought out the best in God's people."

Tonight at dinner, I was asked by a fellow diner from Kansas what I was doing in Charleston. I explained that less than a week ago I was in town for The ResponseUSA held at the North Charleston Coliseum on Saturday, June 13th. Four days after thousands gathered to pray for a nation in crisis several local pastors were shot down during their Wednesday night prayer meeting in their own church in this city. I told her we were sent by The American Renewal Project team to comfort and pray for the pastors and people of Charleston. She said, "So you are like Emergency Responders." I thought. She is so right.

Brad Atkins and I arrived in Charleston Thursday night to love on the pastors and civic leaders as they faced this terrible tragedy. It has been an honor and a privilege to meet with those who worked so hard on The Response, and to remind them that thousands of pastors around the country have taken their intercession for them to the next level.
Today we called pastors and state representatives all over Charleston, praying and encouraging them. One of them was Representative Samuel Rivers who also serves as a local pastor in this area. We were able to take him to lunch and hear his heartfelt concern for his city. We were joined by Mark Hendricks of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Today Mark presented Dr. Keith, presiding elder of the African Methodist Episcopal churches of this area and presented him with a check for $25,000 from the Southern Baptists of SC. He put us in touch with the local Catholic Bishop and we were able to pass on our prayers of concern to him. We met later this afternoon with Dr. Ed Johnson and Rev. Frank Seignious. Both men were on The Response Team and led out in prayer on Saturday. We listened to their concerns for their city and their nation and spent time praying for one another.
Bonds of brotherhood were strengthened today. As tragic as this shooting was, it has brought out the best in God's people. Tomorrow we will take part in a prayer gathering of many of the pastors who attended The Response. This prayer meeting has been on the schedule for months. God knew it would be needed long before this day arrived.

On behalf of myself and Brad Atkins, thank you for praying for us. Keep praying for Charleston. God is at work in this city. These people have chosen to do the best of things in the worst of times.

Dr. Gary Miller
"Emergency Responder"

(American Renewal Project) Read more here.
The Enemy is Defeated!

The Enemy is Defeated!

"The Sound of Charleston"

"I forgive you, they lived and loved and their legacies will live and love, hate won't win!" - Nadine Collier, the daughter of 70-year-old Ethel Lance

We wrestle not with flesh and blood! The demonic spirit spoke through the Charleston shooter exactly what hell's intent was in the slaying of these 9 innocent - to start a race war!

But as satan always does, he over played his hand. He shed innocent blood in a prayer meeting and released the voice of the Blood of the Lamb!

These innocent people didn't choose to be a hinge point in history, but the lives they lived resound through their children and their children's children! And with the proclamation of the granddaughter of one of the martyrs, "I forgive you, they lived and loved and their legacies will live and love, hate won't win!", the enemy's attempt was trumped!
(Submitted by James Nesbit. James is calling for us to gather across our land, worshipping our Lord with black and white voices raised together, exalting our King of All Kings. We thank James for this vision and we say, "Yes, Lord!")
Strategic Prayer Points

Strategic Prayer Points

Submitted by Frank Seignious
State Coordinator: Pray SC
SC Apostolic Coordinator - HAPN (Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network)

1. Thanksgiving: The Lord's Protection from violence in our communities in South Carolina.

- Continue to pray for the Lord to release angels to hold back agitators of violence.
- For the faithful expression of forgiveness from the families of our murdered brothers and sisters
- For the restraint of all of the people of SC - our people in SC have responded as Jesus Disciples!
- That all of our people in SC - all races have come together in love through the blood of Jesus.
- Protection for all Law Enforcement officers and staff in SC.

2. Wisdom: immediate need to keep focus on Forgiveness & Reconciliation - Love not hate

- wisdom for the Governor / Members of Senate and House of Representatives of SC
- wisdom in this hour to establish and maintain a governmental authority - "seat" of peace and calm
- wisdom for leaders on the Media Mountain in SC and Americato declare and focus on the present positive condition of racial relationship in SC not going back and digging up the past. For calm / clear voices of leaders on all 7 Mountains to stand strong and proclaim - we are not living back in the past - we have come a long way - and we know we have a long way to go.
- wisdom for our intercessors to keep our spiritual eyes / ears open to the continuing end runs attacks of the evil one (Judges 7:4-7) We must know the enemy has not stopped his attacks.
- For the lord to block the tactic of using the Confederate Flag to agitate and incite. This issue can be dealt with by our SC Legislature in the Lord's timing after some healing of hearts and calming of emotions.
- wisdom for all parents to know where their children / young people are and to act with discipline and love in guiding them.
- wisdom / revelation / and / protection for all Law Enforcement officers and staff

3. Healing: Pray mercy and healing for the families and friends of our murdered brother's and sisters
- . . . when one suffers - all suffer (1 Cor 12:26)
- Pray for forgiveness and healing of all of the shooter's family and friends. Some are struggling with the guilt that they had signs which they missed - could have prevented this terrible act.
- Continued healing within the Body of Christ - some areas of deep wounding and unforgiveness have surfaced and need healing.
- Pray for teaching of the Body of Christ regarding the healing word of Godly Sorrow vs Worldly Sorrow. (Worldly sorrow is where most of society is and this is where Satan catches many disciples)

"Godly sorrow . . . brings repentance . . . that leads to salvation . . . and . . . leaves no regret but . . . worldly sorrow . . . brings death." (2 Cor 7:10)
4. Decree and Declare: Blessings on families and the biblical family structure in SC and America

- Blessings on all fathers - that each will be guided by Holy Spirit to love / serve / and lead their family as commanded by Jesus - to step up and be the biblical spiritual head of the household.

- I will be vigilant for 21 days following the Response - continuing to take SC and her Church before the Court of Heaven - continuing to repent of our corporate sin - and seeking HIS Mercy.

"He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart"

Isaiah 40:11 (NIV)
Join a Nationwide Prayer Army for Charleston

"Now is the Time to Stand" against Hatred:

Chaplains of America Call for an Army of Prayer Advocates
for South Carolina

"That Christians of any ethnic group have been slain while meeting for prayer-not overseas but right here in our nation-should drive us all to our knees," -Preston Parrish, Chaplains of America

(Wake Forest, NC)-Wednesday night's scene: a seemingly regular Wednesday night service in a historic church... Believers huddled... Bibles opened... voices raised to God in prayer... then, a hate-filled shooter opens fire... nine unsuspecting people die. "That Christians of any ethnic group have been slain while meeting for prayer-not overseas but right here in our nation-should drive us all to our knees," says Preston Parrish, CEO, Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA). "While reports indicate that the man committing these atrocities was fixated on the race of his victims-which is despicable-this incident underscores the growing spirit of hatred across our land, toward followers of Christ in particular. Now is the time to stand against it and we can do so by praying especially for South Carolina in the wake of this latest bloodshed."

CCA, which has chaplains serving in a nearly a thousand workplaces across America is calling for "an army of Prayer Advocates for South Carolina," Parrish says. "Never has the need been greater for us to band together as Prayer Advocates for our nation, our communities, our churches, and our workplaces. We are asking thousands of people to join with us by registering on our website as Prayer Advocates for South Carolina, and for their own states as well."
To register to pray for Charleston, please go here.

(Source: Breaking Christian News)
URGENT! RESPONSE Conference Call Tomorrow!

The Response - Charleston Conference Call

Hosted by Doug Stringer


1:00 p.m. EDT/12:00 p.m.CDT/11:00 a.m. MDT/10:00 a.m. PDT



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A Closing Thought

A Closing Thought . . .

"For He who avenges murder cares for the helpless. He does not ignore the cries of those who suffer." (Psalm 9:12)
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