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CHPP Daily Brief "Praying for All in Authority" Thursday, December 7, 2017

"We are Marching to Zion!"

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The Daily Brief
"Praying for All in Authority"
Thursday, December 7, 2017

"Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him." (Psalm 62:5)

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Week One: Advent . . . HOPE

Christmas at the White House

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Christmas, 2017

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Focus on Israel

1. CIA Director Pompeo: Saudis Working With Israel to Fight Terror - Jerusalem Post

Saudi Arabia is working directly with Israel and other Sunni Arab nations to fight terror, US CIA Director Mike Pompeo said.

"We've seen them work with the Israelis to push back against terrorism throughout the Middle East, to the extent we can continue to develop those relationships and work alongside them - the Gulf states and broader Middle East will likely be more secure," said Pompeo at the Reagan National Defense Forum in California on Saturday.

Former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta then called on the moderate Sunni Arab states to form a coalition with Israel, the US and Turkey and even to run a joint military operations center.

"It is incredibly important that in the Middle East, where we have failed states, where you have ISIS, where you have Iran, that we have got to develop a stronger coalition of countries that are willing to work together to confront these challenges," he said.

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2. Bill Cutting Off Aid to Palestinian Terrorists Sails Through House - Washington Free Beacon

The House on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved legislation that would cut off U.S. taxpayer aid to the de facto Palestinian government if it continues to aid terrorists.

With unanimous consent, the swift passage of the Taylor Force Act brings the United States one step closer to stripping American funding from the Palestinian Authority until it ends its "pay to slay" policy, which distributes $300 million to terrorists and their families annually. The legislation now heads to the Senate for a floor vote.

Rep. Ed Royce (R., Calif), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said he will work with his Senate colleagues to ensure quick implementation of the bill to "ensure the U.S. plays no part, even indirectly, in participating in this behavior.

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3. Jordan accuses Trump of violating international law on Jerusalem - Times of Israel

Jordan condemns US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as amounting to a violation of international law and the UN charter.

"The decision of the American president to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and the transfer of the US embassy to this city constitutes a violation of decisions of international law and the United Nations charter," says government spokesman Mohammed Momani.

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4. Israel Forced to Cancel Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit due to Palestinian Claim - Christian Headlines

Israel will not go ahead with its planned exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Frankfurt, Germany because the German government has said it cannot guarantee that the scrolls will be returned if the Palestinians or Jordanians claim them.

The Frankfurt Bible Museum said it would cancel the exhibit, which was slated to open in September 2019. "Because of the unwillingness of both ministries to give the necessary declaration, as Qumran lies in today's West Bank, the Israel Antiques Authority is not letting the material out of the country and the Bible Museum had to cancel its plans," Uwe Becker, the deputy mayor of Frankfurt, told The Jerusalem Post.

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5. Putin tells Abbas he supports talks on Jerusalem - Jerusalem Post

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin phoned Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday to tell him Moscow backs a resumption of talks between Israel and Palestinian authorities, including on the status of Jerusalem, the Kremlin said on Tuesday.

No other details on the issue were provided.

Earlier on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump told Abbas that he intends to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem amid a growing outcry across the Middle East against any unilateral US decision on the ancient city.
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6. Pence to arrive to Israel in 11 days amid Jerusalem recognition - Jerusalem Post

US Vice President Mike Pence will visit Israel from December 17-19, the Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday.

The visit to Israel will be part of a wider regional trip that will also take him to the Palestinian Authority and Egypt. He is expected to address the Knesset, the first senior US official to do so since president George W. Bush in 2008.

Pence, in an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) on Sunday, said he was "humbled" by the opportunity to speak to the Knesset.

During that interview, Pence said that he will be delivering the "strong message" that "if the world knows nothing else, the world should know this: Under President Donald Trump, America stands with Israel."
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7. Trump's Recognition Of Jerusalem Makes 'Peace' More Likely - The Federalist

Later today Donald Trump is expected to make a largely symbolic but important gesture, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - not as an international capital or shared capital or capital in flux or as any of the other fantasies anti-Israel types have harbored since 1967. The most consequential long-term benefit of the move is that it begins to undercut a myth that's stood for years. Palestinian leadership might have deluded their own people for decades, but there is no conceivable peace deal that includes a truly divided Jerusalem. Like the Right of Return, the notion that a part of Jerusalem proper will be handed over to an antagonistic government, much less the remnants of the PLO and their on-and-off political partners Hamas, is a fantasy. This is not a radical Likud position, it's one of the few issues that all major political parties, left and right, agree on in Israel.

Jerusalem, after all, is not some concocted modern capital. The place itself is the affirmation of the Jewish claim on Israel. Consequently, the coming protests over Trump's move are not merely about a city, they are about challenging the right of Israel to exist - a self-destructive position that most Palestinians still embrace. This isn't new. There has been a destructive effort within the Muslim world - although it has been taken up by others, including the United Nations - to deny the religious and historic connection between the city and the Jews. Moving the embassy, even if it entails nothing more than hanging a sign on a new building, is a pushback against attack on an ally.
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The Daily Brief

1. California Wildfire Jumps 101 Freeway, Decimates 50,000 Acres - Daily Caller

A wildfire spurred by wind gusts has razed at least 150 structures, including an apartment complex and psychiatric hospital, and forced thousands of evacuations in Ventura, Calif., the Los Angeles Times reports. The fire leapt across highways and Freeway 101 in Ventura, coming to Solimar Beach and the Pacific Ocean before it stopped.

Cal Fire authorities say the number of buildings lost is probably much higher. Some areas still are not accessible for officials to review the damage as the fire, lit Monday night, continues to burn, according to the Los Angeles Times. Mass water and power outages hit Ventura as the fire burned through neighborhoods and hit downtown Ventura like a "freight train." The fire burning through Ventura, the Thomas Fire, has consumed 50,000 acres, or nearly 80 square miles. A smaller fire has burned another 15,000 acres in Los Angeles County, NPR reports.

- Father, we pray for the people of southern California - for those who do not know You to come to repentance - and for those who know You to be faithful in their witness and prayer.

- Lord, help us! The fire has consumed the wilderness pastures, and flames have burned up all the trees. (Joel 1:19)

2. McConnell Eyes a Two-Week Continuing Resolution, Ending Dec. 22 - CNS News

The federal government is currently funded by a continuing resolution, which runs out on Dec. 8, at which point another CR will be necessary to avoid a government shutdown. On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wants to pass a two-week continuing resolution, to make room for a "larger understanding" on government spending caps.

He raised the topic at a news conference in the Capitol: "As you already know, Pelosi, Schumer, Ryan and I have a meeting with the president on Thursday to talk about the way forward on the government spending issue. What we anticipate is a -- a two-week C.R. into December 22nd, which ought to give us a little room to talk about the larger understanding about how we're going to -- what -- what the caps are going to be and the other provisions that are going to be part of the year-end spending measure. "So that's the agenda for us for the week," McConnell said.

- Father, we lift up the budgeting process of our federal government, praying for an end to these continuing resolutions and for annual budgetary discipline that cuts off special favors and poor governance.

- In your thoughts you will ponder the former terror: "Where is that chief officer? Where is the one who took the revenue? Where is the officer in charge of the towers?" You will see those arrogant people no more, people whose speech is obscure, whose language is strange and incomprehensible. (Isaiah 33:18-19)

3. Refugee admissions tumble after Trump lifts ban - FoxNews

The number of refugees entering the U.S. has plummeted since President Trump lifted a four-month ban on admissions. Only 3,108 refugees came to the U.S. in October and November, the first two months of the new fiscal year. The Obama administration admitted 18,300 refugees in the same period last year. The new numbers represent a dramatic 83 percent drop. Trump restarted the refugee resettlement program in October. A month earlier, he lowered the annual refugee admission cap from 110,000 to 45,000, the lowest level on record. At the current rate, it's unlikely the Trump administration will approach that number.

The limits on refugees are in addition to Trump's broader travel ban on people from several countries. Trump promised during the presidential campaign to "stop the massive inflow of refugees" to protect the country from terrorists. "The president's strategy on refugees is guided first and foremost by the safety and security of the American people," Trump administration spokeswoman Helen Aguirre Ferré told Fox News. "The United States can also help a larger number of refugees by resettling them in their home region and enabling their eventual safe return home."

- Father, we pray each person who enters this nation through the refugee program will be hand-picked by You, for Your greater purposes of salvation and evangelism.

- The Lord has shown His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations, that all the ends of the earth may see that our God saves. (Isaiah 52:10)

4. How Trump turned tide of illegal immigration in first year: Border crossing hits 45-year low - Washington Times

Illegal border crossing tumbled to a 45-year low and interior arrests of illegal immigrants soared in 2017, according to data released Tuesday that showed President Trump's enforcement crackdown netted tangible results during his first year on the job. The numbers, released by the Department of Homeland Security, reflected a stunning turnaround from the nearly nonexistent interior enforcement of immigration laws under President Obama.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported 310,531 apprehensions nationwide in fiscal 2017, which ended Sept. 30, a decline of 25 percent from a year earlier and the lowest level since 1971. Nearly all of the Border Patrol arrests - 303,916 - were along the southwestern border, which the agency said underscored the need for a security wall that Mr. Trump wants to build. The agency said interior removals - people deported after being arrested away from the border - jumped 25 percent to 81,603.

- Father, we praise You for the restoration of law and order on our southern border. We pray for our border patrol officers to be protected by Your holy angels and receive all the tools they need to do their jobs well, including the border wall.

- He strengthens the bars of your gates and blesses your people within you. He grants peace to your borders and satisfies you with the finest of wheat. (Psalm 147:13-14)

5. Why Trump should make school choice his next big fight - NY Post

Few members of President Trump's Cabinet are as reviled by liberals as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. That may seem strange, given the relatively small impact that department has on the federal budget and the fact that DeVos can't be even remotely linked to the Russian collusion story that Democrats are trying to use to invalidate the 2016 election results. As Trump looks to build on the momentum generated by the Senate's passing of the GOP tax-reform bill, he ought to take a cue from his foes and invest more political capital in DeVos' crusade for school choice.

The heat on Devos in her first months in office has been intense. She's been widely lampooned as an ignorant dilettante. That's a lie, since she has devoted much of her life and her considerable resources to the cause of improving education by giving parents the ability to take their kids out of failing public schools and put them into schools that give them a chance to succeed.

- Father, we pray you would free our children from the stronghold of the enemy, our public school system.

- One who is wise can go up against the city of the mighty and pull down the stronghold in which they trust. (Proverbs 21:22)

6. NAACP: Trump should not attend Mississippi Civil Rights Museum opening - The Hill

The NAACP on Tuesday announced opposition to President Trump attending the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum this weekend, saying he has created a "racially hostile climate. President Trump's statements and policies regarding the protection and enforcement of civil rights have been abysmal, and his attendance is an affront to the veterans of the civil rights movement," Derrick Johnson, president and CEO of the NAACP, said in a statement. "He has created a commission to reinforce voter suppression, refused to denounce white supremacists, and overall, has created a racially hostile climate in this nation," Johnson added.

The White House confirmed Tuesday that Trump will attend the museum's opening on Saturday in Jackson, and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it was "very sad" that anyone might object to his presence. "I think that would be, honestly, very sad. I think this is something that should bring the country together to celebrate the opening of this museum and highlighting the civil rights movement and the progress that we've made," Sanders said Tuesday when asked about planned protests.

- Father, we ask You to heal this rift with African-American leaders and President Trump. Help them understand opposing him undermines their mission to advance opportunities for African-Americans in our nation.

-Those who do right do not have to fear the rulers; only those who do wrong fear them. Do you want to be unafraid of the rulers? Then do what is right, and they will praise you. (Romans 13:3)

7. Top Clinton Aides Face No Charges After Making False Statements To FBI - Daily Caller

The FBI agent who was fired from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation team for sending anti-Donald Trump text messages conducted the interviews with two Hillary Clinton aides accused of giving false statements about what they knew of the former secretary of state's private email server. Neither of the Clinton associates, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, faced legal consequences for their misleading statements, which they made in interviews last year with former FBI section chief Peter Strzok.

But another Strzok interview subject was not so lucky. Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, pleaded guilty last week to lying during an interview he gave on Jan. 24 to Strzok and another FBI agent. Circa journalist Sara Carter reported on Monday that Strzok took part in that interview with the retired lieutenant general. At the time, Strzok was the FBI's top investigator on the fledgling investigation into Russian interference in the presidential campaign. He was appointed to supervise that effort at the end of July 2016, just weeks after the conclusion of the Clinton email probe. CNN reported on Monday that as the FBI's No. 2 counterintelligence official, Strzok signed the documents that officially opened the collusion inquiry.

- Father, the foundation of government is built on equal protection and application of the law. Our process has been twisted to favor some people and persecute others. We pray You would deliver us from those who twist and distort the law.

-Wisdom will save you from evil people, from those whose words are twisted. (Proverbs 2:12)

8. Double-crossing FBI agent must be held accountable - NY Post

FBI investigator Peter Strzok not only let Hillary Clinton off the hook, he may have used Democratic Party opposition research as an excuse to spy on Trump campaign advisers. Strzok became such a political liability that special counsel Robert Mueller had to boot him off the Russia case, where he worked for nearly three months. Mueller made the move after the Justice Department's inspector general pointed out text messages Strzok sent to a mistress, who also worked for Mueller, exhibiting a strong anti-Trump, pro-Clinton bias.

His misconduct has sent shock waves through Washington because in July 2016, just days after closing the Clinton email case he led, Strzok signed the document that opened the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. His fingerprints are all over both cases, one widely criticized as a whitewash and the other condemned by the president and many in his party as a witch hunt.

- Father, we pray the "Russian collusion" narrative will end with the exposure of this nefarious government employee.

- He will guard the feet of his faithful servants, but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness. "It is not by strength that one prevails; those who oppose the Lord will be broken. The Most High will thunder from heaven; the Lord will judge the ends of the earth. He will give strength to his king and exalt the horn of his anointed." (1 Samuel 2:9-10)

9. Putin Vows to Rebuild Christian Syria, Restoring Churches and Bringing Refugees Home - Newsweek

Russia will help rebuild Christian churches in Syria and establish peace in historically Christian regions of the war-torn country, Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed on Monday during a meeting with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. "Over the past few years the Russian state alongside with the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as other religious organizations, has provided humanitarian aid to Syria," Putin told the meeting's attendees, according to Russian state media. "It's very important that the peaceful life is established as soon as possible, that the people can return to their homes; begin to rebuild the temples and churches."

Syria's Christian population is one of the oldest in the world, and some Syrian Christians can still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. But since the conflict began in 2011, the country's Christian population shrunk from 30 percent to an estimated 10 percent of the population as many Christians were driven from their homes or forced to convert to Islam. Despite being a minority in a country of mostly Sunni Muslims, Christians have long belonged to Syria's elite and have joined prominent political groups. The founder of the Baath Party, which has ruled Syria since the 1960s, was Christian, and Christians held senior positions in the party, government, and security forces over the years.

Aside from his support for Christians, Putin also stressed the importance of rebuilding Jewish and Muslim communities in Syria. "We will help also the members of other faiths, including Muslims, who, as we are well aware of, have also suffered greatly at the hands of bandits, terrorists and radicals," Putin said. "We will also help Jews, a number of organizations have already reached us with a call for help in restoration of Judaic holy sites."

- Father, we pray for the restoration of Your church and Your witness in Syria. We ask for healing and wholeness to envelop those who love You, and grace and forgiveness for those who were pressured to submit to Islam.

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace that he lavished on us (Ephesians 1:7-8a)

10. Two Muslim Men Suspected Of Conspiring To Murder Prime Minister Theresa May With A Bomb Are Arrested - Daily Mail

The security services believe they have stopped an Islamist suicide bomb plot to assassinate the Prime Minister. Two Muslim men are suspected of conspiring to attack Downing Street armed with an improvised bomb, suicide vest and knives. Investigators suspect the pair wanted to detonate a bomb disguised as a bag. They would then attempt to kill Theresa May armed with a suicide vest, pepper spray and knife in the aftermath.

Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday charged with planning terror attacks. Rahman, 20, from north London, is accused of planning to bomb Downing Street's security gates and then attack the Prime Minister in the ensuing chaos.

- Father, we thank You for uncovering this plot and protecting Prime Minister May. We pray Britain will take the threat of radical Islam seriously and restore their nation.

- For only the godly will live in the land, and those with integrity will remain in it. But the wicked will be removed from the land, and the treacherous will be uprooted. (Proverbs 2:21-22)

The Daily Jot

The Daily Jot

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
US recognizing Jerusalem moves prophetic clock

By the time many of you read this Daily Jot, President Donald Trump will have announced his intentions to move the US Embassy in Israel to the nation's true capitol-Jerusalem. This is one of those campaign promises made by many presidents, but President Trump aims to fulfill it. It is an announcement that may have great prophetic consequences. Already, the Arab world is lining up to voice its protest. The so-called "Palestinians" are calling for three days of rage-interesting-only three days when they have been terrorizing the Jewish State for decades. Turkey's "president" Tayyip Erdogan is calling for an Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit. These all have prophetic implications.

Jerusalem, located on the Moriah mountain range, always has been the spiritual center of God's people. Jewish tradition recalls that the dust of Moriah was used to create Adam; it was on Mt Moriah that Adam is said to have first offered sacrifice to God. After the flood, Jewish tradition also tells us that Noah's son Shem established a school to study Torah, calling it Shelem. Later, in Genesis 22:14a, "Abraham called the name of that place Yehovah Yireh." This was the mountain Zion, referred to in Genesis 22:14b as "the mount of the Lord." The two names were combined to form Jerusalem. This is also the site of the future Jewish temple and the city of the crucifixion of Christ.

Since then, this area has been one of the most contested lands in the world. Islam claims that Ishmael, not Isaac, was bound and placed on the altar, and, therefore, Jerusalem is one of Islam's holiest sites. Rome ruled over Jerusalem as the land bridge and trade route from Europe to the East to Africa. Catholics claimed the area during the Crusades, where Jews and Muslims were killed for the right of the site. Islam reclaimed Jerusalem and when Israel again became a nation, it reclaimed East Jerusalem during the Six Day War in 1967, thus establishing the current sharing of the city with hostile Arabs, mainly from Jordan, calling themselves "Palestinians."

Turkey's Erdogan, a champion of the Palestinian state, has warned Trump that the announcement would be a grave mistake. A spokesman for Erdogan said, "Jerusalem is our honor, Jerusalem is our common cause, Jerusalem is our red line." Here's where the prophetic clock ticks forward: Noah's grandsons from Japheth-Gomer, Magog, Meshech, Tubal are specifically mentioned in the end time prophecy of Ezekiel 38 as part of a coalition led by Gog of Magog against Israel. All these nations are located in what is now modern Turkey. The announcement of the US recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol in any shape or form may cause this end time Ezekiel 38 alliance to begin to coalesce.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem


With many thanks to the scores of you who have already written to respond "I'm in!", in agreement with our request that we ALL pray for the peace of Jerusalem!


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NASA Captures Photo of Fires from Space

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Come, we that love the Lord,
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Join in a song with sweet accord
And thus surround the throne,
And thus surround the throne.


We're marching to Zion,
Beautiful, beautiful Zion;
We're marching upward to Zion,
The beautiful city of God.

The men of grace have found,
Glory begun below.
Celestial fruits on earthly ground
Celestial fruits on earthly ground
From faith and hope may grow,
From faith and hope may grow.


The hill of Zion yields
A thousand sacred sweets
Before we reach the heav'nly fields,
Before we reach the heav'nly fields,
Or walk the golden streets,
Or walk the golden streets.

Refrain Then let our songs abound, And every tear be dry;
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We're marching through Immanuel's ground,
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To fairer worlds on high.



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PART ONE: Magnetic Storm (Russia)

A stream of fast moving solar wind engulfed Earth's magnetic field on Dec. 5th, sparking a G1-class geomagnetic storm. In Murmansk, Russia, photographer Дмитрий Рак knew the stream had arrived when the sky overhead filled with luminous swirls of green.

"[Bright moonlight illuminated the snowy trees, which framed] the very beautiful display," says Рак.

Thousands of miles away in Preston UK, the sky was overcast, but Stuart Green also knew that a geomagnetic storm was underway. His backyard magnetometer revealed the telltale vibrations of Earth's magnetic field . . .

"After days of relative calm, the predicted high speed solar wind from a coronal hole finally arrived, sparking a G1 storm and polar aurora," he says. "It's always so very satisfying to see the wiggles developing on screen during such events, no matter what the terrestrial weather is doing." ( Go here to view this photo.

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In Midst of Raging Ventura Wildfires, This Cross Stands Firm
"By the Hand of God"

(Ventura, CA)-[] The cross was iconic before fire razed nearly every bit of its surroundings. Now news crews are calling it a standing miracle.

According to the Los Angeles Times, thousands of homes were still threatened by flames in Ventura, County, California, as 27,000 people were forced to flee, a firefighter was injured and Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency. But the flames did not so much as lick the cross.

Stories say the large wooden cross was planted on top of a hill overlooking the Mission San Buenaventura church soon after the Mission's funding as a road sign for travelers in search of the Mission, according to a local news organization.

In video footage of the amazing feat, commenters say it's the hand of God keeping the cross away from the blaze.

"God is good! Please put Your hands on Ventura County," says one person.

Another writes, "I'm so thankful for the cross, I've had so many memories and all wonderful. I will continue to pray for everyone and everything. God Bless."

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