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CHPP Daily Brief - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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The Daily Brief - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Daily Brief

1. FCC official: 'Internet freedom' threatened - Washington Times

The United States is unprepared for an international fight that's brewing over whether the Internet will remain free from government regulations or fall increasingly under the control of emerging global powers, Federal Communications Commissioner Robert McDowell warned Monday.

-Lord, the prince of the power of the air is striving with all his forces to command the Internet. He is a liar, and can do nothing unless You allow him to, in order to fulfill Your prophecies setting up for antichrist prior to Your certain return. Raise up righteous leaders with superior wisdom and favor to stand against him. We pray for the salvation of this world - so the gifts of technical knowledge You have given will be used for Your glory!

-"according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience.." (Ephesians 2:2) " Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out." (John 12: 31)

2. US to reduce troop levels on Mexico border - AFP

The United States will cut the number of national guard troops patrolling the border with Mexico as it steps up other surveillance on the porous southern border, officials said Tuesday. The statement said security would be boosted by more air surveillance, leaving fewer personnel on the ground. The change in strategy will begin in January, with aircraft in place by March 1. In the fiscal year ended September 30, the number of border apprehensions was 340,252, down 53 percent from three years earlier and one-fifth of what they were at their peak a decade ago.

- Lord, the sins of our nation have caused this breakdown of our borders, so that 'aliens' come against us from without and from within."They are besieging us at all our gates" because "we have not served You." (Deuteronomy 28:,47,52) Lord, remember Your remnant who cry out to You - care for us with mercy! Raise up those who will rule this land in righteousness, that we may be established in it.

- "The eternal GOD is your Refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He will thrust out the enemy from before you, and will say 'Destroy!' Then (we) shall dwell in safety." (Deuteronomy 33: 27,28)

3. Supreme Court Schedules Unprecedented Full Week for Obamacare - NewsMax

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will use an unprecedented week's worth of argument time in March (March 26, 27, and 28) to decide the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's historic healthcare overhaul. They will start the week with one hour of arguments on whether court action is premature because no one yet has paid a fine for not participating in the overhaul. The arguments fill the entire court calendar that week with nothing but debate over Obama's signature domestic healthcare achievement. That means a final decision on the massive healthcare overhaul will likely come before Independence Day in the middle of Obama's re-election campaign. The new law has been vigorously opposed by all of Obama's prospective GOP opponents.

- Lord we pray for the complete over turning of this 2,000 plus page bill - which among many other things - uses taxpayer money to perform abortions in historic numbers; which allows all lawmakers (including the Obamas), Muslims, and various other cults to OPT OUT; which includes a government takeover of all college loans; which provides the president with increased powers to form his own militia... GOD we pray now and take authority in Your holy Name over the Supreme Court's decision. We BIND any influence that will allow this unprecedented abomination to remain standing and be enforced as law in this land, in Jesus' Name! Pray saints, pray!

- "Assuredly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning any thing that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven." (Matthew 18:18,19)

4. Almost 1 in 3 U.S. Youths Arrested by Age 23, Researchers Say - Business Week

About 30 percent of Americans by age 23 have been arrested at least once for something other than a traffic violation, increasing their chances of professional and family strife, researchers say.

- Lord, we pray for our youth - our next generation. We ask for a mighty move of Your Holy Spirit to touch and transform their lives! We pray for parents to earnestly seek the Lord and find You - and then live as godly examples before their households, diligently obeying and teaching Your Word to their children! As the public schools have increasingly stripped the knowledge of You from our children, may the Church increasingly reach out boldly with prayers and actions to rescue them!

- "When I was my father's son, tender and the only one in the sight of my mother, (they) taught me and said to me: Let your heart retain my words; Keep my commands and live." (Proverbs 4:3,4) " His mercy is on those who fear Him from generation to generation." (Luke 2:50)

5. US House votes down payroll-tax extension plan - PoliticMo

The House of Representatives has rejected a bipartisan plan for a short-term payroll tax break, as Congress ends the year in yet another deadlock. Republicans demanded immediate negotiations with the Senate on a year-long extension of the measure.

- Lord, we ask You to take control of these negotiations. As Obama presses for the two month extension, so he can come before the American people again in two months and present himself as the tax lowering champion of the working class - allow those who see through this to hold the line; and to establish the year long tax extension not to be reviewed again until after the 2012 elections. We pray for leaders who seek Your wisdom and honor You, for when the righteous rule, the cities rejoice!

- "The law of the wise is a fountain of life." (Proverbs 13:14)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he reveals his secret unto his servants the prophets. The lion hath roared, who will not fear? The Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?" (Amos 3:7,8)

1. Official: Israel Unprepared for Wartime - ABC News

The Israeli government's watchdog agency says the country is short on bomb shelters and is ill-prepared to protect its citizens in case of war.

2. UN powers condemn West Bank construction, 'price tag' acts - Ynet News

UN Security Council powers on Tuesday launched a strong condemnation of Israel's increased construction in the West Bank and growing attacks by settlers on Palestinians.

3. Egyptian unrest continues despite calls for calm - ICEJ News

Israeli officials are casting a weary gaze on the country's southern border as Egyptian forces loyal to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) used live ammunition, tear gas and batons on protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square for the fifth straight day on Tuesday, with accusations and threats flying from all directions. . .

Security forces claimed that the protesters were attempting to destroy a barricade recently erected to prevent an attack on the parliament building. Over a dozen people have been confirmed dead in the latest demonstrations, with hundreds more wounded and/or arrested. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has led an international chorus of protest against the crackdown.

4. Casualties mount in Syria despite agreement - ICEJ News

Meanwhile, on Israel's northern border, Syria's tragic nine-month revolt in which over 6,000 people have already been killed showed no signs of winding down on Tuesday, despite an agreement reached the day before between the Arab League and Syrian president Bashar Assad. Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby told Egyptian daily Al Shorouk Tuesday that the "complexity" of the situation in Syria made a Libya-style intervention there unlikely, adding his opinion that the Syrian opposition "has not matured yet," and is unable to substantially change the situation on the ground inside the country.

Despite an agreement signed by Assad on Monday allowing Arab League monitors to enter Syria with the intention of assuring that no human rights violations take place and a dialogue between the regime and opposition groups can take place, opposition groups claimed that at least 114 people were killed in violence on Monday, making it one of Syria's bloodiest days yet.

5. Israel to sell natural gas to India - ICEJ News

Reports from the Indian press indicate that Israel might soon begin exporting natural gas to the emerging economic giant, giving already strong ties between Israel and India a strong boost as well as giving the Jewish state leverage over Iran and other energy suppliers from the Persian Gulf.

The Daily Jot

Big Brother, border security, terrorism, citizenship

Border apprehensions with Mexico were down 53% in the fiscal year ended September 30 from the previous three year period. This announcement came jointly from the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense. The statistics apparently are emboldening the White House to reduce the number of National Guard troops assigned to patrol the US border with Mexico, and instead increase drone surveillance from the air. The administration also recently announced that it would have unmanned border checkpoints run by a camera and a computer. This White House has been reluctant to protect the US border, and is now using its reluctance to increase use of spy technology.

That border apprehensions were down does not mean success in protecting the border. The question needs to be asked if they are down because there are less illegals crossing or is the stark reduction a result of a dismal lack of protecting the border as a matter of policy. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates there are some 11.2 million illegals in the US. The number of illegals in federal, state and local prisons and jails in 2010 totaled 351,000, and most of them were from Mexico. The Government Accountability Office estimates that 50% of illegals in federal prison were sentenced for immigration and drug offenses, 40% were convicted as a result of terrorism-related investigations.

The cost of the federal government's refusal to protect the border is astronomical. Housing illegals in jails and prisons costs over $1.5 billion annually. The cost of illegals for crime, health care, welfare is estimated by the federal government as $113 billion a year. Amazing that the same government that sold weapons to Mexico's drug lords wants to reduce border patrol in favor of spy drones. The AGAPE Movement of Wichita Falls, Tx., earlier this year submitted a plan to the president and members of Congress that would employ 70,000 veterans to guard the entire border with Mexico at a cost savings of $111.6 billion per year. So far, not a single policy-maker has embraced this common sense plan.

This government is using every opportunity it can to establish methods to spy on Americans under the auspices of "protecting" the citizenry. As troops are pulled out of terrorist hot spots such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and terrorists gain control of countries with White House assistance and approval, the American people are going to be further pressured to give up liberties for so-called government protection. Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you." A government that refuses to secure the borders while at the same time uses the threats it creates to take away liberty is a deceptive and evil beast arising from the sea of people who refuse to exercise their responsibility of citizenship.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

Prayer Alert: North Korea
International Prayer Alert for North Korea

"The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. You have enlarged the nation and increased their joy; they rejoice before you as people rejoice at the harvest, as warriors rejoice when dividing the plunder. For as in the day of Midian's defeat, you have shattered the yoke that burdens them, the bar across their shoulders, the rod of their oppressor. Every warrior's boot used in battle and every garment rolled in blood will be destined for burning, will be fuel for the fire. For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." (Isaiah 9:2-6)

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, December 17, Kim Jong Il, the ruler of North Korea, apparently died of a heart attack. You will remember that special emphasis has been given to praying for North Korea this year. During September's Prayer Initiative for North Korea (PINK), about 300 Korean and international intercessors met near the DMZ (the dividing line between North and South) and asked the Lord to bring about a "new Korea". We have been specifically asking for the deliverance of the North from its oppressive, tyrannical regime and reunification of the two sister nations that are still at war into one restored Korean peninsula. Many of us feel this is coming and that the Lord is using our prayers in this process.

The death of Kim Jong Il could now open the door to significant and sudden change as CNN reported today: "Kim's death could provide an opportunity for change, or trigger instability and even chaos. His son, the "Great Successor" Kim Jong Un, now inherits a reclusive, unstable regime confronting political uncertainty, diplomatic isolation, economic malaise and food shortages."

One of my Korean colleagues, John Hur, has written asking for special prayer during this uncertain time before a new power structure is consolidated inside North Korea:

"We need to pray further that this (Kim's death) should be leading to the people's liberty and democracy. The North Korean people should have the freedom of religion as there are still many Christians even under severe persecution. This should be God's response to our prayers within three months." He included the following prayer points:

1. "The power vacancy in the North be filled with God-favored leaders to cope with the national risk and the imminent confusion be turned into blessing to the people there in North Korea.

2. Give wisdom to the leaders of North Korea, South Korea, U.S.A. China and Russia and bring peace-loving mind so that they operate diplomatic and military hotlines among themselves for the good of of the Korean peninsula and the Kingdom of God.

3. Bless South Korea to have good leaders to be respected by people and used for building stepping stones for the reunification of the two Koreas."
To these, I would add:

4. Pray for the provision of effective food aid that reaches the North Korean people, many millions of which are suffering famine as a result of its government's failed economic policies that have served only the political elite. CNN reported today, "North Korea has been dogged by famine since the mid-1990s when it was hit by severe food shortage caused by floods, drought and economic mismanagement. United Nations agencies based in Pyongyang say the North is in desperate need of outside aid to feed its 24 million people."

5. Pray that Kim Jong Un, the young and untested son of Kim Jong Il, will have the courage to do what is right for his people, reversing the oppressive policies of his father; or that he will be removed in favor of new leadership that will care for the people's wellbeing.

Your focused prayers at this time will make a huge difference in the way history unfolds for this long-suffering land and its people.

Have a blessed Christmas,
John Robb
Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Justice Targeting Voter ID Laws

Obama's Justice Department declared a jihad against state voter ID laws last week. After the 2010 elections swept Republicans into power, several states passed voter ID laws in response to the ACORN scandal.

Attorney General Eric Holder declared in a speech that preserving ballot access for all voters is a "moral imperative," and for that reason these commonsense protections against voter fraud will face tough scrutiny from the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division. Pardon me if I seem skeptical, but this is the same outfit that saw fit to dismiss charges against the New Black Panthers! Holder has zero credibility here. (By the way, 90 members of the House are co-sponsoring a resolution of "no confidence" in Attorney General Holder.)

We have to produce an ID to buy alcohol and other products. We have to produce an ID to drive and to board an airplane. We have to produce an ID to cash checks. Yet the leaders of one party say that it is an onerous burden to ask citizens to produce an ID when they cast their ballots. The American public overwhelmingly disagrees.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 70% of likely voters support voter ID laws, including 64% of independent voters and even 54% of Democrats. Meanwhile only "22% of voters believe [such] laws . . . discriminate against minorities and low income Americans."

So why are Obama and Holder going down this road -- especially as we are about to begin one of the most critical elections in our nation's history? The Democrat Party benefits from this type of fraud. They know they would likely lose many close elections if we got really serious about the integrity of our elections.

Yet they will use this issue in a perverse attempt to convince minority voters that conservatives are racists who don't want them to participate in our democratic republic. As a historical reminder, Jim Crow laws were concocted by Democrats, not Republicans. Moreover, many reform-minded minority politicians actually support voter ID laws! (Gary Bauer)

Kudos To Rep. Scott Rigell

A controversy has erupted in the halls of Congress in recent days. Evidently, members have been told that they are not allowed to wish their constituents "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Chanukah" in their official correspondence. Thankfully, several members of Congress are working to overturn this ridiculous ban.

Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) produced a short video making fun of the Capitol Hill Scrooges. You can watch it here.

I'm pleased to report that Rep. Rigell was one of the candidates who benefited from CWF's million-dollar ad campaign last year. Thanks to your generous support, we were able to run hard-hitting TV ads against the liberal incumbent Democrat, who squeaked in when Barack Obama narrowly carried the district in 2008. With your continued support, we will end the Obama nightmare and help elect more conservatives like Rep. Rigell who will unapologetically fight for our values! (Gary Bauer)

The Most Patriotic Christmas Card Of The Year!

[Our dear friends at the ministry "Prayer Force One" may be new to some of you. Please read on, to receive the blessing they have produced for our Christmas holiday. And, of course, feel free to explore their website, too, to learn more about how you can become involved with Prayer Force One. Merry Christmas! -- the editors]

Merry Christmas from Prayer Force One! We have had a wonder-filled experience in preparing the special interactive Christmas card that you see below. In designing this card, it has been our goal to provide you, and all of America, a Christmas card that highlights the wonder-full Christmas heritage of our nation, as expressed in the words of our past presidents.

To view the interactive Christmas card, go here.

When you open up this card, you will find Christmas greetings from eight past Presidents. When you get to the actual card, click on any of the president's photos to view a beautiful presentation containing their words about Christmas.

Please forward this interactive Christmas card to everyone that you know. We all need to be reminded, and our younger generation needs to be informed about how America has celebrated Christmas as a nation over the years. Let us defend and celebrate the Christian foundations that have made our country great!


The Good News Corner

Travis Air Force Base will not move nativity scene

FAIRFIELD, CA - Travis Air Force Base officials said they will not move a nativity scene or menorah after a battle over its placement.

Michael Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) wrote a letter to the base commander demanding that the nativity scene and menorah be moved. Weinstein said some Travis personnel contacted the civil rights group and lodged complaints after squadrons erected several holiday displays on base.

A statement released Saturday by a spokesperson for Travis AFB said: "While we appreciate the concerns raised by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), the Office of the Air Force Judge Advocate General, upon review, concluded the inclusion of a Wing Chaplain sponsored Nativity Scene and Menorah as part of a broader, secular holiday seasonal display does not violate the establishment clause of the United States Constitution." (KXTV/News10) Read more.

Happy Hanukkah!

For the adults . . .

"Hallelujah Hanukkah"

And for the kids . . .

"The Dreidl Song"

 And Merry Christmas . . .


1. We Three Kings

2. Mary Did You Know . . .

3. Sing We All Noel