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CHPP Daily Brief Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013

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The Daily Brief Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013

Praying the Word of God . . .
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(Isaiah 55:11)

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013

"I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and He heard me out of His holy hill." (Psalm 3:4)

Thank you for your prayers for Dr. Henry Blackaby during his surgery yesterday morning. God has answered our prayers . . . please see below:

"Henry Blackaby is out of surgery this morning (Tuesday). The surgeon indicated the quadruple bypass surgery could not have gone better. Henry has been living with blocked or 70% blocked arteries for several years. The doctor claims he will feel much better once his recovery is complete. Please pray for his recovery and that there will be no complications. He may be transferred home in Atlanta by this weekend. The family cannot thank you enough for your prayers and kind wishes. We believe God has some special tasks remaining for Henry to do and we know he will be eager to undertake them as soon as he is better!"


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The Daily Brief

1. Senate advances temporary spending bill that defunds ObamaCare - The Hill

The Senate voted unanimously Wednesday to advance House-passed legislation to defund ObamaCare and keep the government open beyond September. Senators voted by a margin of 100 to 0 to end debate on a motion to proceed to the House-passed stopgap, which includes language to prioritize debt payments if Congress fails to raise the debt limit this fall. The vote sets the stage for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to offer an amendment to strip the defund-ObamaCare and the debt-prioritization language out of the House measure. Republicans said they support advancing the legislation because it would defund the controversial healthcare law. (Read more)

- Almighty God, this is the fulfillment of a Word and vision given two years ago when You held this healthcare law in Your hands and You turned ObamaCare into a pile of sawdust that fell through Your hands at Your feet. For two years or more, man has attempted to twist and turn in an attempt to revise and revive this bill, but what God has totally destroyed will forever remain dead. In Jesus' Name.

- "For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers." (Matthew 23:4)

2. Kerry signs UN arms treaty - Fox News

Secretary of State John Kerry signs controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation, as U.S. lawmakers vow Senate will not ratify agreement. U.S. lawmakers . . . have long claimed the treaty could lead to new gun control measures. They note the U.S. Senate has final say on whether to approve the agreement. (Read more)

- Father, we thank You that this report includes the news that "the chance of adoption by the U.S. is slim. A two-thirds majority would be needed in the Senate to ratify." We thank You for the wisdom You gave our Founding Fathers as they wrote our Constitution, including many safeguards so that our people would not have to live under a dicatorship of tyranny. We agree with this report, and we thank You for causing this Senate to fail to approve this treaty, in Jesus' Name, amen.

- "Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven." (Matthew 18:19)

3. Obama directs Kerry to pursue nuclear deal with Iran - The Hill

President Obama is directing Secretary of State John Kerry to pursue a nuclear weapons deal with Iran, the president announced in a speech Tuesday to the United Nations. Recent statements by Iran's new government indicate it is not interested in a nuclear weapons program "should offer the basis for a meaningful agreement," Obama told the gathering at the UN general assembly. He said he "firmly" believed the "diplomatic path must be tested."

- Father God, we ask that You block any nuclear weapons deal that our government pursues with Iran. Hold a godly standard over the heads of our leaders and press upon them the necessity of bowing before the wise and holy God by not forcing deals with other nations that would disregard the will of God. In Jesus' Name, we ask this prayer, amen.

- "The fear of the Lord is to hate evil: pride, and arrogance, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate. Counsel is the Lord's, and sound wisdom: I am understanding; I have strength." (Proverbs 8:13-14)

4. Deny Communion For Pelosi - Newsmax

The Vatican's highest-ranking American said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other Catholic politicians who support abortion should be denied communion. "This is a person who obstinately, after repeated admonitions, persists in a grave sin - cooperating with the crime of procured abortion - and still professes to be a devout Catholic," said Cardinal Raymond Burke, prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome. (Read more)

- Father God, we ask You to place heavy weights upon this issue of abortion that it never rise in prominence again. Lord God, strengthen the stand this Cardinal is making against Pelosi and other Catholic politicians who support abortion, and bring them to the forefront as an example of what the ungodly will reap for their sins. We ask this prayer in Jesus' Name, amen.

- "Go to now, you rich men and women, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. You have heaped treasure together for the last days." (James 5:1-3)

5. Capitol Hill Ten Commandments Monument Toppled by Vandals - Breaking Christian News

The only Ten Commandments monument visible on Capitol Hill has been toppled face down to the ground by vandals. The 850-pound steel reinforced sculpture sits in front of the headquarters for Faith and Action, a Christian outreach ministry to top-level government officials in Washington, DC. The damage occurred sometime between Friday night, September 20, and Saturday night September 21. (Read more)

- Lord God, we ask You to raise up a larger and more significant display of the Ten Commandments in this strategic spot. We thank You that, as the Justices of the Supreme Court emerge from their underground parking lot each evening, they have been facing this monument. We thank You for the plans even now being made to erect another permanent display at this site, and as You have commanded, we ask You to forgive these vandals, for they know not what they do. In Your Name we pray, amen.

- "And the Lord said unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, and be there: and I will give you tables of stone, and a law, and commandments which I have written; that you may teach them." (Exodus 24:12)

6. Supreme Court to Consider New Obamacare Case - Breitbart

Obama administration officials, facing criticism that they are behind schedule in Obamacare is before the U.S. Supreme Court again. On Thursday, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) lawyers filed the first viable petition for Supreme Court review involving Kathleen Sebelius' HHS Mandate, which requires employers to provide abortion-related insurance coverage, even if those employers have a religious objection to abortion. (Read more)

- Offer praise unto the LORD that the issue of the legality of this law will once again come before the Supreme Court, and offer praise that these justices have agreed to hear this (related) case once again. We never give up in intercession, for the prayers of the righteous will avail much, in God's time. Ask our Lord to move upon the hearts of these Supreme Court justices, that a decision will be rendered for the blessing of our people. Pray!

- "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people." (Prov. 12:34)

7. Egyptian Court Orders Muslim Brotherhood Banned - Breaking Christian News

According to an AP report, the Muslim Brotherhood, the alleged source of deadly violence against Christians especially in Egypt, has been banned by an Egyptian court. The court also reportedly ordered the group's assets to be confiscated. The verdict included the outlaw of "any institution branching out of [the Muslim Brotherhood] . . . or receiving financial support from it," said the report.

The ruling opens the door for a wider crackdown on the vast network of the Brotherhood, which includes social organizations that have been key for building the group's grassroots support and helping its election victories. (Read more)

- Lord God, we ask You to give this Egyptian court even greater power and authority to bring down the Moslem Brotherhood as You oversee all that is taking place. Praise God for empowering men to take down the evil groups in their countries. In Jesus' Name, amen.

- "If you prepare your heart, and stretch out your hands toward him; if iniquity be in your hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in your tabernacles. For then shall you lift up your face without spot; yea, you shall be steadfast and shall not fear." (Job 11:13-15)

8. Island emerges near Gwadar coast after earthquake shakes Pakistan - pk

QUETTA: In a rare development, an island emerged off Gwadar coast after a powerful earthquake of 7.7 magnitude struck Pakistan on Tuesday.According to DIG Gwadar Moazzam Jah, the island's altitude is 20 to 40 feet and width around 100 feet. Talking to Geo news, the DIG said that the island emerged at a distance of 350 feet in the sea from the Gwadar coast. (Read more and see photo here.)

- Lord God, Your hand is moving across the world to awaken the people to see the mighty power of our God who created the earth, the heavens, and all universe. You are the God who moves mountains or raises up mountains. Turn the hearts of the Pakistani people to cry out in repentance for their sins by the blood of Jesus who died on the Cross for the redemption of their souls. In Jesus' Name.

- "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come." (Matthew 24:14)

9. Tensions escalate after deaths of two Israeli soldiers in the West Bank - Foreign Policy

An Israeli soldier was killed in the West Bank city of Hebron Sunday, a day after another Israeli soldier was found dead in the northern West Bank city of Qalqilya. The 20-year-old soldier, Sergeant Gabriel Koby was reportedly killed by a Palestinian sniper when patrolling the city during the weeklong Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Tensions are frequently heightened in Hebron, a city of about 100,000 Palestinians with around 500 Israeli settler families. In response to the attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued an order allowing for settlers to return to a disputed building from which they had previously been evicted saying, "We will continue with one hand to fight terrorism and terrorists, and with the other hand, to strengthen Jewish settlement." While there didn't appear to be a link between the killings over the weekend, tensions have escalated and may threaten Israeli and Palestinian peace talks. The United States condemned the attacks and said such incidents "undermine efforts to establish the positive atmosphere the parties need to progress in peace negotiations." (Read more)

- Offer a mighty chorus of intercession over this heinous news. Reports from Israel indicate that these two snipers are among those who have been recently released as part of the "prisoner negotiations." Ask our Lord to place His angels round about the innocent Israeli citizens (both Arab and Jew) who are now in the line of fire of these snipers; and pray for God's perfect will concerning these "peace talks" -- that they will fade away into oblivion. Pray for the souls of all unsaved in Israel; our Messiah is coming soon! In Jesus' name, amen.

- "It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them." (Deuteronomy 32:35)

The Middle East in Focus

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"He is Lord of lords and King of kings. And those with Him are the called and elect and faithful."(Revelation 17:14)

1. Obama at UN: 'End Occupation of West Bank' - Arutz Sheva

United States President Barack Obama lauded Israeli and Palestinian Authority leaders in a speech Tuesday at the United Nations. Obama spoke in support of the ongoing Israel-PA peace talks, and said he was glad to see what he termed "a growing recognition within Israel that the occupation of the West Bank is tearing at the democratic fabric of the Jewish state."

2. At UN, Israel likely to stand alone against Iran - Times of Israel

This year's United Nations General Assembly enters a critical phase Tuesday, with a speech by President Barack Obama and the first appearance on the world stage of Iran's new president, Hasan Rouhani, who is expected to attempt to convince the West of the Islamic Republic's peaceful intentions.

3. Government dream of a cashless society already a reality - Times of Israel

It almost sounds like the opening to a bad joke: The government is seeking to severely limit the use of cash, in order to afford the authorities greater control over the economy and prevent tax evasion. Does that mean Israeli kids will be issued credit cards for when they buy gum from the candy store?

4. Israeli Officials Warn of Rapid Uranium Enrichment by Iran - Washington Free Beacon

The red line drawn by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding Iran's nuclear program has been rendered obsolete by technology, according to Israeli officials who are pushing for a concerted new effort to block Iran's possible acquisition of nuclear weapons.

The Persecuted Church

Today's Focus: The Persecuted Church

"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen." (2 Corinthians 13:14 NKJV)

UK: Christian Hotel Owners Face Death Threats, Vandalism for Upholding Values - Charisma

The Christian owners of a Cornish bed-and-breakfast have suffered a "campaign of hatred, vilification and intimidation" under the guise of tolerance, a national newspaper columnist has said.

Peter and Hazelmary Bull have been hit by crushing equality laws and a court case over their "married couples only" policy for double rooms. Following the legal case, the couple has received death threats and vandalism and has now decided to sell the business-which is also their home.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Richard Littlejohn says some who preach tolerance are actually the "most vile, intolerant bigots imaginable." He added that the idea of "'celebrating diversity' never extends to those with devout Christian beliefs."

And while the columnist says he doesn't agree with the Bulls' policy, Littlejohn strongly criticizes the ordeal they have been subjected to. He writes that when the case first hit the headlines, he said the couple are "in the wrong line of work. But," he adds, "that doesn't excuse the campaign of hatred, vilification and intimidation to which they have been subjected over the past five years.

"They've suffered death threats and vandalism, and their website was corrupted with porn. Not for the first time it's obvious that those 'liberals' who preach 'tolerance' are themselves the most vile, intolerant bigots imaginable. Funny how 'celebrating diversity' never extends to those with devout Christian beliefs. Now a misguided, but sincere, couple of middle-aged hoteliers have had their livelihood stripped from them in the name of 'tolerance.'"

The Bulls will only allow married couples to share a double bed at their guesthouse because of their Christian beliefs. Their policy, which applies to heterosexuals and homosexuals alike, has been in place since the business opened and is well advertised.

For more news about the Persecuted Church, and how you can be more involved in intercession for these precious saints, go here.

The Madison Report

The Madison Report


Debt Ceiling - Even as the fight over defunding Obamacare in the CR reaches its apex this week in the Senate, House GOP leadership plans to move a debt ceiling package as early as this Thursday. Last month, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned that the Treasury Department would run out of maneuvering room to circumvent the debt limit some time during the second half of October. After hitting the $16.394 trillion debt ceiling earlier this year, Congress voted to suspend the debt limit until May 18. At that point, the debt ceiling was automatically raised to $16.699 trillion to accommodate the remainder of the year, relying on "extraordinary measures" for the past few months in order to keep issuing debt even after breeching the new limit.

Based on media reports, it appears that Republicans plan to raise the debt ceiling in return for a hodgepodge of demands. The demand for raising the debt ceiling is supposedly a mixture of the kitchen sink - delaying Obamacare for a year, approving the Keystone pipeline, passing the regulatory reform REINS Act, and some possible tweaks to entitlements. It is unclear at this point how much of an increase they are willing to offer:

Conservative concerns:

- A Bait-and-Switch in Obamacare Fight - Looking broadly at this proposal, there are two questions that come to mind. 1) Why are they pushing a new battle while we are in middle of the defund Obamacare fight over the CR? 2) Assuming they plan to actually stand behind the House CR, why are they sticking in a one-year Obamacare delay to the debt ceiling? This is creating some concern that House leaders plan to cave on the CR and dangle the debt ceiling as the new "next fight" promise to the conference.

- Simplicity of Message: Isn't defunding Obamacare a much simpler message? Try messaging this: "If they don't give us Keystone pipeline, regulatory reform, one-year delay [but not defund] of Obamacare, entitlement reform, and possibly tax reform, we're not raising the debt ceiling." Something like Cut, Cap, and Balance was much easier to message to the American people.

- Specter of Default: GOP leaders have said a number of times that they are terrified of the debt ceiling fight because they buy into the notion that we would automatically default on our credit. The only time they are not scared of it is when they want to use the debt ceiling as the carrot to lure us away from fighting on a CR. Ask yourself this question: if these same people are scared to fight something as unpopular as Obamacare on a plain CR, would they really fight something like Medicare reform with the specter of a default?

The Daily Jot

Healthcare dictatorship

Democracy is a great thing when it is working in your direction. But when the majority doesn't go along with what you want, then in a democracy you don't get what you want. It is interesting to me how many politicians call the United States a great democracy and they try to make it so until the majority don't go along with their ideas. Then all of a sudden, their democracy becomes a Republic again--or a dictatorship, which is far, far worse than a democracy. The vast majority of Americans do not want socialized medicine. The communists and socialists in our government--which are many on both sides of the political aisle--say it is a "right" to have health care. Is it, really?

In the Bill of Rights, the Founding Fathers enumerated certain inalienable rights that we as citizens of the United States and, quite frankly, as human beings, ought to have. Things like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, gun ownership, privacy, the right of redress, and so on. There is no instance where these "rights" are imposed or taxed by the government. For example, we have the "right" to bear arms. The government does not force us to buy a weapon from it. We have a "right" to free speech. The government does not force us to buy a free speech pass from it. In fact, it is the other way around. In most instances, the government is trying to find ways to prevent us from exercising these "rights."

But with healthcare, the government is forcing us to pay for the right to have healthcare. And it is forcing us to either pay for healthcare or pay a fine that equals the cost of the healthcare. This is the same principle of labor unions. In labor states, workers are required to pay union dues whether they are members of the union or not. So for the "right" of healthcare, the government is requiring you to pay for it whether you want to exercise that right or not. The way the government is forcing socialized medicine upon you is by a tax. It is justifying this unconstitutional and unjust law under the government's constitutional taxing authority. The Supreme Court says it can do this.

There are some level-headed, common sense people in Congress who are trying to repeal this nonsense called the Affordable Care Act, which is neither affordable nor care. It is outright extortion and wealth redistribution by the government with absolutely no established benefit to those who must pay the "tax." This will destroy the best health care system in the world rather than improve it. There will be fewer doctors, less care, and more politics in medicine--an extraordinary step toward dictatorship in this country. So few will benefit. So many will be negatively impacted. An unjust law is no law at all. As Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you." The Affordable Care Act is the trojan horse to tyranny.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!

Bill Wilson

FBI Agents Violate CAIR "No contact" Rule

Congressman Wolf Demands FBI Punish Agents For CAIR Contact

On a day when the Council on American-Relations (CAIR) issued a report accusing its critics of bigotry, a Justice Department investigation reminds the public why CAIR does not merit the public's trust.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz found a series of incidents in which FBI field offices knowingly engaged in outreach activity with CAIR despite a 2008 policy banning non-investigative cooperation with the Islamist group. Only a summary of the report has been released publicly. The rest is considered classified, but has been made available to Congress.

The ban on interactions with CAIR, first reported by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, resulted from an FBI investigation into a Muslim Brotherhood-created Hamas-support network in the United States.

"[U] ntil we can resolve whether there continues to be a connection between CAIR or its executives and HAMAS," an FBI official wrote in 2009, "the FBI does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner."

But several FBI field office agents-in-charge balked at the policy, the Inspector General's report finds, and the FBI's Office of Public Affairs repeatedly offered field offices conflicting information. Despite a series of electronic communications explaining the CAIR ban - it does not apply to criminal investigations or civil rights complaints - issued from August-December 2008, and despite a mandatory meeting for Special Agents in Charge (SAC) of field offices, the head of the Los Angeles FBI office told his agents to ignore FBI headquarters.

"[W]e will decide how our relationship is operated and maintained with CAIR barring some additional instruction from FBI Headquarters," the Los Angeles SAC wrote. "Please instruct your folks at this time that are not to abide by the . . . [policy] but that their direction in regards to CAIR will come from the LA Field Office front office."

In a scathing letter to new FBI Director James Comey, U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., called the violations "intolerable" and demanded punishment for those responsible, including "separation from the FBI."

Wolf is chairman of the House Appropriations Committee's subcommittee responsible for the FBI's budget. He noted that the investigation only focused on incidents involving three field offices - Chicago, Philadelphia and New Haven, Conn., so the depth of the problem still is not known.

The Los Angeles SAC, Wolf added, exhibited "unacceptable and insubordinate behavior from a senior leader of the FBI."

"Despite repeated efforts to communicate the policy to the field," Wolf wrote, "this was undermined by conflicting guidance being inexplicably offered by the bureau's Office of Public Affairs as well as outright violations from several field offices."

(Investigative Project on Terrorism) Read more.

Prayers for Sukkot

Pray for the Lost Tribe of Bnei Menashe
September 25, 2013

21 Tishrei 5774

Seventh Day of Sukkot

Almighty God, grant grace and wisdom to the men and women serving on the cabinet of the State of Israel as they decide the fate of the Lost Tribe of Bnei Menashe in India. Put into their hearts compassion to restore them to their ancestral homeland, this ancient community which is descended from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. In Your infinite compassion, please swiftly return them to Israel and the Jewish people.

And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great horn shall be blown; and they shall come that were lost in the land of Assyria, and they that were dispersed in the land of Egypt; and they shall worship the LORD in the holy mountain at Jerusalem. (Isaiah 27:13)

> > > Special prayer for Israel Returns (Shavei Israel) & Michael Freund

- Dear God, bless Michael Freund the founder of 'Israel Returns (Shavei Israel)' for his dedication to Your Name and his tireless work in bringing back Your children to their ancestral homeland from the four corners of the earth. Give him the energy and the physical resources that are necessary to bring Lost and Hidden Jews back home.

And there is hope for the future, says the LORD; and your children shall return to their own border. (Jeremiah 31:16)

All prayers for Sukkot are posted here.

The Good News Corner

The Good News Corner:

Pakistani Government and People Unite Day after "deadliest attack on Christians" in Pakistan

"Not only Christians but other religions also joined Christians in the protest against this tragedy, [including] all [in the] Muslim community." -Paul

(Peshawa, Pakistan)-A day after twin suicide bombers attacked an historic Christian church in Peshawa, the people of Pakistan have reportedly come together to condemn the violence that killed at least 83 outside the All Saints Church, near the city's Kohati Gate.

Some 140 people were also wounded in Sunday's terrorist attack, which is being called the "deadliest" ever against Pakistan's Christian minority. The twin bombs were set off as worshipers were just coming out of the church for a free meal.

. . . "Not only Christians but other religions also joined Christians in the protest against this tragedy, [including] all [in the] Muslim community," said Paul. "Actually, our entire nation is [together] in this feeling because this is not happening with only Christians. But of course, this incident is one of the deadliest ones."

Paul added, "Our Government is with us and they condemned this strongly. The government praised the role of the Christian community following this tragedy. We are happy that our nation and our people are with us, and our Government [has] assured complete action against the suspects."

Paul suggested that if people wanted to send a message of condolence or encouragement for Christians in Pakistan, he would see that they receive those messages.

To send a note of encouragement, click on the following link this email and it will be forwarded to Paul.

(Breaking Christian News) Read more.

Worship With Us Today!

Worship With Us Today

Julie True
I Need You Lord, Meet Me Here

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Pray for the Harvest!

Pray for the Harvest!

"Do you not say, 'Four months more and then the harvest'? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." (John 4:35)

Every day, in every nation on earth, tens of thousands of men and women are making decisions for Christ. Now, you can monitor this amazing fact online by literally "watching" as these souls are born again into the Kingdom.

Of course, the identities of those who are coming to the Lord are never revealed, but our God knows who they are! Join us as we monitor these "names" daily, praying over each one to be mentored and to grow in his or her faith . . . even in these perilous times. You may visit either or both of the sites below, to pray for fields that are ripe for harvest.


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