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CHPP Daily Brief - Thursday, February 16, 2012

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The Daily Brief - Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; And to depart from evil is understanding." (Job 28:28)

The Daily Brief

1. a) Intelligence Officials Warn Iran Could Move To Block Strait of Hormuz - AP

Top U.S. intelligence officials are telling Congress that if Iran is attacked over its alleged nuclear weapons program, it could respond by closing the Strait of Hormuz to ships and launch missiles at regional U.S. forces and allies.

b) Ahmadinejad unveils three new Iran nuclear projects - Ha'aretz

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday inaugurated three new nuclear projects, in a ceremony that was broadcast live on state television network IRIB.

c) Iran trumpets atom advances, deepening standoff with West - Reuters

Iran trumpeted advances in nuclear technology on Wednesday, citing new uranium enrichment centrifuges and domestically made reactor fuel, in a move abetting a drift towards confrontation with the West over its disputed atomic ambitions.

- Please ask the Lord to cool tempers, place discernment in every leader, and bring these actions to a halt by the power of the Holy Spirit. This baiting of one another is dangerous - and must end. Too many lives are at stake.

- "Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not walk in the way of evil." [Proverbs 4:14 ]

2. Karzai Says US, Afghanistan in Secret Talks With Taliban - AP

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says the Taliban are "definitively" interested in a peace settlement to end the 10-year war in Afghanistan, and that all three sides were now involved in discussions.

- Father, we ask that You cover these talks with Your Holy Spirit, and protect our people and the people of Afghanistan from deception and agreements which are dangerous.

-"Put away from you a deceitful mouth, and put perverse lips far from you - Ponder the path of your feet and let all your ways be established." [Proverbs 4:24,26]

3. Geithner: Obama Plan Would End Dozens of Business Tax Breaks
- NewsMax

The Obama administration's corporate tax reform plan would end "dozens and dozens" of tax breaks, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Tuesday as he defended the White House's election-year call for higher taxes on the wealthy.

- Father, the climate for businesses in America continues to fail. We pray for legislation that will inspire hope, rekindle American ingenuity, and inject tax breaks that will give new jobs and stop the government from creating dependence for entitlement programs.

- "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it." [Psalm 127:1]

4. House-Senate deal reached on payroll tax cut - Fox News

A top lawmaker says the House of Representatives and Senate have sealed a final agreement on legislation to renew a 2 percentage-point cut in the payroll tax and jobless benefits for millions of unemployed workers, a top priority of Hussein Obama.

- Father, we pray for Your Hand over this legislation, that it would accomplish good things and not be a detriment to the American economy.

- "Because He has inclined His ear to me, therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live." [Psalm 116:2 ]

5. a) Virginia House vote states life starts at conception - Washington Times

The Virginia House of Delegates approved legislation Tuesday that would define life as beginning at conception, setting up a potential clash in the state Senate and another high-stakes battle over a measure that has been beaten back elsewhere in the country in recent years.

b) Okla. Senate Ok's bill stating Life Begins at Conception - Newsmax

The Oklahoma Senate has overwhelmingly approved an anti-abortion "personhood" bill that declares life begins at conception. The vote Wednesday upset doctors who fear the proposed law will jeopardize reproductive medicine. The bill now heads to the House, where it is expected to pass. Republican Gov. Mary Fallin typically won't comment on pending legislation, but she has described herself as strongly "pro-life." The bill provides embryos and fetuses with "all the rights, privileges, and immunities" of other citizens.

- Lord, we thank you for these bills in Oklahoma and Virginia. We pray they will ultimately pass, so that the lives of Your precious babies will be protected. We bind the demonic forces of death and infant sacrifice, and speak life in that place.

- "These - things the Lord hates - hands that shed innocent blood"
[Proverbs 6:16,17c]

6. Colorado student quits high school choir over Islamic song praising the Moslem cult god 'Allah'
- Fox News

A Colorado high school student says he quit the school choir after an Islamic song containing the lyric "there is no truth except Allah" made it into the repertoire.

James Harper, a senior at Grand Junction High School in Grand Junction, put his objection to singing "Zikr," a song written by Indian composer A.R. Rahman, in an email to Mesa County School District 51 officials. When the school stood by choir director Marcia Wieland's selection, Harper said, he quit.

Read more:

- Thank You, Father for the courage of this young man. We pray Your protection over him, and a new infusion of strength that will carry his convictions through the firestorm of publicity. Bless him, Lord, for standing on truth.

- "Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."
[Joshua 1:9 ]

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."
(Rev. 22:13)

1. IAF strikes Gaza targets - Ynet News

IAF aircrafts struck two terror hubs in northern and central Gaza Strip overnight. The IDF confirmed the strike, saying they came in response to Wednesday's rocker fire on southern Israel.

2. Report: Mossad chief visited New Delhi days before attack on Israeli officials - Ha'aretz

Mossad chief Tamir Pardo visited New Delhi just days before an attack on Israeli officials in the Indian capital, Indian media reported on Thursday, exposing the extent of Israeli ignorance as to the possibility of a terror attack taking place in the country.

3. U.S. closely monitoring Hezbollah activities, official says - Ha'aretz

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says the U.S.¬is closely monitoring the activities of Iran-linked militant group Hezbollah.

The Daily Jot

US implicit conspiracy to reestablish Islamic Caliphate

A footprint of the former Islamic Caliphate of the Ottoman Empire has been reestablished with the implicit assistance of American foreign policy since the 1970's. The pattern is this: Moslems begin protesting against their evil leader, evil leader cracks down, Moslems gain worldwide sympathy, US leaders suggest democracy, evil leader is deposed, Islamic Sharia Law leaders are elected, democracy is abandoned, Sharia is eventually established. These events have been occurring since the Shah of Iran was deposed in 1979 and have accelerated since Islamist Yayyip Erdogan of Turkey assumed power in 2003. This pattern has been repeated in Gaza, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt.

The former Ottoman Empire, which established an Islamic Caliphate and ruled the Middle East stretching into Europe from 1299 until 1923, appears on the precipice of revival. Turkey, from where the empire was ruled, was among the first to embrace democracy and is fast becoming Islamic. Turkey is looked upon as an emerging power acceptable to not only Saudi Arabia and Iran, but also the West. Egypt and Libya have already fallen from the hands of dictators and are becoming Sharia states. Yemen and Tunisia were also part of the Arab Spring. Lebanon is already controlled by Sharia thugs of the terrorist group Hezbollah, which are under the authority of Iran.

America's involvement in Iran (deposing the Shah in 1979), Iraq (executing Saddam Hussein in 2006), Pakistan (ousting Musharraf in 2008), Afghanistan (establishing yet another Sharia "democracy"), Gaza (same story) has assisted in all but completing the Muslim Brotherhood's long term strategy of reestablishing the Caliphate. Only Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia remain as major players not yet given over to this emerging "democratically" elected Sharia. The Muslim Brotherhood or some other Islamic Sharia power need only to unite these nations to complete a revived Caliphate. United States foreign policy since 1976, with few exceptions, has helped bring this about.

Throughout the Hebrew Bible, prophets speak of the Day of the LORD, an end time event in which Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus the Christ) redeems the earth by defeating the antichrist in a spectacular end time battle. Ezekiel 38:2-15 is a very graphic portrayal of this event, saying, " . . . set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal . . . Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them . . . and thou shalt come from thy place out of the north parts. . . " Here Gog, who is the antichrist and an Assyrian, from very specific parts of Turkey (directly North of Israel) leads members of the former Ottoman Empire and Islamic Caliphate in an end time attack against Israel. America's role is implicit.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
[This article was published on Monday, February 13, 2012]

Health Care Rationing

The Road To Health Care Rationing

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former deputy commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and senior policy adviser to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, has a very illuminating column in today's Wall Street Journal. The column sheds new light on Obama's contraception mandate and argues that ObamaCare will lead to higher health care costs, rationing and premature deaths.

In their wisdom, the liberal Democrats who wrote the ObamaCare legislation dramatically expanded the authority of United States Preventive Services Task Force. That might sound like some shadowy outfit from a B movie, but the members of this task force might be better known as ObamaCare's mandate makers.

Dr. Gottlieb writes that it is the job of this task force to "evaluate preventive health services and decide which will be covered by health-insurance plans." The committee will mandate some medical tests and treatments while refusing to cover others.

If the government tells insurers, "You MUST provide services A, B, and C, and, by the way, your profits are now capped," -- and that is exactly what ObamaCare does -- then they will have to cut back on other services. As Dr. Gottlieb explains:

"Health plans will inevitably choose to drop coverage for many services that don't get a passing grade from the task force and therefore aren't mandated. Insurance companies will need to conserve their premium money, which the government regulates, in order to spend it subsidizing those services that the task force requires them to cover in full."

Prior to ObamaCare, your insurance company determined the cost of your premiums based on your health factors and the level of service you wanted. If your rates went up, you had the freedom to find another company. But now, thanks to ObamaCare, your premiums will be decided by Big Government, which is adding more and more mandates, and there will be very little competition in the price as a result of all the mandates that every insurer will be required to cover.

By the way, the task force is not subject to any of the other rules and procedures that govern similar federal agencies. There are no requirements for it to hold public meetings or to consider public comments, there is no process to appeal its decisions and it cannot be sued. How's that for big government? (Gary Bauer)

Tehran: A Global Threat

There were breaking news reports this morning from Kuwaiti sources that Israel had thwarted an Iranian/Hezbollah assassination attempt against Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak during a recent visit to Singapore.

Israeli sources are denying this report, but what is undeniable is the global reach of Tehran's tentacles and the growing threat that Hezbollah poses to the United States. The terrorist group is responsible for the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Argentina. It is increasingly active throughout Latin America and along the U.S. southern border.

Let me remind you about some of the warnings we have reported in the past two weeks:

* In congressional testimony the Director of National Intelligence warned that Iran may be preparing to launch terrorist strikes inside the United States.

* The Wall Street Journal reported that Iran released five top Al Qaeda operatives who had been under house arrest.

* Michael Braun, former chief of operations at the Drug Enforcement Agency, testified before Congress about Hezbollah's growing influence in Mexico. Braun warned members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, "I don't want to sound too crude, but I think there's going to be hell to pay in the not too distant future."

As events this week in New Delhi and Tbilisi demonstrate, Iran has started lashing out at Israeli targets outside of Israel. It's probably only a matter of time before Iran, through Hezbollah, tries to strike at "soft targets" -- a synagogue, a Jewish community center, a school, an Israeli consulate, etc. -- inside the United States. (Gary Bauer)

The Good News Corner:

After Being Dead 12 Hours, Former Moslem is Resurrected;
Many Come to Christ as a Result

"I found myself in my body. I said, 'What is this? What's happening? What is going on?'" -Fatuma Shubisa

(Alelu, Ethiopia)-Her Muslim neighbors and relatives grieved the loss of this relatively young mother of nine children. But after mourning her death for 12 hours, God brought a miracle that touched many lives.

"This is one of the most unusual and dramatic testimonies we've ever recorded in our AIMS ministry," says Dr. Howard Folz, president and founder of AIMS. "It all started when a man named Warsa got saved and then God spoke to him that he would be used by God to see the dead raised."

Trained as a missionary by AIMS, Warsa was already reaching many Moslems with the good news about Jesus Christ. Then one of women in his village became ill.

"For two months I was very seriously sick," says Fatuma Shubisa. Fatuma grew up in a Moslem home, but she and her husband converted to Christianity.

One day Fatuma's mother came to visit her ailing daughter was shocked to find her lying motionless and unresponsive. She searched in vain for a pulse or heartbeat, but Fatuma's body was already cold. She closed Fatuma's eyes and straightened her leg. Unable to control her grief, she began to wail, and her sheiks aroused many of her Moslem neighbors who gathered in and around the home. They too began to grieve.

At the moment Fatuma died, her soul left her body and she was drawn up to Heaven. The first person she met was her brother-in-law, who died two years earlier. "That brother of my husband took my hand and led me away," she recalls. As her former home on earth receded like "an open ditch," Heaven opened to her. "I went to a place where everyone was dressed in gold," Fatuma says. "I looked at the earth as very dirty." In Heaven, she felt "free and clean."

Fatuma also met her mother-in-law in Heaven. "She was begging them to send me back so I could raise my children," she recalls.

Meanwhile, a missionary named Warsa Buta was walking nearby and saw the crowd gathered around Fatuma's home. When he learned of her passing, he went inside and began to pray. Some wondered why he prayed, since she had already been dead 12 hours. When he heard the murmuring, he persisted in prayer, because he remembered the promise God gave him as a young Believer, that he would be used in such a time as this. Could this be the day?

"I had faith the Lord would work through me," Warsa says. "I prayed as Peter prayed, 'Fatuma, be raised . . .I ask you in the name of the Lord, come to life . . . "Fatuma, be raised in the name of Jesus!"

Suddenly, Fatuma sat up in the bed, as everyone gasped in astonishment.

"I found myself in my body," Fatuma recalls. "I said, 'What is this? What's happening? What is going on?'

Most of those around her were speechless. "Can he call back a dead person-a dead soul to a body?" someone asked.

"If this is real, we will all become Christians," one man said. "Your God is a very powerful God!" another shouted.

Many believed in the Lord Jesus that day and there was great rejoicing in Fatuma's village. She is convinced she knows the reason for her return.

"I came back because it was the will of God for me to live with my children, but I would be very happy to go back there," she notes. "Now I have seen when a Christian dies he goes to a better place and his body goes back to dust. For a nonbeliever, that (Hell) is a place of sadness. But when a Christian dies he goes to a place where everything is good, where everyone is happy."
Dr. Howard Folz believes God will use powerful testimonies like Fatuma's to provide breakthroughs among unreached people groups. "Our goal is to see all the remaining 35 unreached people groups of Ethiopia reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ," he says. Dr. Folz notes that Fatuma's miracle was also documented by The 700 Club. (Source: Godreports)

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by Selah

In the uploader's own words: "Taken in part from Psalm 116:8, for thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling; and Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away."
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