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CHPP Daily Brief - March 24, 2011

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The Daily Brief - Thursday, March 24, 2011

"For we know that all creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time." (Romans 8:22)

The Daily Brief

1. Tokyo Shops Ration Goods as Workers Injured at Nuke Plant - AP

Shops across Tokyo began rationing goods -- milk, toilet paper, rice and water -- as a run on bottled water coupled with delivery disruptions left shelves bare Thursday nearly two weeks after a devastating earthquake and tsunami. The unusual sights of scarcity in one of the world's richest, most modern capitals came a day after city officials reported that radioactive iodine in the Tokyo's tap water measured more than twice the level considered safe for babies.

- Lord, we continue to lift our Christian brothers who work at these plants before You, we ask for Your mercy over the people of Japan. With nations banning their exports, and people leaving the nation, their short term economic outlook is grim. May Your Holy Spirit move mightily across Japan, drawing people to Christ, giving them hope and bringing salvation both physical and spiritual to their people.

- "The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy." (Psalm 103:8)

2. a) Mideast Expert: Gadhafi Losing Grip on Reality - Will Use Mustard Gas - NewsMaxTV

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi is rapidly losing his already frail grip on reality, increasing the odds that he could unleash chemical weapons on his own people or launch a terrorist attack on the United States, a leading expert on the Middle East tells Newsmax.TV.

There is an "increasing slippage between him and reality," says Jamsheed Choksy, a Middle Eastern and Islamic studies professor at Indiana University. Even if Gadhafi and his son Saif were "mentally stable," he adds, "They certainly are not the sort of individuals who should be running any country ever.

b) Boehner, House Republicans Demand Obama Explain Libya Mission

House Republicans are demanding that President Barack Obama outline exactly what the U.S. mission is in Libya, where American aircraft and warships are part of an international campaign enforcing a no-fly zone. House Speaker John Boehner complains that the president ordered the military into combat without clearly describing the U.S. role for the American people and Congress.

- Father, we pray that Your angelic host would protect the region and the world against Mr. Gadhafi's mental delusions. We pray for removal of Gadhafi, but we pray that the replacements not be worse. We ask for Your Holy Spirit to move over Libya, and bring protection against Islamist influences.

- "While the word was in the king's mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, saying, O king Nebudchadnezzar, to you it is spoken; the kingdom is departed from you." (Daniel 4:31)

3. Minn. legislator wants Jesus out of Senate prayers - AP

A Jewish Minnesota lawmaker is asking Senate leaders to allow only nondenominational prayers to open sessions, after feeling "highly uncomfortable" when a Baptist pastor repeatedly mentioned Jesus Christ and Christianity in one of the invocations.

Democratic Sen. Terri Bonoff says she wants Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch to change the letter submitted to all visiting chaplains to say they are "required," rather than "requested," to make prayers nondenominational.

- Lord, we seek forgiveness for this Jewish senator who needs You. We pray Ms. Bonoff will have the experience of Paul, to know her Messiah on a personal level. We also ask protection for Your Name to be spoken out loud in America by those who serve You.

- "Who are You, Lord?' he said. 'I am Jesus whom you are persecuting.' He replied. 'But get up and go into the city and you will be told what you must do." (Acts 9:5,6 HCSB)

4. Who's in Hell? Pastors' Criticism of Eternal Torment for Some Sparks Fierce Debate - Fox News

A Methodist pastor who voiced support for a book questioning the view of hell as a place of eternal damnation is "shocked" by his church's decision to fire him. Chad Holtz, who served as pastor of the United Methodist church in rural North Carolina, said he hoped his personal belief posted on Facebook would engage -- not anger -- members of his congregation.

- Father, we repent for the Body of Christ. We not only do not know You as we should, but we live in error and do not know Your Word. We pray for Your mercy over the Body and ask that You draw us into the knowledge of the Word of God.

- "Let your heart retain My words; keep My commandments, and live." (Proverbs 4:4b)

5. Study Finds Religion May Be Heading for Extinction in Parts of World - Fox News

Parts of the world are literally losing their religion, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by the American Physical Society, finds that religion is dying out in nine countries.

The findings unveiled at an APS meeting in Dallas show that religion may become extinct in Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Canada, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

- Father, we don't care if "religion" goes extinct, but we do care about Believers who live in secular societies. We pray for Your protection over Your people worldwide. We pray that You would move across the nations of the world, reviving the hearts of Your people, and bringing new souls into Your Kingdom. No "lack of religion" can stop You, the Living God, from accomplishing Your purposes.

- "The Lord knows the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be forever. They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied." (Psalm 37:18-19)

6. Florida Judge Defends Decision to Apply Islamic Law in Tampa Case - Fox News

A Florida judge is defending his controversial decision to apply Islamic law instead of state or federal statutes in determining whether an arbitration award was correct, the St. Petersburg Times reports.

The case in question involves former trustees of a local Tampa mosque, the Islamic Education Center of Tampa, who are suing because they claim they were unfairly removed as trustees.

- Lord, we are grieved that this judge abandoned the US Constitution and laws of the land in favor of foreign practices. We pray for reversal of this decision, and Your change of heart for this judge.

- "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me." (Exodus 20:3)

7. Gates arrives in Israel - ICEJ News

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Israel on Thursday as part of a regional tour. Recent violence in Jerusalem and on the Gaza border were expected to be complicate Gates efforts to push for renewed negotiations between Israel and the PA, but his main mission while here is to discuss Iran and other regional threats with Israeli defense officials.

- Whenever U.S. officials are in disucssions with Israel, it's time to pray. Only the LORD knows what Gates' true intentions are on this trip; pray that His will -- and only His will -- be accomplished on this visit.

- "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven." (Matt. 6:10)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion. (Psalms 129:5)

1. Netanyahu: Israel will continue to operate against terrorists in Gaza - Ha'aretz

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Wednesday that the Israel Defense Forces would continue to use "firm determination and assaults" against terrorist elements in the Gaza Strip, adding that Israel would not tolerate attacks on its citizens or communities.

2. Netanyahu: Palestinians are not ready for peace with Israel - Ha'aretz

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed claims by the opposition that they had at one time been close to a peace deal with the Palestinians, saying "Palestinians are not ready for peace with Israel."

3. Christian woman identified as casualty in terror attack - ICEJ News

Missiles from Gaza rain on southern Israel

The woman killed in Wednesday's terrorist bombing in Jerusalem was identified as a Christian tourist from the UK on Thursday, as PA police in Jenin arrested two members of Islamic Jihad organization in connection with the attack and clashes between gunman and the IDF continued on the Gaza border.

4. Gadaffi holding on in Libya as airstrikes continue - ICEJ News

Dozens killed in Syrian protests

Heavy volumes of anti-aircraft fire were reported in the Libyan capital of Tripoli on Thursday as forces loyal to dictator Moammar Gadaffi fought back against airstrikes by coalition aircraft sent to enforce UNSCR 1973 and a growing armada of ships patrolled the waters off Libya's coast.

5. State terror surges in Iran - ICEJ News

Radio Free Europe reported on Thursday that Iranian security forces have engaged in a massive round up of opposition activists, arresting over 1,250 people over the past 12 months. Outlawed NGO Human Rights in the House of Iran (HRHI) told RFE that most of those arrested were students and journalists, but also included Christian pastors and labor leaders. A spokesman for HRHI added that this number was merely the arrests which had been made public, and did not include thousands of other people who have simply disappeared with no notification given to their families or lawyers. There has been a large upsurge in such disappearances over the last two months.

6. Several anti-Israel resolutions at UNHRC - ICEJ News

The United Nations Human Rights Council is getting ready to vote on several resolutions dealing with Israel during its 16th session in Geneva which will end on Friday. One of the resolutions is calling on the Security Council to hand over the issue of the "occupied Palestinian territories" to the International Criminal Court. Others deal with the Golan Heights, last year's Gaza flotilla and the Palestinian rights to self-determination. In total 38 resolutions will be treated during the session while none will be dealing with the ongoing situation in Libya. 35 out of the 51 resolutions that have been treated in previous sessions have all been aimed towards Israel.

7. IDF brings wounded Palestinian child to Israel for treatment - ICEJ News

On Tuesday an eight year old Palestinian boy wounded in the crossfire between IDF troops and terrorists was rescued by an IDF team which evacuated the wounded child to the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot for treatment. The IDF said in a statement that they regret the fact that civilian people got hurt during the attack, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of remembering that it is Hamas who have decided to operate from within areas where civilians are active.

The Daily Jot

Prophetic Consequences: American complicity in Middle East radicalization

The harsh political unrest throughout the Middle East is instigated and built on a wave of deception perpetrated by the US and exploited by terrorist organizations. It appears that the Bush Doctrine of promoting peace through democracy has been a windfall for organized Islamic terrorists in riding the wave of political unrest. The current Administration's infatuation with all things Islamic has created a dangerous and unstable environment for Israel and the entirety of the Middle East--one that is sure to accelerate end time Biblical prophecy at a pace never experienced by any generation prior to this one. The immediate result is emboldened terrorist attacks in Israel. The long term impact is even more extreme.

The White House has treacherously accepted the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in bringing about "democratic" change in Egypt. It is documented, however, that this terrorist sponsoring organization has its fingerprints in every state of unrest in the Middle East, perhaps even beyond. The Muslim Brotherhood is not encumbered by the Sunni vs Shiite divide in Islam because its purpose is to establish Sharia law worldwide. The Brotherhood, therefore, has a seat among the most elite strategic planners of Islam in Shiite Iran as well as in Sunni Saudi Arabia. It moves freely in circles with al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and other deadly organizations that prey on a population demonstrating for democracy.

From al Qaeda in Libya and Yemen to Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon to Hamas in Gaza, the Brotherhood appears to be the political strings behind the so-called "populace" uprising in Middle East nations. For example, the Brotherhood supported the constitutional changes adopted by Egyptian voters ostensibly for democracy because they made it easier for the Brotherhood to elect its minions to office. Already, DebkaFile reports that the recent massive mortar attack on Israeli citizens near Gaza is a direct result of Egypt's new policy which is now aligned with Syria and Iran--through the handiwork of the Muslim Brotherhood as supported by the White House.

Now the White House is pressuring Israel to "get ahead" of the Middle East unrest by brokering peace. There appears to be, however, a far greater threat looming than peace with Palestinian terrorists can solve--it is the deeper radicalization of Muslim nations that will lead to great hostilities as prophesied in the Bible. The Lord says in Ezekiel 12:27-28, "The vision that he sees is for many days to come, and he prophesies of the times that are far off. Therefore say unto them, Thus says the Lord God; There shall none of my words be prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done." These things are occurring before our very eyes and there are harsh consequences for those nations who assist them at the expense of God's people.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry

FRC: States of the Family

States of the Family

If Congressmen are spending time in their home states, maybe FRC should too. After big gains in November, floods of pro-life and pro-marriage bills are sweeping through the state houses, where a "perfect storm" of conservative governors and leaders have been a force for new policy. You can be a force too by contacting your state representatives about the bills in your own backyard!

To read this entire article, go here.

There is a LOT of pro-family and pro-llife activity going on now in our states. Go here to learn what is happening where YOU live! (Family Research Council)

Obama Backs Iranian Dissidents

Obama alters tone-backs Iranian dissidents on Persian New Year

Obama has reversed course on his administration's policy of limiting criticism of Iran's human rights abuses, speaking out Sunday in support of imprisoned dissidents seeking democracy in the Islamic republic. In an annual Persian New Year message, Obama named several Iranians who had been arrested in a series of crackdowns that have shaken the country since 2009. The comments contrasted sharply with a 2009 presidential message to Iran and its leaders in the annual video message for Nowruz, the Persian New Year holiday . . . (IPT)

UAE Changes Policy Towards Libya


UAE Said To Have Changed View On Libya Deployment Due To Bahrain

enforce a no-fly zone over Libya but decided not to participate in the allied effort because of U.S. and European policies towards Bahrain, the former commander-in-chief of the U.A.E. Air Force said Tuesday.

Buainnain said the U.S. and Europe had failed to appreciate the extent of Iran's interference in the Gulf countries, and had misread the protests in Bahrain as a spill-over of calls for democratic change sweeping through the region. "What's going on in Bahrain is much beyond our Western allies to understand it," he said. "It is a complete conspiracy of the Iranians in the region.The European and U.S. positions are unable to imagine the extent of Iranian intervention in Bahrain." "Its a matter of political disagreement--not a matter of resources--between the Gulf states and the Europe and U.S.," Buainnain said. (IPT) Read more.



SUMMARY: Five people were killed in Syria between March 18 and 20, 2011. The deaths were the result of clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces.

Demonstrations that began in Tunisia and stretched across North Africa have moved into the Middle East. Syria is the latest Arab country to experience unrest.

Protesters took to the streets Friday, March 18, 2011 to call attention to what they claim are "massive human rights abuses," as well as to demand political and economic reforms. At least two people were killed as security forces tried to control the crowd.

Another demonstration was held on Sunday as the body of one of the dead protesters was buried. One person was confirmed dead as police responded to that protest.

Human Rights Watch says at least 5 people died over the weekend and dozens more were injured. Security forces reportedly "fired on demonstrators and used tear gas to break up a public gathering."

President Bashar al-Assad offered "condolences to the families of the two martyrs who died during the unfortunate events which took place in Daraa on Friday." His government has tried to restore peace, but opponents have issued a list of demands, including accountability for the recent civilian deaths.

"The government has shown no qualms about shooting dead its own citizens for speaking out," said a representative from Human Rights Watch.


- the Lord to fulfill His purposes for this nation. Ask Him to pour out His Holy Spirit on Syria during this time of turmoil. (The Bible, Isaiah 55:8,9)

- the hearts of the people to be open to the Gospel. Pray for the current crisis to cause them to consider matters of eternity. (The Bible, Luke 8:8)

- the government to respond to calls for reasonable reform. Pray for an end to corruption among the leadership and for the Lord to raise up Christian men and women of integrity who will serve the people well. (The Bible, Proverbs 21:1; Proverbs 8:20)

- the citizens of Syria to be protected from excessive force used by security forces. Pray for a massacre to be avoided. (The Bible, Psalm 41:2)

- the Gospel message shared through the showing of the "Damascus" film to bear fruit. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring it to remembrance during this crisis. (The Bible, Romans 1:17)

- Christians in this nation to see this as an opportunity to share the Gospel. Ask the Lord to give them boldness to witness fearlessly under the unction and power of the Holy Spirit. (The Bible, Ephesians 6:19

- evil spirits and the groups under their influence to be bound and kept from seizing power. Pray for Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations to be routed and expelled from Syria. Pray for them to find no place to hide. (The Bible, Psalm 68:1; Mark 4:22)

- a great harvest of souls in Syria. Ask the Lord to bring His Kingdom rule and reign to this nation with power and bring honor and great glory to His Name. Pray for the Lord to give the people of Syria dreams and visions to reveal Jesus Christ as the Son of the Living God. Pray for many to put their faith in Him as Savior and Lord. (The Bible, John 4:35; I Timothy 1:17) SOURCES: CNN, Bloomberg [Reported by: WIN International Prayer Network]

The Good News Corner

Yet another Israeli invention . . . . amazing!

The FDA recently approved a groundbreaking new non-invasive, radiation-free lung imaging system created by Deep Breeze, Ltd, an Israeli company in Or Akiva. It is viewed by some as the most important breakthrough innovation and another amazing Israeli innovation.

Please watch and be proud. This is Israel's best PR, so share with everyone you know.

Worship with Us Today!

"Grace" by Michael W. Smith

And beauty grows in the driving rain, Your oil of gladness in the times of pain . . ..GRACE . . ."