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CHPP Daily Brief - April 18, 2011

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The Daily Brief - Monday, April 18, 2011


They took palm branches and went out to meet him, shouting, "Hosanna!" "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" "Blessed is the King of Israel!" (John 12:13)

Capitol Hill in Recess

1. Senate Defeats Measure to Defund Planned Parenthood
2. House Passes $6 Trillion Budget Cut
3. General Says Boots on the Ground May Be Needed in Libya
4. U.S. Government Has No Strategy to Deal with Muslim Brotherhood
5. FBI: Cyber terrorism threat real
6. NRC Chairman: Reactor Situation in Japan is Static But Not Stable
7. Senate misses goal on education rewrite
8. House Repeals Another Part of Health Law
9. Harry Reid leads Senate tour of China
10. Netanyahu to Address Congress; Concessions Feared
11. H.Con.Res. 33: Using the Rotunda of the Capitol to Commemorate the Holocaust

Congress has now gone into its annual, two-week spring recess. In this section, we will summarize the major actions that were taken, with prayers to follow.

1. Senate Defeats Measure to Defund Planned Parenthood - CBN News

The U.S. Senate defeated an attempt by the House Friday to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Senate Democrats and five Republicans rejected the measure 58 to 42. Summary of Senate votes - go here.

Obama's Private Remarks Show Fiery Abortion Debate

An "open mic" incident with Obama Thursday revealed the intensity of the political debate surrounding efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Thinking that reporters were out of the room, Obama opened up following a Chicago fundraiser regarding the recent budget battle with House Speaker John Boehner. "Put it in a separate bill. We'll call it up," the president said, referring to legislation against Planned Parenthood's federal funding. "And if you think you can overturn my veto, try it. But don't try to sneak this through."

- Cry out for mercy to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in repentance for this action by the United States Senate, and for the words of this president. The blood of the innocent unborn is on our hands; may God have mercy.

- "Shall I not punish these people," declares the Lord, "And on a nation such as this Shall I not avenge Myself?" (Jer. 5:9)

2. House Passes $6 Trillion Budget Cut - CBN

The House has passed along party lines a GOP plan to cut $6 trillion from the federal budget. The GOP proposal passed 235-193, with every Democrat voting "no." The nonbinding plan lays out a fiscal vision cutting $6.2 trillion over 10 years from the budget submitted by Obama. The measure includes reforming Medicare into a voucher-like system that would subsidize the purchase of private insurance. Read more.

- Offer a great chorus of praise for the passage of this measure in the House of Representatives. It will take a miracle for ths package to be passed in the Senate and signed into law by the president. Pray for that miracle to come forth!

- "Whatever the LORD pleases, He does." (Psalm 135:6)

3. General Says Boots on the Ground May Be Needed in Libya - New American

The General in charge of the U.S. African Command, Army General Carter Ham, told congressional leaders in a closed meeting April 5 that the military is considering sending ground troops into Libya. "I suspect there might be some consideration of that," Ham told members of the House Armed Services Committee. "My personal view at this point would be that that's probably not the ideal circumstance, again for the regional reaction that having American boots on the ground would entail." Read more.

- Father, we know that we are half way through the 60-day period under the War Powers Resolution under which President Obama should obtain "specific statutory authorization for the use of United States Armed Forces in Libya." We ask that no troops would set foot on the ground until Obama has that authorization. We ask that Obama would seek and be granted that authorization with that 60 days if it is necessary and within your will. We ask for clarity of mission, and swiftness in success.

- "The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name." (Exodus 15:3)

4. U.S. Government Has No Strategy to Deal with Muslim Brotherhood - Washington Times

The federal government has no strategy to counter the Muslim Brotherhood at home or abroad, according to the chairwoman of the House panel that oversees counterintelligence and terrorism. "The federal government does not have a comprehensive or consistent strategy for dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated groups in America," Rep. Sue Wilkins Myrick said during a hearing Wednesday. "Nor does it have a strategy for dealing with the Brotherhood in Egypt or the greater Middle East." The North Carolina Republican is chairwoman of the House Intelligence subcommittee on terrorism, human intelligence, analysis and counterintelligence. Mrs. Myrick said at the hearing that she planned on scheduling closed classified hearings on the Muslim Brotherhood this session with government officials. Read more.

- Father, we thank you for Rep. Sue Myrick who is willing to call attention to weak points in our national security strategy. We ask you to give both the will and the insight to our leaders for an approach to the Muslim Brotherhood. Show them forth for who they really are, as the news first came out of Egypt. Bring them to yourself.

- "Envoys will come out of Egypt; Ethiopia will quickly stretch out her hands to God." (Psalm 68:31)

5. FBI: Cyber terrorism threat real - Washington Examiner

Sara A. Carter While the nation is focused on the budget crisis, war and increasing gas prices, Assistant Director of the FBI's Cyber Division Gordon M. Snow presented one more issue should be concerned about: cyber attacks. Snow told the Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism Tuesday, "U.S. critical infrastructure faces a growing cyber threat due to advancements in the availability and sophistication of malicious software tools." Read more.

- Father, we all know the frustration of dealing with technology behaving badly. We thank you for largely sparing us from the effects of people who would wreak havoc on more parts of our lives than we can imagine that are affected and controlled by technology. We thank you for being the God who has his Hand in all the bit and algorithms we use every day. We ask you to extend your hand and send forth protection of our systems, both civilian and defense.

- "God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty." (1 Corinthians 1:27)

6. NRC Chairman: Reactor Situation in Japan is Static But Not Stable - CNN

The chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Tuesday that the situation in the wake of the Japanese nuclear reactor crisis is static but not yet stable. On the day that Japan bumped up the seriousness of its nuclear accident from a Level 5 to a Level 7 priority, on par with the Chernobyl disaster, a Senate committee heard from U.S. environmental officials, scientists and NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko. "From the information we have, we believe the situation currently is static, namely we don't see significant changes on a day-to-day basis with the reactors," Jaczko told the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. "It is not yet, however, what we believe to be stable: namely that given additional events or other circumstances there would not be the potential for significant additional problems at the reactors." Thus, Jaczko said, the focus is "on these efforts to transition from static to stable to ensure (the) long-term ability to cool the reactors and to provide cooling for the spent fuel pools."

California Sen. Barbara Boxer's state has a number of nuclear plants in areas with high seismic activity near millions of people. She pressed Jaczko for reassurances that enough is being done to protect people in the United States, especially California residents. "We've got to move beyond talk and get to the serious question (of) what do we do, to do everything in our power to make it safe," Boxer said. Boxer pointed out that officials once said it was "very unlikely" Japan would ever face the kind of crisis it finds itself in today.

- Father, next week we will remember the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster that affected multiple countries and living areas for five million people. It's happened before, it happened this year, and it could happen again. We thank You for raising up leaders like Barbara Boxer to address these very real concerns. May we never be people who say it could never happen here. We also thank you for giving us energy, and we ask you to show us the way forward to new sources of energy we can use for your glory.

- "What is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power." (Ephesians 1:19)

7. Senate misses goal on education rewrite - The Hill

Despite the intentions of Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), the Senate began its recess Friday without holding a markup on the overdue reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Harkin in January set the goal of having a bill "ready for markup by our Easter recess." Negotiations between key legislators have lagged since then, although Harkin and key House members say they believe they can still pass a bill this year. But neither the Center on Education Policy (CEP), a public education advocacy group, nor the conservative Heritage Foundation expects success. Read more.

- Lord, we thank you for a fresh hearing from voices like Governor Buddy Roemer who recently said, "You ask why you need an Education Department. They don't teach a single child." Remind our federal leaders anew this summer, as they take on a major rewrite of No Child Left Behind, who it is that is responsible for educating the next generation. And no, it's not state and local leaders. It's our families! Raise up our men to lead their children in what it means to follow you. You are our purpose for education.

- "You, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:4)

8. House Repeals Another Part of Health Law - The Hill

The House on Wednesday voted to terminate another piece of last year's healthcare law - the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which is currently scheduled to receive nearly $18 billion over the next few years. The House vote came just moments after the White House said President Obama would veto the bill if it were presented for his signature. The bill, H.R. 1217, passed in a 236-183 vote. Only four Democrats supported it, as most argued that killing the program would reduce access to preventive healthcare, lead to higher healthcare costs later on and even destroy jobs in the healthcare industry. Republicans dismissed all of these arguments and repeatedly called the program a "slush fund" that the secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) can use without any input from Congress.

Republicans said the program is so nonspecific in the law that it allows HHS to use it for dubious purposes, such as signs indicating exercise spots. "Does placing signage for bike paths produce economic activity, or does advocating higher soda taxes benefit the economy?" Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) asked. Republicans also argued the program could be used to fund elective abortions. Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) said the healthcare law allows HHS to use the funding for any health initiative under the Public Health Services Act, which could include Title X programs. Title X, the federal women's health program, allocates money to Planned Parenthood, which performs abortions.

- Father, we know this legislation did not make many headlines, especially relative to all the other big news of the week. We believe it made big headlines in heaven. We thank you for leadership willing to stand up and root out all the buried and hidden provisions for abortion in last year's health care law. We ask for an accountable government that would give up its $18 billion slush fund, and put that towards fixing our fiscal problems. We ask You to raise up voices that would make this program and an unacceptable stench in the nostrils of those who would have it continue. Take away money from anyone that performs abortions.

- "Yet they say to each other, 'Don't come too close or you will defile me! I am holier than you!' They are a stench in my nostrils, an acrid smell that never goes away." (Isaiah 65:5)

9. Harry Reid leads Senate tour of China - Politico

A Senate delegation led by Majority Leader Harry Reid arrived in Hong Kong today for the start of a week long tour of China.

He and nine other senators will spend the week on an "informational trip" during which they plan to meet with government officials and visit American investments and clean energy projects, Democratic leadership said in a statement. The senators plan to discuss "issues including clean energy, trade issues, currency, foreign policy and human rights" with Chinese officials. Joining Reid on the trip are six Democrats - Michael Bennet of Colorado, Barbara Boxer of California, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Chuck Schumer of New York - and Republicans Mike Enzi of Wyoming, Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Richard Shelby of Alabama. The delegation plans to travel to Beijing, Chengdu and Xi'an. Read more.

- Father, we thank you for times in which our leaders can travel half way around the world during a week off. We ask you to go before their voices and their eyes that they may see and hear the state of things in the land of one of our largest lenders. We ask you to give voice to both the oppressed of their religious freedom, and those who have lost the lives of their little ones to the People's Republic of China's one-child policy.

- "Who despises the day of small things?" (Zechariah 4:10)

10. Netanyahu to Address Congress; Concessions Feared - Israel National News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will give a Mideast peace policy speech in front of U.S. Congress in late May, Haaretz learned on Thursday, in an attempt to counter a speech expected to deal with U.S. Mideast policy by Obama. The office of U.S. House Speaker, The Honorable John Boehner confirmed the report, saying Boehner's will invite Netanyahu to address a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress during a visit to Washington next month.

On Thursday it was announced that the premier received official invitation to speak before Congress due to the support of Republican congressmen, and following several weeks in which he and his staff had been attempting to procure such an invitation. His address is expected to serve as a sort of response to an upcoming Mideast policy speech by Obama. Read more.

- Ask our Lord to continue to grant His strength, wisdom, and anointing upon the Prime Minister of the Nation of Israel. Praise God that Congress stands with Israel in no uncertain terms. When P.M. Netanyahu addresses Congress next month, he will be speaking to a room full of friends. Praise God!

- "Those who bless you, I will bless . . ." (Gen. 12:3)

11. H.Con.Res. 33: Using the Rotunda of the Capitol to Commemorate the Holocaust - CHPP

The full title of this resolution reads as: "Permitting the Use of the Rotunda of the Capitol for a Ceremony as Part of the Commemoration of the Days of Remembrance of Victims of the Holocaust." This ceremony of remembrance will take place in the Rotunda of the Capitol on Tuesday, May 17th . . . even as Prime Minister Netanyahu will be in Washington.

The House passed this bill with the Senate concurring, adding "Physical preparations for the ceremony shall be carried out in accordance with such conditions as the Architect of the Capitol may prescribe."

In remarks on the floor of the House, Rep. Robert Brady (D-PA) stated; "This year's theme is ``Justice and Accountability in the Face of Genocide: What Have We Learned?'' It is important that as we reflect on one most notable tragedies in human history, we honor the memory of those who died so senselessly by not forgetting that there can be no tolerance for prejudice, oppression and hatred and pledge anew to stop those seeds of oppression from leading to atrocities like genocide. "

- Offer praise that our Congress will, indeed, set aside time to remember the victims of the Holocaust during this memorable event. Pray for all who will be involved in its planning, that this ceremony will be carried out with the dignity it deserves, and that the point be made loud and clear that NEVER AGAIN will we see a repeat of this horrible atrocity on earth.


- "Only guard yourself and guard your soul carefully,
Lest you forget the things your eyes saw,
And let these things depart your heart all the days of your life,
And you shall make them known to your children,
And to your children's children." (Dt. 4:9)

The Daily Brief

1. At least 44 dead in 6 states after storm's rampage - YahooNews

A furious storm system that kicked up tornadoes, flash floods and hail as big as softballs has claimed at least 44 lives on a rampage that began in Oklahoma days ago, then smashed across several Southern states as it reached a new and deadly pitch in North Carolina and Virginia.

- Pray for those who mourn the loss of family members and friends from these tornadoes. Those who lost all their homes and possessions also need our comforting prayers. Our USA geography is both a blessing and a curse, for with the warm Gulf of Mexico in the south and the Great Lakes in the north, we have the perfect set-up for violent storms, but we also have the moisture to produce plenteous crops. Give praise to the Lord for His blessings upon this land. Pray that no one rejects his faith in the Lord because of the losses from these violent tornadoes. Repent for the sins of our nation.

- "He who troubles his own house will inherit the wind. And the fool will be servant to the wise of heart." (Proverbs 11: 29)

2. Winds-stoked wildfires threaten Texas communities - AP

AUSTIN, Texas - Strong winds and tinder-dry conditions presented more challenges Sunday for firefighters battling a spate of wildfires threatening communities across Texas, including a blaze in Austin that destroyed several homes and prompted an aerial water attack in the capital city. The wildfires have ravaged more than 1,000 square miles of mostly rural terrain in the last week, prompting Gov. Rick Perry to ask Obama for federal help. "Texas is reaching its capacity to respond to these emergencies and is in need of federal assistance," Perry said in a statement Sunday. "I urge ... Obama to approve our request quickly." Wildfires have spread across more than 700,000 acres - about the size of Rhode Island - in drought-stricken Texas. About half a dozen massive fires were still burning.

- As we pray for the victims of the tornadoes this week, let us pray, too, for the victims of these terrible fires. Lift up all who are fighting these fires, that they be graced with unusual strength for this task. Pray, too, that the president will answer the plea of Governor Perry, releasing federal funds to assist in this crisis.

- Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. (Matthew 18:19)

3. Swarm of Quakes have Experts Concerned - NBC News4

Nevada Seismologists are keeping a close eye on an area southwest of Hawthorne, Nevada where hundreds of earthquakes have been detected since Sunday.

- Reports further state that this swarm is occurring in an area where no fault line exists. Keep a watchful eye on this area of our nation, asking God for mercy in the midst of judgment.

- "In wrath, remember mercy." (Habakkuk 3:2)

4. Arizona Legislature OKs Presidential 'Birther' Bill - Fox News

The Arizona Legislature gave final approval late Thursday night to a proposal that would require Obama and other presidential candidates to prove they are U.S. citizens before their names can appear on the state's ballot.

- For those in leadership who are making decisions that affect our economy, and the well-being of future generations, we pray that they will know the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom. Amen.

- "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom . . . " (Proverbs 9:10)

5. FBI Counter-Terror Official: Al Qaeda 'Thrives' After Dictators Fall - ABCNews

On the same day reports emerged of a new al Qaeda video that praised the revolutions sweeping the Arab world, one the U.S.'s top counter-terror officials warned the terror organization "thrives" in the political unrest that follows. "The governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen have drastically changed in the last six months," FBI Assistant Director of Counter-Terrorism Mark Giuliano said Thursday.

- Are we surprised by this announcement by the FBI? Not at all, for we knew that the rebellions have been fomented by the Muslim Brotherhood. Certainly many of the protestors are people who want more liberties, but others are jihadists who are following the call for Islamic domination of the world and the destruction of Israel. Pray for those who truly seek liberty within their countries: for their protection and courage. Ask the Lord to protect our military where they are fighting in these Middle East countries and for the CIA that it may gather accurate information to help these dictators out of office and help to defeat Al Qaeda.

- "Evil pursues sinners, but to the righteous, good shall be repaid." (Proverbs 13: 21)

7. Netanyahu to pitch peace plan on US visit - The Australian

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday he would use a rare speech to a joint session of the US congress next month to spell out his plan for forging a lasting peace with the Palestinians. Mr. Netanyahu, in televised remarks to his Likud party, said he aimed for a durable end to the decades-old conflict, not just "peace on paper", and he had "set some conditions to ensure that we have such an agreement".

- With the UN deciding that Palestinians are ready to govern their own land if Israel will remove itself from occupation, we must pray that the Lord's wisdom pervades all of Netanyahu's plan and his speech. At the least, his speech will not fall on deaf ears in our US Congress as it would at the UN. Ask the Lord to protect Netanyahu as he travels to the USA next month and as he appears before Congress.

- "These are the things you shall do; 'Speak each man the truth to his neighbor; give judgment in your gates for truth, justice, and peace . . ." (Zachariah 8:16)

8. Obama coming to Reno on Thursday -

Will Make a Three-Day Swing Across the Nation This Week

Obama is making a three-day swing to explain his vision for reducing the national debt and it concludes Thursday in Reno.

The White House issued a press release that day Obama will come to Reno to discuss " the ways the leaders in Washington can come together and meet the expectations of the American people."

It follows town hall meetings on Tuesday in northern Virginia and on Wednesday in Palo Alto, Calif. Read more

- Reno is located in the region where the earthquake swarms have been ongoing for over a week now. Pray for the safety of the president . . . for this is pleasing to the Lord.

- "Pray for . . . all in authority . . ." (I Timothy 2:1,2)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"For there shall be a day, that the watchmen upon mount Ephraim shall cry, Arise, and let us go up to Zion unto the LORD our God. For thus says the LORD, Sing with gladness for Jacob, shout among the chief of the nations: publish, praise, and say, O LORD, save Your people, the remnant of Israel. " (Jeremiah 31:6,7))

1. U.S. plans new push on Arab-Israeli peace: Clinton - Reuters

The United States plans a new push to promote comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday, suggesting a stronger U.S. hand in trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

2. Arab Spring may turn into Iranian winter: Israel PM - AFP

The pro-democracy uprisings sweeping through the Arab world are in danger of being manipulated by Iran's Islamic Republic, Israel's Honorable Benjamin Netanyahu warned in an interview with AFP.

3. Security and Defense: Preparing for war on all fronts - Jerusalem Post

The IDF's multi-year plan, unveiled to the press this week, was for the most part a continuation of the last plan, Tefen, initiated in 2007 under former chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. (res.) Gabi Ashkenazi. Read more.

4. 13 killed as protests continue despite Assad's pledges to lift Syria's emergency rule - Washington Post

Protests in Syria turned violent Sunday night when security forces shot at demonstrators in two towns, killing at least 13 people and detaining many more, activists said.

5. Ayalon: There's no other solution than to topple Hamas - Jerusalem Post

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Saturday said that "Hamas is a brutal terrorist organization whose aim is to destroy Israel," adding that the Gaza-based group's regime should be toppled.

Blessings and Curses

Understanding Blessings and Curses

"I will bless those who bless you, (Israel and the Jewish people), and those who dishonor you I will curse." (Genesis 12:3)


(Reuters) April 12, 2011 - The United States plans a new push to promote comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday, suggesting a stronger U.S. hand in trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What this means is that the U.S. is setting the stage along with Germany, France, and England to force the creation of a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its Capital through the UN.


Tornado Outbreak: 3 Days, 241 Tornadoes, 14 States


April 13, 2011

Dangerous Weather Targets Storm-Weary Plains

A storm quietly crossing the northern Pacific Ocean will be responsible for more severe weather across the Plains as soon as Thursday afternoon. The storm pushing into the Pacific Northwest Wednesday with little fanfare will produce some mountain snow and valley rain. However, as the storm moves into the Plains, it will strengthen into a potent, dynamic storm with heavy accumulating snow on the northern edge while severe thunderstorms rage farther south. Warm, humid air, a key factor to pinpointing a severe weather threat, will be in place across eastern Kansas and eastern Oklahoma on Thursday. The storm will interact with the warm, humid air, along with a strong jet stream aloft, creating a volatile atmosphere. Damaging winds, large hail, continuous cloud-to-ground lightning and even tornadoes will threaten the region by Thursday afternoon.

April 15, 2011

Classic' weather system brings Blizzard / tornado warnings

The severe storms continue this morning into the South. A line of storms ahead of a cold front is headed East out of AR and TX into LA, MS, and TN. A tornado watch is up for a good chunk of the region, including Memphis early this morning. The weather will quickly go downhill for the afternoon in the Deep South as well, with a good chance of tornadoes in MS and AL/TN this afternoon.

April 16, 2011

At Least 17 Dead as Severe Storms Hit Deep South

Alabama -- Vicious storms and howling winds smacked the U.S. South, killing at least seven people in Alabama including three family members whose homes were tossed into nearby woods. The storms that smacked the Midwest and South with howling winds and pounding rain left 17 people dead in four states -- the nation's deadliest storm of the season.

April 17, 2011

Storm's fury over 6 states leaves at least 39 dead

"A furious storm system that kicked up tornadoes, flash floods and hail as big as softballs has left at least 39 people dead on a rampage that stretched for days as it barreled from Oklahoma to North Carolina and Virginia."

Interesting how the Lord responded so quickly to send the US a strong warning signal by sending 241 tornadoes tearing through 14 States in just three days. What will be the consequences when the US abandons Israel and aligns itself with ALL THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH TO COME AGAINST JUDAH AND JERUSALEM, TO DIVIDE THE LAND AND GOD'S HOLY CITY JERUSALEM TO CREATE A NEW MUSLIM NATION ON THE LAND GOD PROMISED TO ISRAEL AS AN EVERLASTING POSSESSION.
(Voice from Zion)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

On May 1, 2011, The United States and the world will have an unprecedented moment of grace to witness to the Jewish communities through March of Life events that will be held around the country. Led by Ted Pearce, an internationally known Messianic Psalmist, and Pastor Jobst Bittner of Germany`s TOS Ministry, they will travel to different cities and walk to remember the Holocaust and the Millions of Jews that perished during that tragic time. (Jobst Bittner established eight prayer centers 24/7 worldwide and is responsible for gathering 50,000 intercessors in Argentina that would form the foundation for the Revival in that Nation.)

After we walk to remember the Holocaust victims, there will be speaking engagements by Holocaust survivors and a solemn time to pray that we will not forget and choose to pray for the Jewish people. The March of Life is led by Messianic Jews and Church leaders who will join as the "one new man" reflection of the Messiah Yeshua. Messianic Rabbis and Congregational leaders within the Messianic community will have a chance to show the Love of Messiah to His Chosen People that reside in these communities. Please pray on becoming a sponsor for Marches of Life in your community with your local prayer leaders. Shalom and Thank You.

Rabbi Ron Arnow, Director of Southern California March of Life.
Light of Zion | PO Box 27575 | Anaheim | CA | 92809

To learn more about the Day of Remembrance, go here.

Jobst Bittner lays out the vision of the "March of Remembrance" for the Pittsburgh Prayer Network and explains the Spirit of the Sons of Zion to the churches of the city. Go here.

"Only guard yourself and guard your soul carefully, Lest you forget the things your eyes saw, And let these things depart your heart all the days of your life, And you shall make them known to your children, And to your children's children." (Deuteronomy 4:9)

The Good News Corner:


Messiah in Passover

Please go here to learn about the Messiah in Passover.

"Now this day will be a memorial to you, and you shall celebrate it as a feast to YHVH; throughout your generations you are to celebrate it as a PERMANENT ORDINANCE." -Sh'mot /Exodus 12:14

Worship with Us Today!


Please enjoy this beautiful Passover (Pesach) song with us this evening, as we wish our Jewish friends a very special holiday. Shalom!