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CHPP Daily Brief - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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The Daily Brief - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

". . . The court was seated, and the books were opened." (Daniel 7:10c)

"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." (James 5:16)

The Daily Brief

1. Supreme Court divided over striking down entire healthcare law - The Hill

The nine Supreme Court justices were divided Wednesday over whether to strike down all of Obama's healthcare law if they find that its individual mandate is unconstitutional.

The court's conservative members, including possible swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy, leaned toward invalidating the whole law, while the liberal justices said the court should leave it to Congress to determine how much of the law depends on the mandate.

Chief Justice John Roberts, another possible swing vote, pressed the attorneys on both sides of the issue about equally.

Arguments about the issue of "severability" come a day after the court engaged in two hours of intense debate Tuesday over whether the insurance mandate violates the constitution. Five justices appeared skeptical that the mandate met constitutional muster on Tuesday, meaning the debate over whether the rest of the law must also be tossed could come into play.

Go Here:

- God, we pray and decree that the decision made in heaven will be the decision that all nine judges will render in total unison; that this healthcare law is unconstitutional, and is thus rendered defeated. Overshadow these judges to come under the mandate from heaven and vote accordingly. This being covered by the blood of Jesus and His powerful Name.

- "These are the things that you shall do; Speak every man the truth to his neighbor: execute the judgment of truth and peace in your gates: And let none of you imagine evil in your hearts against his neighbor; and love no false oath: for all these are things that I hate, says the Lord." (Zechariah 8:16-17)

2. World leaders warn of 'nuclear terrorism' threat - UK Telegraph

World leaders issued a stark warning on Tuesday about the threat of nuclear terrorism during the final day of a nuclear summit in South Korea.

- God, we call for the headship of Your almighty power to guide the minds of these leaders to come into agreement with what You have purposed to happen, and in its right timing. Only the foreordained purposes of the Lord God of heaven shall stand. We make our appeal to our God who is overseeing all. In the powerful Name of Jesus Christ.

- "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out."
(Romans 11:33)

3. Iran presents battlefield contingencies - Ynet News

The possibility of a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities may evoke images of an air strike, but the Islamic Republic is gearing to counter every scenario and according to Al-Mashreq website, Tehran has prepared a detailed plan of the defense in case of a ground offensive by the West.

- Father, may all Iran's man-made plans to wipe Israel off the map become a trash heap. Save the Iranian people, and protect those who serve the Lord, but the enemies of God will find no peace. In Jesus' Name.

- "For what nation is there so great, who has God so near unto them, as the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon Him for? And what nation is there so great, that has statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law, which I set before you this day?"
(Deuteronomy 4:7-8)

4. US eyes missile-defense shield for Asia, Middle East
- Jerusalem Post

The United States is seeking to build regional shields against ballistic missiles in both Asia and the Middle East akin to an emerging bulwark in Europe, a senior Pentagon official disclosed Monday.

- God, direct the United States to make haste to build regional shields to protect innocent people in these countries from ballistic missiles. We trust in the great works of the Lord to intervene quickly, so that they can gain victory over their enemies and not become victims. Slow down the production of ballistic missiles that are aimed at the innocent. By the voice of the Lord, we ask that You call forth a wall of angels to be holy shields in these countries, for the voice of the Lord is powerful to perform His purposes. In the Name of Jesus.

- "The Lord sits upon the flood; yea, the Lord sits King forever. The Lord will give strength unto His people: the Lord will bless His people with peace." (Psalm 29:10-11)

5. Budget gridlock imperils national defense - Washington Times

Defense analysts and Capitol Hill insiders are anticipating that automatic federal budget cuts will occur Jan. 1 and force the armed forces to scrap plans for new weapons systems.

- God in heaven, we call for Your holy intervention to block and annul any budget gridlock that endangers our national defense. When our young men are deployed to fight battles around the world without ample weapons are being sent out on a suicide mission. God, destroy all plans to scrap weapons systems that our men in the armed forces need to fight this war. We call upon our God and He will answer us and will fight for us. In Jesus' Name.

- "But the Lord your God you shall fear; and He shall deliver you out of the hand of all your enemies."
(II Kings 17:39)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore." (Psalm 121:7,8)

1. IDF gears up for Global March to Jerusalem - Ynet News

The IDF is gearing up to a possible storming of Israeli borders as part of the Global March to Jerusalem set for Friday, March 30. Israel has issued a clear warning to Arab states and the Palestinian Authority against allowing the march.

2. Israel says sabotage may stretch Iran atom timeline - Ynet News

Israel on Tuesday played down the prospect of an imminent attack on Iran, saying its arch-foe's controversial nuclear program could still be set back by sanctions and sabotage.

3. Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin to visit Israel in June - Ha'aretz

Senior official says Putin wants to visit Israel after he is inaugurated on May 7; Israel is expected to begin preparing for his visit, the date of which has yet to be formally announced.

4. Report: Hamas, Iran coordinate response to Israel strike - Ynet News

Lebanese newspaper al-Mustaqbal reported Tuesday that the purpose of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud al-Zahar's recent visit to Iran was to define Gaza's role in the case Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities.

5. State Department Won't Say Jerusalem Is in Israel - Washington Free Beacon

An official State Department communication has labeled Jerusalem and Israel as separate entities. In an official press release yesterday, the State Department announced that "Acting Under Secretary Kathleen Stephens Travels to Algeria, Qatar, Jordan, Jerusalem, and Israel."

The Daily Jot!

The Health of Our Nation and the health care debate

As the Supreme Court debates socialized medicine, the health of our nation is on the front burner of the American mindset. But there is nothing that contributes to the decline of a healthy nation more than the undermining of marriage. There is a petition going around Maryland, for example, to undo what the Governor has signed into law--same sex marriage. Government is intrusively involved in the moral decay of America by promoting the homosexual agenda--whether it is in health benefits for homosexuals, which promotes that sin, or the forcing of Americans to pay for abortions and contraception of others. The government is undermining healthy relationships by promoting unhealthy ones in the name of health.

Marriage is the social contract that is imperative to a healthy society. Family is society's core strength. When marriage, and subsequently family, are preserved, protected, nourished and encouraged, society will be healthy. The strength of America traditionally has been found in its families. But today, this revered institution is faltering. Pew Research recently released poll data reflecting that only 51% of adults 18 years and older are married--a record low for America. The Washington Post reports that "In 1960, for example, when most baby boomers were children, 72 percent of all adults were married. The median age for brides was barely 20, and the grooms were just a couple of years older."

In 1963, Florida Congressman A. S. Herlong, Jr submitted for the Congressional Record the "Current Communist Goals" excerpted from "The Naked Communist," by Cleon Skousen. Goal 40 was: "Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce." Goals 25 and 26 were: "Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy." Goal 27: "Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social"religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch."

The Pew study indicates that Americans are choosing to live together rather than marry; The US State Department is using foreign aid to promote homosexuality. The federal government is no longer defending "The Defense of Marriage Act" in the courts. Divorce is easier than ever. Homosexuality is being promoted in public schools and the military--it is essentially official government policy. The socialists and Marxists in America are succeeding in destroying our society--as planned as early as 1963 by the Communist Party. Ephesians 5:25 instructs: "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it." This is a sovereign spiritual principle for a healthy and happy society. Our decisions matter, make them well.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

ObamaCare On Trial: Day Three

Can ObamaCare survive without the individual mandate? That was the main point of today's debate before the Supreme Court. Yesterday, a majority of justices appeared highly skeptical of the government's claim that it has the authority to compel individuals to purchase health insurance.

The mandate is the heart of ObamaCare. Without it, much of the law becomes untenable. Interestingly, some reporters noted with concern the degree to which the court's liberal members aggressively defended the notion that parts of the law could survive without the mandate.

Justice Kagan argued that "half a loaf is better than no loaf," while Justice Ginsburg said, "It's a question between a wrecking operation and a salvage job, and it seems to me the more conservative option is the salvage job."

One reporter observed, "The fact that the liberals were very engaged, particularly Justice Kagan, may show that they are very worried that the mandate is going to be held unconstitutional."

Why is that relevant? As is frequently the case, the court's majority is likely to hinge on the decision of one man -- Justice Anthony Kennedy.

For most of yesterday's arguments, Justice Kennedy appeared hostile to the Obama Administration's defense of the individual mandate. But toward the end of the hearing, just as folks might have concluded he had slammed the door shut on the mandate, Kennedy stuck his foot in the door, saying:

"In the insurance and health care world, both markets -- stipulate two markets -- the young person who is uninsured is uniquely proximately very close to affecting the rates of insurance and the costs of providing medical care in a way that is not true in other industries. That's my concern in the case."

Again, making predications based on oral arguments is difficult, and there is conflicting reporting on the issue. But today a majority of the justices appeared to believe that the law should either stand or fall in its entirety.

As Justice Scalia declared, "My approach would be, if you take the heart out of the statute, the statute is gone." Appearing to agree with Scalia, Justice Kennedy said it would be a "more extreme exercise of judicial power" to uphold parts of ObamaCare after striking down the heart of the statute -- the individual mandate.

That being the case, it seems we will have to wait until the summer to find out where Kennedy stands on the mandate and to learn the fate of ObamaCare. (Gary Bauer)

Calm The Waters

Hussein Obama is never at a loss for words and he needs to speak up now.

The shooting death of Trayvon Martin continues to be exploited by a variety of black nationalists, Black Panther demagogues and race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Students protesting in Florida yesterday ransacked a store. On websites discussing the issue the rhetoric is red hot, and there are frequent calls for revenge and violence.

An elderly couple -- a 70 year-old school cafeteria worker with a heart condition and her 72 year-old husband -- have temporarily fled their home after their address was mistakenly made public by Spike Lee as the home of George Zimmerman. Obama and Spike Lee are close. In January Lee held a fundraiser for Obama that raised $1.6 million.

On Capitol Hill yesterday, House Democrats held a hearing with the parents of Trayvon Martin. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) declared, "Mr. Zimmerman should be arrested immediately for his own safety." Was that a threat? Why should he be afraid, Rep. Wilson, and who should he be afraid of? This morning Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Chicago), and a former Black Panther, was escorted off the floor of the House of Representatives for wearing a hoodie and sunglasses in violation of House rules on decorum. I checked the congressman's website and saw no statement about the 49 people who were shot, 10 fatally, in Chicago this month. I don't recall any theatrics by the congressman to draw attention to those deaths. But the congressman is willing to violate House rules in order to exploit a tragedy that didn't even occur in his own state.
After the assassination attempt on Congresswoman "Gabby" Giffords, ... Obama delivered a passionate plea for civil discourse. As the first man of color to be elected president, he has a special obligation now to "call out" black radicals who are trying to stoke street violence or worse.

What about it, [Obama]?

Do you want your daughters growing up in a country where the rule of law is replaced by mob violence and "high-tech lynchings"? Where is your legendary eloquence? What would Martin Luther King say? (Gary Bauer)

Employment Prevention Agency Strikes Again

Barack Obama's Environmental Protection Agency took a major step toward implementing his cap and trade scheme by regulation yesterday when it announced new regulations purportedly aimed at limiting emissions from new coal plants. Obama's cap and trade scheme was so radical it could not pass the Democrat-dominated Senate in 2009 and 2010 when Harry Reid controlled a super-majority.

But as one Bloomberg report noted: "The rules will permit emissions from new power plants at 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour. . . The limit would effectively preclude construction of new coal-fired plants."

Why? Because the only way a new coal plant could possibly meet that limit is through the use of "carbon capture and sequestration" techniques that trap the emissions and pump them underground. But according to industry experts such techniques are "neither economically viable nor commercially available."

Jeff Holmstead, a former assistant administrator of the EPA during the Bush Administration, told the Wall Street Journal, "This really is a ban on new coal-fired [electricity] generation. The EPA knows that." Luke Popovich, a spokesman for the National Mining Association, said, "They are threatening to destroy coal-based generation."

America gets approximately half of its electricity from coal. We are the "Saudi Arabia of coal." There are tens of thousands of jobs involved in coal mining, transportation and electricity generation. But, once again, the EPA is living up to nickname as the "Employment Prevention Agency."

Is destroying the coal industry part of Obama's "all of the above" energy strategy? Of course not. Because Obama doesn't have an "all of the above" energy strategy!

As I have reported many times, Obama's energy strategy relies on making traditional sources of energy more expensive. This is part of Obama's stated goal to bankrupt the coal industry, causing electricity rates to "necessarily skyrocket," as he put it.

And for what? To fight global warming that isn't happening or climate change that we can't control.

Energy is the lifeblood of our economy. It is too important to be held hostage by radical ideologues. It is high time that the American people get control of the EPA and elect politicians who will implement a serious energy strategy. (Gary Bauer)

Today's Legislative Focus

From The Madison Project

(Letter below was dated on Monday, March 26.)

Fellow conservative patriots,

This week, much of the attention will be focused on the Supreme Court as it conducts three days of opening arguments considering the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Nonetheless, we must remain on top of the legislative issues in Congress and not let our guard down. After this week, Congress will be in recess for 2-weeks. We must remain guarded against any attempt to jam through bad legislation before the Easter break.

For Liberty.

The Honorable Jim Ryun
Chairman of the Madison Project

1. Highway Bill:

The current authorization for transportation spending, along with its accompanying revenue source (the gas tax), will expire at midnight April 1. The Senate passed a terrible 2-year $109 billion reauthorization bill (S. 1813), while the House has yet to finalize the new long-term bill. As a way of buying more time, the House will attempt to pass a 90-day stopgap bill (H.R. 4239) on Monday to continue funding for highway projects at current levels until July 1. This is actually good news because it's better to pass a short-term bill while we fight for real reform than pass a poor long-term bill, either in the form of the Senate bill or the original 5-year House bill.
[Update: 3/27/2012 House floor actions. Status: At the conclusion of debate, the Yeas and Nays were demanded and ordered. Pursuant to the provisions of clause 8, rule XX, the Chair announced that further proceedings on the motion would be postponed. Source: Library of Congress]

Conservative Concerns:

We must make sure that Republicans don't give into pressure right before the deadline to either pass the Senate bill or the original House bill. We must remind those Democrats who are scoffing at another short-term re-authorization that they had no compunction about short-term bills when the controlled all branches of government.

Instead of proposing yet another "pale-pastel" alternative to the Senate highway bill, let's opt for a bold contrast and rally behind Tom Grave's Transportation Empowerment Act (H.R. 3264). This bill would gradually transition gas tax revenue to the states over a period of four years. By 2017, every state would keep 14.7 cents of the current federal gasoline tax, leaving 3.7 cents in the hands of the DOT for the purpose of national projects. That way, each state can have a fair debate about their transportation needs and fund their priorities accordingly. There are currently 32 cosponsors of this bill. Find out if your member plans to cosponsor the bill.

2. Ryan Budget

Last week, Paul Ryan passed his much-anticipated budget resolution out of committee. The full House is expected to adopt the budget resolution this Thursday and begin working on the individual appropriations bills, which are expected to follow the blueprint, after the Easter recess. Some conservatives are concerned that the budget doesn't go far enough to reform entitlements within the next decade. On the discretionary side, there are concerns that Ryan's use of budget reconciliation doesn't fully enact the sequestration cuts. While we vigorously oppose the sequester cuts to the military, we should still embrace the full $98 billion in FY 2013 discretionary cuts by embedding them into the budget resolution and applying them to non-defense spending.

To that end, the Republican Study Committee, under the leadership of Reps. Garrett and Mulvaney, will unveil their annual budget on Tuesday to address the shortcomings of the Ryan budget. Instead of proposing a $1.028 trillion discretionary budget for this year, this budget will bake in the sequester cuts, shaving the topline figure to $930 billion. The RSC budget is also expected to balance within the next 10 years, unlike the Ryan budget. When the RSC budget comes up for a vote on Thursday, (tomorrow!) we will be able to separate the real conservatives from those who will only vote with leadership. Find out if your Republican House member is supporting the RSC budget.

Global Assault on Jerusalem - Act Now

Jerusalem's history as the capital of the Jewish people and it's security are once again under attack this year.

In the past few months . . :

1. Hussein Obama signed another waiver to postpone moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Dec. 2, 2011

2. In March 2012, an International Conference on Jerusalem took place in Qatar to discuss the "Judaization of Jerusalem and Palestine" - statements and speeches included the following:

a. "The Zionist movement [. . . ] propagated a series of claims that Palestine is the historical homeland of the Jews; that today's Jews are the grandchildren of David & Solomon." - Dr. Abdul-Aziz Awadh

b. According to the Old Testament, Israelite tribes settled in the Canaanite cities and villages in Palestine after they entered it forcibly, i.e. by war. [. . . ] Torah scholars claim that there had been archeological debris that proves Israelite tribes settlement in Palestinian sites in the end of the 11th century BC. The Torah says that during that period, Saul went in a short battle against the Palestinians [. . . ] David, who was a mercenary in the Palestinian lines, took over after him." - Dr. Zaiden Abdel Kafi Kafafi, "House of David, true or false?"

c. "None of you will be able to change the fact that America will always support Israel, but what America can do is help Israel to better get along with other countries in the neighborhood, including a future state of Palestine." - Kenneth Insley, Consultant to the U.S. State Department

3. A Global March on Jerusalem has been planned for March 30th - the goal of the march is for 1 million people to cross into Israel and march to Jerusalem. According to a recent Jerusalem Post report, "organizers hope to see a multi-pronged rush on the Israeli frontiers of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan as well as marches in the Palestinian Authority, Gaza and east Jerusalem."

This New Year has brought new challenges beyond a nuclear Iran. Now is the time to stand with Israel against this onslaught. Now more than ever we need to recognize Jerusalem as a united city under Israeli sovereignty as its legitimacy continues to be attacked.

We must continue to speak out on Jerusalem's behalf. There are two actions you can take:

1) If you have not already done so, please write your Congressman and Senator and let them know just how important Jerusalem is to the heart of Americans.

2) Forward this update on to a friend! Help spread the word about the importance of a united Jerusalem and the challenges that it is currently facing.
Together we can help ensure a united Jerusalem!

Israel Allies Foundation
1901 Pennsylvania Ave NW; Suite 901
Washington, DC 202-280-1178

The Good News Corner:

Holy Spirit Awakening in Scandinavia

"I witnessed among pastors I have known for many years how their indifferences were disarmed by this message of the Holy Spirit." -Swedish pastor

(Sweden)-Recently Pastor Bent Altschul held six pastoral revival and teaching meetings in Sweden and Denmark. The results were astounding. Gathered from among denominational backgrounds, pastors and ministry leaders united in sharing the awakening by the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the teaching meetings the recurring theme of "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy," emerged and the deeper meaning of many Bible verses and teachings were stirred up among serious leaders. After one of the conferences a local Swedish evangelists testified, "It was wonderful to hear Pastor Altschul speak about God's spirit and His presence among us, and Pastor Bent always points to Jesus. This is really what we want, and it is the awakening to the time we live in, namely close to midnight of the nations."

According to Pastor Altschul, "It has taken many years of my life of daily meditation as small building blocks came together in order to grasp the message God has laid on my heart. Many generations never obtained what now seems to be at the door; both for the world and for the Church. For the Church it is the blessed hope."

According to a well-known local Swedish pastor speaking after one of the Bible conferences, "We are seeing a growing body of leaders interested, focused and occupied with Jesus' soon coming. I was personally encouraged as Pastor Altschul taught the Word. I witnessed among pastors I have known for many years, how their indifferences were disarmed by this message of the Holy Spirit."

According to Altschul, "When we stand in front of a person and minister, we stand in the presence of Jesus who always comforts, heals, and restores."
(Source: Great Among the Nations, Christian Newswire)

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