Saturday, July 16, 2011

CHPP: A Word from Washington Saturday, July 16, 2011

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A Word from Washington
Saturday, July 16, 2011


A Word from Washington: Introduction

This morning we are blessed to share a message that was released earlier this week to the saints here in Washington, D.C., written by Jason Hershey, Youth With A Mission.

As we witness the close of the timiing of the visit of the Dalai Lama, we sense that Jason's words of wisdom is a message for all of us in this hour.

Our God Reigns!

May you each be blessed as you read his words, below.

In His Grace,
Sara Ballenger, Founder
Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

A Word from Washington

By Jason Hershey
Youth With a Mission
Washington, D.C.

"My thoughts on Dali Lama's Visit to DC."

Dear Intercessors,

My inbox as been frequented with emails concerning Dali Lama's visit to Washington DC July 6-16. This is concerning to many, as it should be, so here are my candid thoughts on the matter. I'm not schooled in Buddhism, but I do know it's either Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Satan. Children of God or Children of the Devil. There are no other options.

What I have been sensing that Holy Spirit is getting at on this one is the issue of how much faith we put in the prayers of the demonized in proportion to the faith we put in the prayers of the Holy Spirit filled sons and daughters of God.

I believe Spiritual warfare is real. However, the war here is not as much about Dali Lama's Witchcraft, it's more about unbelief. Wolves in wolves clothing are not as dangerous as wolves in sheep's clothing. The hidden agenda right now is to get DC intercessors to believe that Dali Lama is a greater influence than they are. For the larger body of Christ in America, (outside of DC that have been warned about Dali Lama) the hidden agenda is to put belief in the wrong power. In Jesus name, Dali Lama will be leaving with his tail between his legs. DC is no longer a home for demons! The Ecclesia in DC and our intercessions are Mountains vs. Dali Lama's anthills.

1. "Satan is not the yin of the yang of Jesus. God is uncreated. Satan and his demons are created angels." -- Che Ahn

2. "Christ in me the Hope of Glory." -- The Bible

3. The Spirit of Jesus, himself, lives in Dick Simmons and all the men that join him, Sara Ballenger, Ruth Scofield, Pierre Bynum & the FRC prayer network, IFA, Ken Wilde, Dr. Corinthia Boone, Justice House of Prayer, TheGate, the Bethel House DC, Abundant Love Christian Fellowship, Pat Chen and First love ministries, AGLOW International's prayer teams, (the list goes on and on) all the saints in DC that are regularly dedicating and inviting Holy Spirit into our Capitol. Each one of us is more powerful than the Dali Lama. The praying remnant in DC is dedicated and ruthless, armed with the power of the uncreated, only begotten Son of God, the Almighty maker of Heaven and earth. This is truly a more noteworthy story and a more impacting influence than Dali Lama's visit to the Capitol.

4. Greater is he in me than he that is in the world.

5. The intercessions of the saints in DC are exponentially stronger than anything Dali Lama has to throw at us.

6. The prayer of the righteous man is powerful and effective. (The prayer/ritual of the demonized man is . . ..?)

7. Gods ability to protect me is more than the devils ability to attack me. (See Ps 91)

8. "Even if all the angles fell, not just one third, Jesus in us would still be more." Loren Cunningham
Yes it's true, Dali Lama has significant influence in the spiritual realm, so let us not be passive about this, but he does not have as much power as the sons and daughters of God have! So yes, let's pray. Let's worship Jesus. Let us invite Holy Spirit's influence of righteousness, peace and joy into our Capitol. Let us pray in faith and watch Holy Spirit bring the revelation of the sons of God and most importantly the revelation of Jesus to all. Watch all of what Dali Lama does be nullified! Let's plead the blood of Jesus over our Capitol City like never before. Not because we are in defense, but because of the great power of Jesus to take the Kingdom by force!

To be clear Dali Lama is the champion of Little League baseball vs. The Saints of God being a major league team. Dali Lama's pretty good for the league he's in, a pretty heavy hitter, but we've been given weapons that are far greater, and operate on a completely different, higher level of authority.

Hidden in Jesus,

Jason Hershey
Monday, July 11, 2011