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CHPP Daily Brief: "Praying for All in Authority" Thursday, February 2, 2017

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The Daily Brief:
"Praying for All in Authority"
Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Standing Together as One . . . Under the Cross of Christ"

"Is not my word like fire,"declares the Lord, and like a hammer
that breaks a rock in pieces?"
(Jeremiah 23:29)

"Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth."
The First 100 Days

Prayer Resources for The First 100 Days

Tools to Assist in Offering Prayers for President Trump
and his Administration during these First 100 Days

1. 24/7 Prayer Line

Sponsored by the 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Network, you can call this number anytime, day or night, and join other prayer warriors across the nation to pray for the new administration.

The Conference Number is: 712-770-4340

The Access Code is: 543555#

Please dial #6 to mute your phone.

All are welcome to join!

2. PrayerSurgeNow

PrayerSurgeNow hosts a weekly call every Saturday morning, beginning at 7:30 a.m. EST. Topics are geared to time-sensitive events happening in our country, and anointed speakers are invited to host each call, bringing insight to intercessors across the nation.

PrayerSurgeNow also hosts other calls throughout the week, as the need arises.

In order to keep pace with their news, please visit their blog at:, or by going here.

PSN's Conference number is: 712-432-0075

Access Code is: 6149782#

3. Daily Devotions - Sponsored by the AsOne network.

A prayer topic, intercession and Scriptural decrees are posted daily during these First 100 Days. Please go here to find today's devotion.

4. Today's Prayer for the First One Hundred Days

Feb. 2 - Pray that Court Rulings regarding Human Sexuality will Honor God
"In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire."
(Romans 1:18-32; Jude 1:7; KJV)
The June 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court ruling redefined marriage for every American state to include persons of the same sex, including 31 states whose constitutions included amendments to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. (Read more here)
Points for Prayer:

May God send Christian revival which alone can cleanse the hearts and heal those damaged physically, mentally and spiritually by their Supreme Court encouraged, self-destructive behaviors. Only God can transform those whose personalities have been altered by their involvement in dangerous behaviors. May He send such a revival!

May God guide our President, who has been ambiguous in his posture toward LGBT matters, into all Truth. May he appoint pro-biblical and traditional marriage justices to the Supreme Court and judges to our federal courts.

May God's people be given faith to believe that the wrong decisions our courts have made and the problems they have created, can be reversed. Just as the horrific Dred Scott decision was reversed.

May Life, Marriage, and the God of Creation and His created order be yet again wholly respected by the vast majority of Americans and honored in American life and law!


The First 100 Days and Beyond

A Collection of Prayers by the People:
An Inaugural Gift for President Donald J. Trump

To read this guide to prayer, written by 100 intercessors for each of the President's First 100 Days, please go here.

6. White House Press Briefings

To view each day's press conference, go here.

The videos of these press briefings appear below the video of Inauguration itself.

Focus on Israel

1. PA threatens 'measures' against Israeli construction - Israel National News

Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas's spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, on Wednesday condemned Israel's announcement of 3,000 new homes in Judea and Samaria.

In a statement posted on the WAFA news agency's website, Abu Rudeineh said the construction plans defy United Nations resolutions and international law.

"We have started urgent consultations in order to take the necessary measures to confront the settlement activities," he said.

"We call on the U.S. administration to rein this Israeli government's policy which is going to destroy the peace process," added Abu Rudeineh.
Read more

2. Palestinians demand UN action over Israeli approval of settlement homes - Times of Israel

UNITED NATIONS - The Palestinian UN ambassador accused Israel of an "extreme barrage of illegal behavior" over the last 10 days and demanded that the UN Security Council take action.

Riyad Mansour said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's approval to build 6,000 new homes for settlers over recent weeks is "unprecedented," saying it exceeds the number for all of 2016.

Mansour said Netanyahu is "destroying the two-state solution by the continuation of this illegal behavior."

3. Abbas, Jordanian king agree to fight against US embassy relocation to Jerusalem - Worthy News

(Worthy News) - Jordan's monarch met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday in Amman and discussed the potential relocation of the American embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

According to the official Palestinian news service Wafa, King Abdullah II and Abbas also "discussed ways to develop bilateral relations between Palestine and Jordan as well as the latest developments in the region."
Read more

4. Israel and Turkey to resume diplomatic dialogue after six years - Israel National News

Yuval Rotem, Director-General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, will travel to Turkey on Tuesday where he will hold a diplomatic dialogue with local officials, for the first time in over six years.

Rotem's visit to Ankara will continue until Thursday and will include, in addition to meeting with his Turkish counterpart, meetings with government officials, the Israeli embassy staff in Ankara and the Consulate General in Istanbul. Rotem will also meet with leaders of the Turkish Jewish community and with the governor of Istanbul.

Israel and Turkey announced a reconciliation agreement last June, six years after the Mavi Mamara incident, following which Turkey cut off ties with Israel.
Read more

5. Galilee hospital footing the bill for treating Syrian wounded - Jerusalem Post

The Defense Ministry has not met its commitment to pay the Western Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya for its continued humanitarian treatment of Syrian refugees. The Defense Ministry "promised, but did not carry out" its promise, to pay for the expenses, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday. "This creates economic challenges for the hospital."

It was asked to comment on statements made Tuesday in the Knesset that the hospital, which is owned by the Health Ministry, has not been reimbursed by the Defense Ministry for tens of millions of shekels in expenses. The claim was made by MK Eitan Broshi (Zionist Union) after visiting the hospital, which is headed by Dr. Masad Barhoum.

Since the beginning of their country's civil war, more than 1,500 Syrian children and adults have been treated for complex wounds. Most arrive in Nahariya after crossing the border, with help from the IDF.
Read more

6. Battling Anti-Semitism - Gary Bauer

While the media is hyper-sensitive about anything that happens to Muslims, the sad reality is that hate crimes against Jews far exceed those against Muslims.

Here's one example: Thirteen Jewish community centers in 11 states were evacuated yesterday after receiving bomb threats. Did you know that? Imagine what the media reaction would be if 13 mosques in 11 states received bomb threats.

Now here's the kicker: This is the third time in the past month that Jewish community centers have been subjected to such threats of violence and harassment. Yet it barely registers in the media.

- Father, we repent for the level of (even violent) anti- semitism that is now rising in our nation, Lord. Please protect our Jewish citizens with You Holy Angels, and help us all learn the actions we can take to combat this alarming trend. In Your name, we pray, amen.

- " . . . he who touches you, touches the apple of His eye." (Zechariah 2:8)

7. Knesset speaker pushes US counterpart Ryan on embassy move - Times of Israel

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein met with his US counterpart House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) in Washington on Wednesday in hopes of drumming up support for moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a pledge US President Donald Trump made on the campaign trail.

The White House has signaled it may be reconsidering the embassy move, but Israeli officials have continued to push for the relocation, seeing it as long-sought recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital from its most important ally.

During his meeting with the House speaker, Edelstein told Ryan he strongly supports moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and that he hopes the move will be approved with strong bipartisan support in Congress. (Read more)

The Daily Brief

Please note:
Every prayer below is presented to our Lord in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

1. Senate confirms former Exxon chief Rex Tillerson as secretary of state - Dallas News

Long an international player, Rex Tillerson can now claim among the choicest seats on the world stage.

The former Exxon Mobil chief's bid to become the 69th secretary of state received final affirmation Wednesday from the Senate, which voted 56-43 mostly along party lines to confirm the Wichita Falls native for America's top diplomatic post.

President Donald Trump, speaking at Tillerson's swearing-in, said that the Texan brings the "unique skills and deep, deep insights ... into foreign diplomacy that our nation needs to foster security and stability in a world too often trapped in violence." (Read more)

- Father God, we thank You that this good man has now been confirmed and sworn in to serve as America's next Secretary of State. Father God, we pray You would bless Rex Tillerson with extraordinary wisdom as he shifts our State Department's focus from benefiting other nations to benefiting the United States.

- "Wise words bring many benefits, and hard work brings rewards." (Proverbs 12:14)

2. Sessions approved by Senate committee - The Hill

A Senate committee voted [yesterday] to confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) to be attorney general on Wednesday, two days after the growing controversy surrounding President Trump's travel ban on seven Muslim nations led to the firing of an acting attorney general for insubordination.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Sessions 11-9 along party lines. His nomination now goes to the floor, where he is widely expected to be confirmed given the GOP's 52-seat majority.

The committee vote, which Democrats delayed last week, follows two days of confirmation hearings in which Sessions defended his record on civil rights addressed head-on charges that he's made racially insensitive remarks about African Americans.

Sessions' confirmation, which is now headed to the floor for a full Senate vote, is almost assured. Sessions, who is well liked by his GOP colleagues, appears to have the 50 votes he needs to get confirmed with Republicans holding a 52-seat majority.

GOP members have not voiced any opposition to Sessions and he has the vote of at least one Democrat - Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV). (Read more)

- Father, we thank You that the Senate Judiciary Committee has now approved this nomination, to be submitted next to the full Senate for a floor vote next week. We continue to pick up the hammer of the Word of God that would smash any and all other "walls" that the enemy has set in place against any and all other nominees now before various Senate committees whose names our new president has submitted for consideration and confirmation. In Your Name, amen.

- "Is not my word like fire,"declares the Lord, and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?" (Jeremiah 23:29)

3. White House Prepares to "Go Nuclear" to Ensure Gorsuch a Seat on the Supreme Court - CBN News

Trump wants to make sure he gets his man on the Court even if that means using what's known as the "nuclear option" to change the Senate rules and allow Gorsuch to be confirmed with a simple majority.

"I would say if you can, Mitch, go nuclear," commented Trump. "Because that would be an absolute shame if a man of this quality was caught up in the web." (Read more)

- Lord God, we have come to admire the "go to" attitude of this courageous president. We ask for quick passage of the nomination of Judge Gorsuch as he fills this seat on the Supreme Court, in Your name, amen.

- " . . . the people who know their God will display strength and take action."
(Daniel 11:32b)

4. "Ecstatic" Christian Leaders Weigh In On President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch - Breaking Christian News

"For many Evangelicals, Trump's campaign promise to appoint a Supreme Court Justice in the mold of Antonin Scalia-an originalist who would uphold the Constitution-was the single most important issue facing the American people this past election. I am greatly encouraged by the nomination of Judge Gorsuch as he represents a clear and definitive fulfillment of President Trump's promise," said Dr. David Jeremiah, Pastor and host of the well-known Turning Point radio program. (To read what other evangelical leaders are now saying about Judge Gorluch, please go here.)

- Father God, we are so thankful for this nomination! We pray You would give the Republican leadership wisdom in moving his nomination through committee to a final vote before the Senate.

- "You are a witness to your own decision," Joshua said. "You have chosen to serve the Lord." "Yes," they replied, "we are witnesses to what we have said."
(Joshua 24:22)

5. President Trump Addresses National Prayer Breakfast -

'My Administration Will Do Everything in Its Power to Defend and Protect Religious Liberty'

President Donald Trump said Thursday during a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., that his administration will protect and defend religious liberty, adding that America will "remain a tolerant society where all faiths are respected."

"So I want to express clearly today to the American people that my administration will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty in our land. America must forever remain a tolerant society where all faiths are respected and where all of our citizens can feel safe and secure," Trump said. (Read more)

- Father, we note that in his speech today, President Trump spoke of the power of faith and prayer and said "this gathering is a testament to the power of faith." Lord, he also discussed his upbringing, saying "I was blessed to be raised in a churched home," and "I was sworn in on the very Bible from which my mother would teach us as young children, and that faith lives on in my heart every single day." Thank You, Lord, for his Biblically-based upbringing, which is bearing such good fruit now in our nation and around the world. Praise God!

- "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)

6. Congress considering free speech for pastors - WND

There's a new boss in Washington and new attention being paid to conservative issues, and now Congress is even considering a plan that would restore free speech to church pastors, who were among the targets of a measure initiated by Lyndon Johnson when he fought for re-election to the Senate and wanted to shut up his critics.

That was way back in 1954, when Johnson - upset that a conservative organization was supporting his opponent - forced his censorship plan through Congress. It restricts the ability of nonprofits, including churches, to make partisan political statements or endorsements.

On Wednesday, Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., introduced into the Senate the Free Speech Fairness Act, which would restore to nonprofits and houses of worship the freedom to speak about electoral activity. He explained in a website statement: "Specifically, the Free Speech Fairness Act addresses the shortcomings of the Johnson Amendment, which in 1954 was inserted into the Tax Code by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson. The Johnson Amendment prohibits nonprofits and churches from engaging in any activity that might be interpreted as participating in, or intervening in a campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, a candidate for public office, including a simple oral or written statement. During the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump frequently expressed his desire to fix the Johnson Amendment.

"The federal government and the IRS should never have the ability to inhibit free speech," continued Lankford. "The Free Speech Fairness Act is needed to prevent government intrusion and suppression of free speech by removing a restriction on speech that has existed since 1954. The First Amendment right of free speech and right to practice any faith, or no faith, are foundational American values that must extend to everyone, whether they are a pastor, social worker or any charity employee or volunteer. People who work for a nonprofit still have constitutional rights to assembly, free speech, and free press." (Read more)

- Father, we pray for the success of this bill and for a renewed boldness among our religious leaders to challenge the ungodly worldviews and secularism throughout our culture.

- This is how the Lord responds: "If you return to me, I will restore you so you can continue to serve me. If you speak good words rather than worthless ones, you will be my spokesman. You must influence them; do not let them influence you!"
(Jeremiah 15:19)

7. Trump makes unannounced trip to honor fallen Navy SEAL - Fox News

Assuming the somber duties of commander in chief, President Donald Trump made an unannounced trip Wednesday to honor the returning remains of a U.S. Navy SEAL killed in a weekend raid in Yemen.

Chief Special Warfare Operator William "Ryan" Owens, a 36-year-old from Peoria, Illinois, was the first known U.S. combat casualty since Trump took office less than two weeks ago. An 8-year-old American girl was among 30 others killed in the operation on an al-Qaida compound, and three other U.S. service members were wounded.

Trump's trip to Delaware's Dover Air Base was shrouded in secrecy. The president and his daughter, Ivanka, departed the White House in the presidential helicopter with their destination unannounced. A small group of journalists traveled with Trump on the condition that the visit was not reported until his arrival.

Marine One landed at Dover shortly before a C-17 believed to be carrying Owens' remains touched down. The president was expected to meet with Owens' family, which requested that the visit and the dignified transfer of the Navy SEAL's remains be private. (Read more)

- Father God, we pray for the comfort of the Owen family as they have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Lord, we implore You to fight for us! Protect our armed forces overseas and give President Trump and our senior military officials wisdom in all they do.

- The Lord is a warrior; Yahweh is his name! (Exodus 15:3)

8. UC Berkeley cancels right-wing provocateur's talk amid violent protest - SF Gate

A protest at UC Berkeley over a scheduled appearance by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos turned fiery and violent Wednesday night, prompting police to cancel the event and hustle the Breitbart News editor off campus.

But even after the event's cancellation, hundreds of protesters spilled off campus into the city streets, where the violence continued as they confronted drivers, engaged in fights, smashed storefront windows and set fires. (Read more)

- Father God, we lift up these misguided young people to You. We pray You would break through the deception that drives them to do evil and reveal Your truth.

- Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing."
(Luke 23:34a)

9. Iran Warns Trump Over Missile Dispute, and American U.N. Envoy Hits Back - New York Times

Already furious over President Trump's visa ban, Iran warned the United States on Tuesday not to escalate tensions over tests of Iranian missiles - tests that his administration's new United Nations ambassador called "absolutely unacceptable."

The Iranian warning, made in Tehran by Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, came a day after American and Israeli officials accused Iran of having conducted a missile test that they said had violated a United Nations Security Council resolution. (Read more)

- Father, only You know how to deal with Iran and their threats. Bring Your hand against them so that they cannot hurt others.

- Get ready; be prepared! Keep all the armies around you mobilized, and take command of them. (Ezekiel 38:7)

10. Turkey violated Greek airspace 138 times in one day - Defense Ministry - RT

Tensions between Greece and Turkey - both NATO members - are mounting after Athens accused Ankara of violating Greek airspace above historically disputed islets, and with the fallout over Greece's refusal to hand over coup suspects to Turkey still fresh.

The Greek Defense Ministry said it has registered 138 violations of the country's airspace on Wednesday, Reuters reported citing the minister who claimed that all the violators have been "intercepted." (Read more)

- Father, we lift up the nation of Turkey and leader Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan to You. We pray for You to end the aggression and threats towards surrounding nations.

- Yes, praise the Lord, you armies of angels who serve him and do his will!
(Psalm 103:21)

The Daily Jot

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The rule of law and your moral responsibility

New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer was brought almost to tears over President Donald Trump's orders that limit immigration and refugees coming from the US from certain countries known for their radical Islamic terrorism. As the news media and Democratic Party progressives (communists) went into full attack mode against Trump, some people are pushing back and demonstrating that many presidents have limited immigration from time to time to protect America's national security. Trouble is, the rule of law has been only selectively enforced over the past eight years to the point that the globalists and anarchists think they can throw a fit every time a law is enforced with which they disagree.

The immoral and amoral thought they had secured a death grip on our free society. Then Christians stood up in this past election. That changed a lot. "Freedom sees in religion the companion of its struggles and its triumphs, the cradle of its infancy, the divine source of its rights. It considers religion as the safeguard of mores; and mores as the guarantee of laws and the pledge of its own duration."--these are the words of Alexis de Tocqueville, a French aristocrat who came to America in the 1830s to observe what made the country so great. His "Democracy in America" is considered a historic treasure about the unique success of the United States. Tocqueville wrote that America is free because of its collective Christian religion.

He pointed out that the laws that governed the Plymouth colony were derived from the Hebrew texts. In the later 1600s, even the law of Connecticut stated that man shall not "have or worship any other God, but the Lord God." He said that Americans "have succeeded in incorporating somehow into one another and combining marvelously...the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom." According to the laws and the nature of early Americans, men and women who have the religious and political beliefs of many of those in leadership (progressives, socialists, communists, etc.) would have been forbidden to serve in such capacity, if not put to death for their immorality. Planned Parenthood, the Council on American Islamic Relations, Communist Party of America, and such, would have had absolutely no place in early America.

Cotton Mather wrote in 1820, "There is a liberty of corrupt nature, which is affected both by men and beasts, to do what they list; and this liberty is inconsistent with authority, impatient of all restraint; by this liberty we are all inferior; 'tis the grand enemy of truth and peace, and all the ordinances of God are bent against it. But there is a civil, a moral, a federal liberty, which is the proper end and object of authority; it is a liberty for that only which is just and good; for this liberty you are to stand with the hazard of your very lives." Galatians 5:1 says, "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage." As Christians we must demand and accept no other form of liberty.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

A Special Time of Prayer

This photo was posted by President Trump on his Facebook page yesterday morning, capturing a time of prayer just after he had announced his selection of Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court seat, vacated last year by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Below the photo is this caption:

"Moment of prayer last night after my nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for #SCOTUS. It was an honor having Maureen and Fr. Scalia join us.
- at The White House."

"I will restore your judges as at the first, And your counselors as at the beginning. Afterward you shall be called the city of righteousness, the faithful city." (Isaiah 1:26 NKJV)

About Judge Gorsuch

About Judge Gorsuch:

Several Commentaries and Information about the New Candidate for the Supreme Court

1. From the Family Research Council:

Family Research Council Welcomes Judge Gorsuch as Pres. Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Family Research Council Tony Perkins, who attended the White House announcement, released the following statement:

"I was pleased to witness President Trump follow through on his promise and select a nominee from the list he presented during the campaign. The president has been very clear on the type of justices that he would appoint: textualists who will not issue rulings based on the shadows of the Constitution. . . Judge Gorsuch's record over the last 14 years, especially on religious liberty, gives Americans every reason to believe he will make a fine Supreme Court justice. His reputation as a judge with integrity and dedication to the Constitution should be an encouragement to all Americans.

"We are committed to working with President Trump and senators to help move the grassroots to gain the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch. This will be a battle but I am confident the president will get his nominee confirmed," concluded Perkins.

2. From Gary Bauer:

Gorsuch Is Great!

Americans who care about the intent of our Founding Fathers were ecstatic last night when President Trump announced that Judge Neil Gorsuch was his choice to fill the Scalia vacancy on the Supreme Court. The rollout of the nomination was extraordinary.

In recent days, the media and the left have been pushing the narrative that Trump doesn't know what he is doing and that there is chaos in the administration. But last night's announcement was masterful.

President Trump made a statement from the White House East Room in prime time. Every network tuned in and President Trump defined his nominee before the left and its media allies did. Millions of Americans also got to see and hear from the nominee, and they did not see the monster that his critics are trying to create.

Justice Antonin Scalia's wife, Maureen, was there in the front row. President Trump honored the former justice by explaining how important it was to him that he nominate someone in the mold of Scalia. Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were also at the White House announcement last night, and both praised the selection of Judge Gorsuch. (Excerpt)

3. From CHPP's Legislative Snapshot:

Our Snapshot editor, Tim McGhee, has been busily assembling all kinds of useful data about Judge Gorluch and the process that awaits him as he seeks to fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court.

Tim has graciously offered to share his extensive research with us, by visiting his blog.

All headlines that have been posted are also links to the original articles cited. Thank you, Tim!

Praying for Judge Gorsuch

Praying for Judge Gorsuch:

Commentary and Intercession Offered by Rev. Pierre Bynum,
National Chaplain, Family Research Council

Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch -- Last night, President Trump announced his nominee to fill the seat on the Supreme Court vacated due to the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. President Trump ran for office on a promise that he would appoint a new justice in the mold of Antonin Scalia, a legend for his personal character, brilliant conservative thought, and assiduous fidelity to Constitution. FRC welcomed Gorsuch and praised his record, especially on religious liberty, now at the forefront of the struggle to preserve American liberty as we have known it, for future generations.
Now come the fireworks! Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) has promised to filibuster Trump's nominee, whoever he may be. A cloture vote (to bring debate to an end and require an up or down vote) requires a 60 vote majority. If 60 votes can be had, only 51 votes would be required to confirm. Republicans outnumber Democrats 52-48. Eight Democrats must vote to end a filibuster if all 52 Republicans also do so.
But if Democrats persist in the filibuster, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could change the Senate rules to require a simple majority to end it and confirm. McConnell has expressed his distaste for a rules change, dubbed the "nuclear option," and feels confident that Democrats will allow an up or down vote. But it takes only one Senator to filibuster, and three or four could persist long enough to require a cloture vote.
The Democrats are resisting President Trump at every turn, and the liberal press has declared war on the new administration. Many who voted for Trump voted specifically because of his promise to change the U.S. Supreme Court and to choose pro-life justices. Neil Gorsuch, an excellent choice for Scalia's seat, will simply return the balance to what it was before Scalia's death. If Gorsuch is confirmed, four liberals, four conservatives, and one left-leaning moderate will compose the Court. Another seat must be vacated by retirement, sickness, or death and a second originalist Trump appointee chosen and confirmed before the Court's balance will be tipped in favor of the U.S. Constitution being interpreted as it was originally intended.

1. Pray that God will superintend the Senate hearings; that the questioning and deliberations will be dignified, righteous, and just. May He prevent Trump's Senate opponents from using this venue to display hostility and vitriol toward the president and his appointees, as some members of Congress have been doing.

" . . . for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God." (James 1:20)

2. May both parties be statesmen-like to bring some semblance of respect and civility to their office. May leaders be raised up to bring healing and unity to Congress and America. May the president, too, be similarly led to avoid fanning the flames of rhetoric that are already overheated.

"The words of a wise man's mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself." (Eccl. 10:12)

3. May the American people get to know Neil Gorsuch during the hearings. May the content of his character and his record speak for itself. May we be surprised by the speed with which this new member of the High Court is confirmed and seated!

"And all the people took notice of it, and it pleased them: as whatsoever the king did pleased all the people." (2 Samuel 3:36)

Submitted by:

Rev. Pierre Bynum
Chaplain & National Prayer Director

Family Research Council
801 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-393-2100
Fax: 202-393-2134

Super Bowl Alert

Super Bowl Alert:

AGLOW: Anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter

The following is an excerpt of a letter written by Jessica Wilson, Anti-Trafficking Specialist, Aglow International and sent to members of AGLOW International, worldwide. Copied with permission.

Around this time each year I like to focus on awareness of sex trafficking based around sporting events. And this weekend, on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas we'll get to see the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons face off at Super Bowl 51. This is a great time to focus on the upcoming game and how that impacts sex trafficking - both in the Houston, TX area, and in your own neighborhood.
I would like to tell you that the team I'm rooting for will, in fact, crush the other team. However, more important than a U.S. sporting event is the rise in sex trafficking events, cases, and prosecutions during the Super Bowl. This is not new information for us, as we pray about this each year. Some even question the hype surrounding the Super Bowl and sex trafficking, but the reality is, it is happening. Around this event, more people are aware that it's happening, more people are reporting suspicious activity, and more girls are being rescued from sex trafficking as a result.
In Your Neighborhood?

I've spoken of this before, and I'll say it again. Trafficking does happen in response to large sporting (and other) events. However, it won't happen only in Houston - it will happen at bars, college campuses, and home sports parties all around the country. So when we're talking about trafficking increasing during large sports events, we're including this too. Prostitutes, under the threat of coercion and deception of pimps, are used for this 'special celebration' in cities far and wide.


The first action step is to make sure you have the U.S. National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline number: 888-373-7888. It's as simple as this - if you see something suspicious, call. Many prostitutes are underage. Use your eyes. Follow your gut. Call. Tips can be left by name, or anonymously. During this time of year when a public spotlight is being shone on sex trafficking, many resources are being allocated to following tips and leads. Call and report suspicious activity. You don't know what may come of it.

(To read all of this newsletter, and to join AGLOW in prayer, go here.)
Battling The Bureaucrats

Battling The Bureaucrats

Yesterday I told you about the reality that numerous government agencies are effectively taking orders from Barack Obama, not Donald trump. Here's more evidence: Today's Washington Post reports that career bureaucrats are in regular contact with Obama political appointees getting guidance "about what they can do to push back against the new president's initiatives."

It is difficult to overstate just how dangerous this is. These bureaucrats are trying to overturn the election! These "public servants" are attempting to negate the votes of the American people, thwarting the will of the president who won 30 states.

Civil servants are supposed to be immune from political pressure, but they are not supposed to be partisan hacks. In the Reagan Administration, Bill Bennett and I ran into the same kind of opposition at the Department of Education. We removed people but it was not easy. If anyone has the courage to remove rogue bureaucrats it is President Trump.

By the way, President Trump is serious about reining in the size and scope of the federal government. He issued an executive order this week instructing the government to repeal two regulations for every new one issued. But you probably didn't hear about that because of the media's hysterical overreaction to his order pausing immigration from terrorist infested countries. (Gary Bauer)
More Daily Features

The Persecuted Church

"Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body." (Hebrews 13:3)

Please visit the website for International Christian Concern to lift up prayers for the persecuted around the world, every day. Their link is: -- or go here to connect. Thank you for interceding for our brothers and sisters who are suffering in Asia, the Islamic World, and the Far East.

Classic Hymns:

"O Lord, how great are Thy works!" (Psalm 92:5)


O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder Consider all the *worlds thy hands have made, I see the stars, I hear the *rolling thunder, Thy power throughout the universe displayed:


Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee:
How great thou art! How great thou art!
Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee:
How great thou art! How great thou art!

When through the woods and forest glades I wander And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees, When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur, And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze:


And when I think that God, his Son not sparing, Sent him to die, I scarce can take it in, That on the cross, my burden gladly bearing, He bled and died to take away my sin.


When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart! Then *I shall bow in humble adoration, And there proclaim, "My God, how great thou art!"


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About the Author:

Words and melody: Stuart K. Hine

About the hymn:

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Signs and Wonders

Scientists have released footage of a giant, 3-km crack
that opened up in Arizona
- Science Alert

A massive, 3.2-km (2-mile) crack has formed in the Arizona Desert, and scientists have released the first up-close footage of the damage.

The crack is expected to get even longer in the coming years, and scientists are predicting that the widest parts - which can stretch up to 3 metres (10 feet) - could soon collapse into the void.

The crack is estimated to plunge 9 metres (30 feet) deep in some areas. (Read more)

"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea." (Luke 21:25)

The Good News Corner

Director Martin Scorsese: Christianity is Where I Find Meaning in Life

[God Reports] Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese spoke at Fuller Seminary recently after a private screening of his new film "Silence," the formidable saga of Jesuit missionaries in 17th-century Japan based on the novel by Shusaku Endo.

At the screening, Scorsese reflected on his years-long struggle to make the film and its impact on his Christian faith.

"Where do I go to find the meaning of existence and the meaning of life? For me, it's Christianity," Scorsese told Brehm Center Director Mako Fujimura (who served as a consultant to the film) and Kutter Callaway, an asst. professor of theology and culture at Fuller.

Without the love and compassion inherent in Christianity, there is little hope for humanity, he said. "This is the real saving grace of our world, of our species, really," he declared.
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Kari Jobe - "You Are My Healer"
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