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CHPP Daily Brief - March 17, 2009

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The Daily Brief - Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"I know that whatever God does, it shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, and nothing taken from it. God does it that men should fear before Him." (Ecclesiastes 3:14)

The Daily Brief

1. Federal Court Affirms Texas Law Requiring Moment of Silence in Schools - Fox News

A federal appeals court panel has upheld a Texas law that calls for schoolchildren to have a moment of silence during which they can pray, reflect or meditate. David and Shannon Croft sued on behalf of their three children over the moment of silence. The suburban Dallas couple contended that including the word "pray" in the law was a way for lawmakers to advance religion in schools.

• Father God, we rejoice that the court has upheld the law that requires a moment of silence in schools. We pray that even more laws will be enacted that will protect our freedom of religion in our nation.

"And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you, but to fear the Lord your God , to walk in all His ways and to love Him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul." (Deuteronomy 10:12)

2. U.S. Treasury seen offering systemic risk plan soon - Reuters

The U.S. Treasury is expected to propose within days the creation of a "systemic risk regulator," probably the Federal Reserve, to oversee banking and market problems that could threaten the economy. Some U.S. and EU regulators want to revamp the oversight apparatus so the financial system never again falls to pieces with no clear view in government of the foundations crumbling. That was the sense on Monday after a 20-nation meeting of finance ministers near London, where British Prime Minister Gordon Brown predicted "massive change" in oversight.

• Heavenly Father, we pray that our government will not yield any of its sovereignty to any other nation or groups of nations. We pray that You will block any attempts of massive changes in our financial system.

The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? And the Lord commanded us to observe all these statutes, to fear the Lord our God, for our good always, that He might preserve us alive, as it is this day. (Deuteronomy 6:24)

3. A Brewing Court Battle - Newsweek

As they charge through the eventful first 100 days, President Obama and his allies are racking up legislative victories. Soon they will have to win the votes of a new audience: men and women in black robes. Here's the core constitutional fact: a progressive president and Congress now face a conservative judiciary, for the first time since 1937. Obama's ambitious agenda, if enacted, must go before federal courts--where judges can rewrite or strike down key provisions. In some ways, the biggest battles will be over doctrine-over the meaning of the Constitution and how to interpret it.

• Lord, we pray that these justices will have Your wisdom and will interpret the new challenges with prudence and with diligence..We pray for judges and justices that honor you and Your laws.

"He will defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; he will crush the oppressor." (Psalm 72:4)

4. The Trial of Kathleen Sebelius - Life Site News

Late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller will stand trial in Wichita. Regardless of what happens to Tiller, there is no doubt that his trial will provide a constant reminder of his relationship to President Barack Obama's nominee to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has also used her veto power to protect the legality of Tiller's late-term abortion business. An April 2008 veto of a bill passed by the Kansas legislature protected Tiller and other late-term abortionists from private lawsuits. A year earlier, Sebelius vetoed another bill requiring explicit medical reasons for a late abortion, just as she has vetoed all legislation restricting abortion since she became governor.

• Lord, we pray that you give our leaders knowledge of Your way of judging, and give the Spirit of Your righteousness to them to control all their actions. We pray for the abortionist to be convicted of the crimes he committed. Remove abortion from our nation.

"'Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow.' Then all the people shall say, Amen!'" (Deuteronomy 27:19)

5. Vermont begins hearings on same-sex marriage bill - AP

More than 200 same-sex marriage opponents, cheering and wearing buttons that read "Marriage - A Mother & Father for Every Child," converged Monday on Montpelier as lawmakers began a week's worth of hearings on a bill that would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. If approved, Vermont would join Massachusetts and Connecticut as the only U.S. states that allow gay marriage.

Passing a gay marriage bill "is one of the most important civil rights issues of our time," said Greg Johnson, a Vermont Law School professor who testified before the state Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

• Lord, we bind the deception of the homosexual lifestyle and issues in this nation. We pray our nation will be established in righteousness. We pray for homosexuals to turn from their rebellion.

Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. (Romans 1:27)

6. Psychics make a fortune during uncertain economic times - USA Today

Anecdotal evidence indicates that psychics, astrologers, palm readers, Tarot card shufflers, numerologists and other paranormal specialists have become the rage as investment advisers and brokers appear clueless. After all, if the times aren't normal, why not try the paranormal? "Men and women are calling psychics who never thought they would call a psychic," says Maryanne Fiedler, marketing director of Psychic Source, an online network of 165 clairvoyants who consult by phone. Many have lost jobs or retirement savings.

• Lord, we repent of all these abominations that have increased in our nation because of our apathy. We pray for people to repent and rise up in fervent prayer for our nation. Save us, O Lord from our sins!

There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer. (Deuteronomy 18:10)

7. Iowa Senator Says AIG Executives Should 'Resign or Commit Suicide' - Fox News

Grassley says AIG executives should follow "the Japanese example" by publicly apologizing and "do one of two things: resign or commit suicide."

The Republican lawmaker's harsh comments came during an interview with Cedar Rapids, Iowa, radio station WMT. They echo remarks he has made in the past about corporate executives and public apologies, but went further in suggesting suicide.

• Lord, We cancel these words, and we pray they will fall to the ground and not bear fruit. Please forgive Sen. Grassley, for he knows not what he does.

Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers. (Ephesians 4:29)

8. Clusters of Homeless Settle in Airport Terminals - Fox News

Clusters of homeless have long settled in terminals from Philadelphia to Chicago, ideal round-the-clock shelters for men and women displaced by cities trying to clean up their downtowns. Federal authorities labeled this population a security threat in 2005, warning that terrorists might disguise themselves as homeless to do surveillance on their targets.

• Lord, we pray for all homeless people all across our nation. We pray for the economy to begin to improve and for Christians to witness and help these people. We pray many will get saved during this crisis.

"If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother." (Deuteronomy 15:7)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

LORD, who may abide in Your tabernacle? Who may dwell in Your holy hill? He who walks uprightly, And works righteousness, And speaks the truth in his heart; He who does not backbite with his tongue, Nor does evil to his neighbor, Nor does he take up a reproach against his friend; In whose eyes a vile person is despised, But he honors those who fear the LORD; He who swears to his own hurt and does not change; He who does not put out his money at usury, Nor does he take a bribe against the innocent. He who does these things shall never be moved. (Psalm 15)

1. Likud-Kadima coalition talks resumed - Ynet News

The secret talks between the Likud and Kadima parties have been resumed recently in a bid to form a joint coalition, sources in both parties confirmed Friday.

2. Cabinet meeting on Schalit postponed by 24 hours - Jerusalem Post

Just after midnight, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert postponed Monday morning's special cabinet session on captive soldier Gilad Schalit to Tuesday, in order to allow Israeli negotiators to spend an extra day in Cairo to hammer out a deal for the young man's release.

3. Olmert blames PA for failed peace talks - Jerusalem Post

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert blamed the Palestinian Authority on Sunday for lacking the courage to conclude a peace agreement with Israel.

4. 9 nations agree on plan to combat arms flow to Gaza - Ynet News

The United States, Canada and seven European nations agreed on Friday to try to stop the flow of weapons to Gaza by methods such as interception at sea, information sharing and diplomatic pressure.

5. Hamas: Plan to stop Gaza arms smuggling will fail - Ha'aretz

Moushir al-Masri, a senior Hamas official and parliamentarian, on Saturday said that his organization will continue to smuggle arms into Gaza, despite international efforts to stem the flow of weapons into the coastal strip.

6. Hamas' popularity rises after Israel's Gaza war - Ynet News

Hamas' popularity among Palestinians has risen sharply since a three-week Israeli war in January devastated the Islamist-ruled Gaza Strip, an opinion poll released on Monday showed.

7. Nasrallah: We'll never be able to recognize Israel - Ynet News

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah says his organization will never recognize Israel, rejecting a US precondition for dialogue with the group it considers a terrorist organization.

8. CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years - Iranian Press TV

A study conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has cast doubt over Israel's survival beyond the next 20 years.

• Please pray that somebody inside the CIA and other intelligence agencies will begin to take heed to the Word of God. It states just the opposite conclusion!

Then the LORD said to me, "You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it." (Jer. 1:12)

The First 100 Days

DAY 57

"The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases." (Proverbs 21:1)

1. Obama to Sign U.N. Declaration Calling for Decriminalization of Homosexuality

The Associated Press has learned that the Obama administration will sign a U.N. declaration calling for the worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality that President George W. Bush had refused to endorse.

2. White House Computer Chief Reinstated After FBI Raid

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro announced the reinstatement of Vivek Kundra as White House chief information officer in charge of federal purchases of computers and other information technology. The 34-year-old computer expert was placed on leave March 12 after the FBI raided the District of Columbia technology office he headed until recently and arrested an employee there and a technology consultant on corruption charges.

3. Source: Obama to Send More Feds to Combat Border Violence

Thirty-seven agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are being deployed to the region. An official familiar with the plan said the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency is considering reassignment of at least 90 officers to the border

4. Bush: Obama 'Deserves My Silence,' Won't Criticize New Administration

CALGARY, Alberta -- Former President George W. Bush said on Tuesday that he won't criticize Obama because the new U.S. president "deserves my silence," and said he plans to write a book about the 12 toughest decisions he made in office.

Bush declined to critique the Obama administration in his first speech since leaving office in January. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has said that Obama's decisions threatened America's safety.

"I'm not going to spend my time criticizing him. There are plenty of critics in the arena," Bush said. "He deserves my silence."

5. Senate Votes to Scrap Annual Pay Raise for Lawmakers

The Senate's move to abandon the annual pay increase came on a voice vote, but it doesn't mean that the pay raise is dead.

6. Obama Faces First Trade War With Mexico Over Truck Ban

President Obama is facing his first trade war after Mexico slapped import tariffs on $2.4 billion in U.S. goods in retaliation for a ban on its trucks from American roads. (All articles from Fox News)

Pope to Visit Israel in May

Pope's Visit Brings Hope to Travel Industry

Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Israel in May is expected to generate US $50 million in revenues to the Israeli tourism industry, Paul Milwizki, general manager of the Regency Hotel Jerusalem said during the week of March 8-14. He added that at least 40,000 pilgrims were expected to arrive in the country during the Pope's stay here.

According to Milwizki, all 6,700 hotel rooms in the capital have already been booked for the week of May 8-15 2009, and hotels in the Dead Sea area, the outskirts of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Tiberias, and Tel Aviv are also forecast to enjoy full occupancy during the visit.

"If the State of Israel succeeds in leveraging this trip among the billion Catholics in the world, pilgrimage tourism to Israel in the second half of the year could increase by hundreds of thousands of visitors," said Avi Ela, general manager of the Caesar Premier hotel chain.

El Al CEO Haim Romano visited Brazil and other South American countries last week in a bid to promote pilgrimage to Israel ahead of the pontiff's visit and the opening of a direct flight service between Israel and Brazil.

Also last week the Tourism Ministry held a first meeting dedicated to preparing for Benedict's visit and Tourism Minister Ruhama Avraham- Balila said it could constitute "an important anchor for pilgrimage tourism to Israel in the coming years."

According to Avraham-Balila, the ministry recently launched extensive efforts aimed at promoting Catholic tourism to the country in May. Tourism Ministry data reveal that about two-thirds of all tourists to Israel in 2008 were Christians, and a million of them were pilgrims. [Read more (By Danny Sadeh, Ynetnews.com, March 9, 2009)

• Pray that tourism will continue to rise as more and more people from around the world respond to God's call to visit the land; that those visits will result in growing numbers of Israel supporters among Bible believers worldwide.

"You will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to show favor to her; yes, the set time, has come. For Your servant take pleasure in her stones, and show favor to her dust." (Psalm 102:13-14) (Reported by: Bridges for Peace)

Good News Corner

Hope for the next generation

This 14 year old is a home schooled Southern Baptist.

• Offer praise to the LORD not only for this young voice of reason, but for the many others of the next generation among us, too. The world system would report and have us focus on the negative among our youth, but GOD knows better!

"Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.

16 They rejoice in your name all day long; they exult in your righteousness.

17 "For you are their glory and strength, and by your favor you exalt our horn." (Psalm 89:15-17)