Monday, August 3, 2009

Email Blocking Issues


Dear Friends,

Please note that, if you are using COMCAST or YAHOO.COM as your email server, you are NOT getting my messages.

They are bouncing back here.

Please call your service techs and ask them to “white list” for you; that way you will remove the block and you can

Get all that I am sending directly to you.

Plan B (better!) is to go ahead and subscribe to a FREE Gmail account by going to: GMAIL pretty much will circumvent ALL your unwanted spam issues, so that all your mail can be sent and received, unhindered.

IF YOU DO CREATE A NEW GMAIL ADRESS, please be sure and send that to me, OK? ALSO, this can be a “secondary account” for CHPP purposes, only . . . no need to get rid of comcast/yahoo . . . just add the new one for me! Please!

Thanks and God bless,