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CHPP Daily Brief - Thursday, February 9, 2012

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The Daily Brief - Thursday, February 9, 2012

"But the LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him."
(Habakkuk 2:20)

The Daily Brief

1. Hezbollah will choose response to strike on Iran - Jerusalem Post

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday stated that in the event of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, Hezbollah would decide itself how to react, rather than taking orders from Tehran.

- Father, whether or not Hezbollah takes the lead from Iran or not, their response could trigger serious problems in the region. We pray that Your Holy Spirit will cause them to hold back on ANY response at all, should Israel choose to strike Iran.

- "Those who plunder you shall become plunder, and all who prey upon you I will make a prey."
[Jeremiah 30:16b]

2. Fast-Spreading Animal Virus Leaps Europe, UK Borders - Wired News

A newly identified disease is moving rapidly through livestock in Europe and has authorities both worried and puzzled. The disease, dubbed Schmallenberg virus for a town in west-central Germany where one of the first outbreaks occurred, makes adult animals only mildly ill, but causes lambs, kids and calves to be born dead or deformed.

- Lord, we stand firmly on Your Word that no pestilence will come near us. We ask for that same protection for Europe and the UK.

- "You shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday."
[Psalm 91:5,6]

3. Obama Skirts Congress, Gives States A Pass on 'No Child Left Behind' Law - Fox News

President Obama - by executive action - to grant waivers to 10 US states to give them more flexibility with reading and math requirements under the education law, White House official says, while GOP accuses Obama of overreaching authority.

- Lord, yet again our President has bypassed Congress to accomplish a radical agenda. We pray against this action, and ask that the decision be reversed. We pray for Your deliverance from the actions which overstep the President's authority, and a visitation of Your Spirit for the President.

-"Look down from heaven and visit this vine and the vineyard which Your right hand has planted, and the branch You made strong for Yourself." [Psalm 80:14b]

4. Obama Signals He May Back Down On Contraception Mandate - NewsMax

Roman Catholic pressure to get the Obama administration to back down from its insistence that they provide free contraceptives in their healthcare plans appeared to be paying off on Tuesday.

- Lord, we stand in faith that this assault on freedom of religion will be reversed however that happens: with or without the President's ok.

- "But You have seen it, for You observe trouble and grief, to repay it by Your hand. The helpless commits itself to You;" [Psalm 10:14a]

5. Obama Could Alter Stance of Federal Appeals Courts
- NewsMax

A second term for President Barack Obama would allow him to expand his replacement of Republican-appointed majorities with Democratic ones on the nation's appeals courts, the final stop for almost all challenged federal court rulings.

- We pray, Lord, that the judges at the gates of our nation will be replaced or redeemed ONLY if they are among the ungodly.

- "Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go through them, and I will praise the Lord." [Psalm 118:19]

6. Air Force Removes 'God' From Logo - Fox News

A Virginia lawmaker is calling on the Air Force to reverse a decision to remove a Latin reference to "God" from a logo after an atheist group complained.

- Father, what a travesty it is to attempt removal of God from every aspect of our lives. We declare Your Lordship over America in spite of these actions, and pray for Your Spirit to change the hearts of the group involved in this decision.

- "Be not deceived, God is not mocked;" [Galatians 6:7]

7. Rising U.S. student debt could be next 'bomb' for economy - Financial Post

Almost half of U.S. bankruptcy attorneys representing consumers say that potential clients with student-loan debt have "significantly increased" over the past three to four years, a survey found.

- Father, we ask for Your solution to the debt of our students. The cost of education is so high in America that our economy is affected by the depth of their loans.

- "And you shall be redeemed without money" [Isaiah 52:3]

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"The LORD Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. "
(Psalm 46:11)

1. Netanyahu: PA chose terror over peace - Jerusalem Post

The Palestinian Authority has embraced terrorist organizations instead of peace, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday.

2. Israel Warns US Jews: Iran Could Strike Here
- ABC News

Israeli facilities in North America -- and around the world -- are on high alert, according to an internal security document obtained by ABC News that predicted the threat from Iran against Jewish targets will increase.

3. U.S. and Israel Split on Speed of Iran Threat
- NY Times

Amid mounting tensions over whether Israel will carry out a military strike against Iran's nuclear program, the United States and Israel remain at odds over a fundamental question: whether Iran's crucial nuclear facilities are about to become impregnable.

The Daily Jot

The Great Middle East Conspiracy and the End Times

America and its Western allies appear to be inching closer to yet another war in the Middle East. Conspiracy theories abound of the US fighting Israel's wars for it; of the US fighting Saudi Arabia's wars for it; of the US wanting to spread democracy in the Middle East; there are many more. No substantial action has been taken against Iran's nuclear program. The US and Western allies have assisted the Islamic and Muslim Brotherhood effort to overthrow governments in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has spent millions upon millions of dollars to influence US and European politicians, especially the Bush family, the Clintons, and the current White House. Has the US become a tool of Islam in Middle East policy?

As head of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency Egyptian Islamist Mohamed ElBaradei stalled any substantial action against Iran's nuclear program by insisting that Iran was not seeking to build a nuclear weapon from 2003 till near the end of his term in 2009. At that time he expressed regret that Iran had not implemented any of the security measures suggested by the UN. Now ElBaradei is a central figure in the so-called "democratization" of Egypt where radical Islamists have won the popular vote and vow to establish Islamic Sharia law. The trend with the US policy in the region to spread democracy has resulted in a democratically elected radical Islam--Gaza, Egypt, Libya, Tunisa, Yemen and more.

The current White House now seems to want to get involved in overthrowing the regime in Syria. Saudi Arabia, the big money player in this foreign policy poker game, does not want religious rival Iran to gain an upper hand in the Middle East with nuclear weapons. Syria is Iran's vassal state. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are purveyors of Islamic terrorism and Sharia Law--but from differing Islamic views. Both are Islamic, one Shiite (Iran), one Sunni (Saudi Arabia). Both have slightly differing end time beliefs. Remember, however, that the holy city of Islam, Mecca, is located in Saudi Arabia. Stuck in the middle of this Western sponsored Islamic surge is the tiny nation of Israel and an end time eschatology of its own.

The man who occupies the Oval Office has held Israel at bay while helping establish radical Islamic strongholds. Israel is surrounded by stronger enemies now than it was before the US sponsored Arab Spring. Yah (God) says in Zechariah 12:2-3, "Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces..." There are many dark money and power exchanges in the shadows as the nations conspire against Israel. America's actions have accelerated the prophetic time clock. There will be consequences.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson


The Time is Now

Defend Religious Liberty for All

Chuck Colson

February 08, 2012

Please see the two notes below from Chuck Colson and pass them on to as many friends as possible, encouraging them to sign the Manhattan Declaration AND petition to President Obama regarding the freedom of conscience matter with the Obama healthcare implementation.

Folks, we have reached the point where Christians may be called to actively defy the government of the United States. This is a shocking and sobering statement, but I'm sorry to say it's true.

If you've read the Manhattan Declaration -- and I pray you have read it and signed it -- you'll know that we predicted this time would come. We just had no idea it would come so soon.
As you know by now, Obama Administration has refused to grant religious organizations an exemption from purchasing health insurance that covers abortion-inducing drugs, surgical sterilization, and contraception.

The Catholic bishops responded quickly, decrying the Administration's decision for what it is -- an egregious, dangerous violation of religious liberty.

And folks, we evangelicals must stand with them. While all of us may not share the Catholic view of contraception, all true Christians believe that the taking of human life in utero, whether surgically or by abortifacient drugs, violates the basic human right to life.
Here is what I want you to do right now.

First, go here and sign the petition to Obama prepared by the Becket Fund, protesting this violation of our civil liberties.

Second, if you haven't done so, sign the Manhattan Declaration. Join with 500,000 people who have committed to "fully and ungrudgingly render to Caesar what is Caesar's. But under no circumstances will we render to Caesar what is God's."

Third, pray that God would soften the hearts of the president and others in his administration that they would reverse course.

Fourth, be vigilant. The Administration may reverse itself here, but we are seeing an extremely dangerous pattern. The issue of religious liberty is not going to go away. Our freedoms are at stake.

Read more.


Take Action!!

Don't Let Congress Miss This Opportunity to Protect Pro-life Conscience Rights

Congress is currently drafting the final package of nine appropriations bills for fiscal year 2012, and the draft of the one bill funding the Department of Labor, Health and Human Services (LHHS) contains the "Abortion Nondiscrimination Act" (ANDA). However, pro-abortion pressure is making it difficult for House Leadership and pro-life Members to keep "ANDA" in the final package of spending bills. While other "pro-life riders" such as the Hyde Amendment (banning abortion funding in the Health and Human Services), and the Dornan Amendment (banning funding abortion in the District of Columbia), are likely to be maintained, adding a permanent conscience clause into law is urgently needed.

The LHHS bill already contains a conscience clause, called "Hyde-Weldon" that prevents federal discrimination against health care providers who object to performing or participating in abortion. However, this annual rider is being bypassed by the courts and the Obama administration.

You may have heard of the New Jersey nurses who are being pressured by their hospital to participate in abortion. The nurses were told that federal laws do not protect them from "participating in abortion" since they are not forced to kill the unborn babies, but according to one of the nurses, Fe Esperanza R. Vinoya, she was told by her manager: "You just have to catch the baby's head. Don't worry, it's already dead." The hospital receives $60 million in federal funds, and in their legal brief claim that the nurses do not have a "right to suit". The Abortion Non-Discrimination Act essentially would make permanent the Hyde-Weldon conscience protection already in the LHHS bill, which has to be renewed each year. It also expressly adds a "right of action" so that nurses such as these NJ pro-life nurses have a right to suit if they are being discriminated against.

You may have also heard of the government adding a requirement to refer for abortion in a grant announcement dealing with helping victims of human trafficking. After the Catholic Bishops had this grant for five years, they applied for the renewed contract. Despite receiving the second highest score, the Department of Health and Human Services bypassed them because they neither participate in nor refer these victims of human trafficking for abortion. This action violates the Hyde-Weldon amendment, by the same agency that is supposed to protect and defend the Hyde-Weldon amendment! ANDA is therefore necessary to strengthen current law.

We therefore urge you to contact your Representative and ask that they support including ANDA in the final nine bill appropriations package and to vote for the spending package if ANDA is included.

Let Congress know you support ANDA in the nine bill spending package and to Vote FOR the spending package if ANDA is included. Call them at 202-224-3121. If you'd like to send them an email message, go here. [A sample message is provided for you.]

Focus on Egypt

Lawmakers Warn Cairo Over NGO Crackdown

More than 40 members of the House of Representatives have signed letters warning that U.S. aid to Egypt could be jeopardized if the country's military leadership refuses to show respect for human rights and "support a transition to a democratic system under civilian control."

A diverse coalition signed the letters, ranging from Republican Reps. Frank Wolf, Va., and James Sensenbrenner, Wis., to Democratic Reps. Steny Hoyer, Md., and Maxine Waters, Cal., sharply criticized the Egyptian government over Dec. 29 raids and ongoing investigations of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

The raids targeted NGOs including the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute and Freedom House. They "constitute an attack on Egyptian society writ large and are completely unacceptable," the lawmakers wrote in nearly identical letters to Egyptian military boss Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

The timing of the raids "is especially ironic as the NDI and IRI were accredited by Egyptian authorities to observe the just-completed parliamentary elections," the letter said. They note that 400 Egyptian groups "face similarly politically-driven allegations and investigations."
Several staff members of those NGOs have been told they cannot leave the country while the investigation continues. That includes the IRI's Sam Lahood, son of Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood.

The letters do not mention that aspect, but do warn that Cairo would pay a heavy price if it continued harassing the NGOs. If the issue isn't satisfactorily resolved soon, it would become "increasingly difficult for congressional supporters of a strong U.S.-Egyptian bilateral relationship to defend current levels of assistance to Egypt - especially in this climate of budget cuts in Washington," according to the lawmakers.

They urged Cairo to "immediately allow these offices to reopen, return all confiscated property, end the investigations into these organizations and other civil society groups and allow NGOs to carry out their activities in an unfettered manner." (IPT) Read more.

Focus: Drug Cartels

House Hearing: Growing Terror Connection to Drug Cartels

There will be "hell to pay" if the United States doesn't stop the growing link between Latin American drug cartels and Iranian-sponsored terror, former Drug Enforcement Administration operations chief Michael A. Braun told a House hearing on Thursday. The Iran-Cuba-Venezuela axis is reaching out to regional terrorist groups and drug traders with networks in the United States, expanding the operational capacity of the Islamic Republic deep into our nation's cities.
Iran and Latin American pariah states support terrorists organization with training bases and territory in South America, but both are increasingly cooperating with one another and drug cartels to advance their own agendas. According to Braun, this means that Iran's al-Quds Force and its proxy Hizballah have more "opportunities to leverage the transportation, money laundering, arms trafficking, corruption, human trafficking and smuggling infrastructures of the Colombian and Mexican drug trafficking cartels."

Ultimately, Braun explained, foreign terrorist organizations and drug cartels use similar methods and have little to divide them ideologically. Both favor increasing the amount and exploitation of ungovernable territory, and the anti-American ideology of the Iran-Latin American alliance means using those resources to harm America. The best solution to fight this cooperation is breaking down the barriers between American counterterrorism forces and drug enforcement. (IPT) Read more.

The Good News Corner:

Brain Injury Survivor Finds his Angel and "More God"

"I was so excited when I heard he had awakened from his coma. My first thought was that I had to meet him; I had to be able to tell him how he had touched my life." -Brianna
(Corpus Christi, TX)-When Nate Lytle faced a life-or-death struggle after suffering a traumatic brain injury, he touched people's lives without even knowing it.

On June 3 2007, right after competing in his first surfing contest, Lytle said on his web site that surfing may have become a distraction in hearing from God. As he drove home that night, Lytle made a commitment to God that he wouldn't surf for a whole year.

The next day, his web site said, Lytle fell from the top of a ten foot ladder, shattering his skull and leaving him with a severe brain injury. He was not expected to live, and even if he did survive, the doctors said he would never walk, talk, or communicate again. As word spread about Lytle's condition while in a coma, his surfing buddies urged one another on with the phrase "Pray for Nate."

According to a news release, after waking from his coma to a supportive group of family and friends, he made it his goal to inspire and help others get the most out of life, even in the bleakest of moments.

From his surfing friends urging his recovery through online forums to his church members and nurses passing along prayers in the hallways, Lytle's struggle became an inspiration to everyone he met. (ASSIST News) Read more.

Lytle's book "More God: Seeing the Blessings Through the Pain" tells the incredible story of one man's physical, emotional and spiritual journey through his near-death experience. Lytle's insight provides survivors and families with the motivation and encouragement to live life to the fullest. Drawing from his positive view on life and relationship with God, he shows that good can come from the worst situations.

Named "Survivor of the Year" by the Brain Injury Association Texas Chapter in 2011, Lytle now lives with his wife, Brianna, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Visit for more information on the author and his book.

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May we be a shining light to the nations
A shining light to the peoples of the earth
Till the whole world sees the glory of Your name
May Your pure light shine through us . . .
May Your kingdom come to the nations
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Till the whole world knows that Jesus Christ is Lord
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