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CHPP Daily Brief - January 25, 2011

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The Daily Brief - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security." (Jeremiah 33:6)

The Daily Brief

1. Suicide bomber kills 35 in Moscow airport attack - UK Telegraph

Terrorists struck Moscow's busiest airport on Monday in a suspected suicide bombing that left at least 35 people dead in the worst attack of its kind in almost a year.

- Once again, we ask God to comfort those who mourn and to heal those who are injured. And again, we ask God to cause every hidden thing to be revealed to the Russian authorities as they investigate this crime.

- "Comfort ye, comfort ye, My people . . ." (Isaiah 40:1)

2. State of the Union Address: Obama, Tea Party on Collision Course - NewsMax

In yet another bid to position himself as rising above the political fray, President Barack Obama is expected to issue a renewed appeal for both parties to find "common ground" in his State of the Union Message on Tuesday. Yet he appears to be on a collision course with grass-roots conservatives who insist they have no intention of backing down on their demands for massive cuts in federal spending. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, "Well, look . . . any time they want to spend, they call it investment, so I think you will hear the president talk about investing a lot Tuesday night. We've got a huge spending problem here. We've had over $1 trillion annual deficit each of the last two years. Our friends on the other side a couple of years ago passed a budget that will double the national debt in five years and triple it in 10.

"I mean, most of us think, and most American -- of the American people think that we need to do something about this and start doing it now," he added. On Sunday, he predicted that Democrats' efforts to paint Republicans as stuck in the past and indifferent to job creation simply won't work.

• Lord, we pray for a heavy dose of your wisdom and discernment upon the nation so that everyone will be able to see beyond rhetoric and deceptive speeches. Let our resolve be fervent to cut the unnecessary spending and reverse damaging laws,bills,and decisions.

"The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart; his words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords." (Psalm 55:21)

3. Marco Rubio Praises March for Life and Vows to Fight Abortion - Sunshine News

With abortion opponents taking part in the March for Life in Washington on Monday, Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio praised their continued opposition to abortion. "I proudly stand in solidarity with those attending today's March for Life, as well as all those across the country who share its objectives," said Rubio on Monday. "On this day, we remember the tragic Roe v. Wade decision, whereby the Supreme Court determined that equal protection and equal rights do not apply to the unborn.

"As Florida's senator, I will continue to be a voice for not only winning hearts and minds on life issues but also to support pro-life policies, such as a prohibition on taxpayer-funded abortions," added Rubio. "I also pledge to support well-qualified judicial nominees who will interpret the laws of our land, not establish new policy from the bench as the Supreme Court did in Roe v. Wade 38 years ago."

• We thank you Lord, that you are raising up people of strong faith and righteousness. We pray for people like Rubio to have higher places in our government to initiate laws and restore our Christian heritage. Help us overturn abortion laws.

"Because your heart was tender, and you humbled yourself before God when you heard His words against this place and against its inhabitants, and you humbled yourself before Me, and you tore your clothes and wept before Me, I also have heard you," says the Lord. (2 Chronicles 34:27)

4. Emanuel Booted From Mayoral Ballot - Fox News

Appeals court in Chicago rules that Rahm Emanuel does not meet the residency requirements to run for mayor of Chicago and orders that his name be removed from the ballot. The court agreed with Emanuel's contention that he met Chicago's voter residency standard but added that wasn't enough to allow his run for mayor.

". . . a candidate must meet not only the Election Code's voter residency standard, but also must have actually resided within the municipality for one year prior to the election, a qualification that the candidate unquestionably does not satisfy," the ruling stated.

• Lord, we thank you for placing solid conservative Christians to hold offices in all areas of our government. We pray you will give us more godly, strong, and righteous leaders.

Now these were the heads of the mighty men whom David had, who strengthened themselves with him in his kingdom, with all Israel, to make him king, according to the word of the Lord concerning Israel. (1 Chronicles 11:10)

5. Texas Legislator Moves to Stop Shariah - WND

Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, earlier this month submitted House Joint Resolution No. 57, which would amend the Texas Constitution to read, "A court of this state shall uphold the laws of the Constitution of the United States, this Constitution, federal laws and laws of this state. A court of this state may not enforce, consider or apply any religious or cultural law." Berman, however, says American courts need to recognize they are bound by constitutional law alone, and not subject to the whims of men or multiculturalism.

Berman told The American Independent, "A lot of federal courts are referring to international courts and laws of other countries. We want to make sure our courts are not doing this, especially in regards to cultural laws.". The United Kingdom, for example, now has 85 separate Shariah courts for Muslims that operate in parallel with the Crown courts of the nation, and one judge in New Jersey already has cited Shariah in a defense of a man accused of assaulting his wife, though the judge's decision was overturned in appeal.

• Lord, we bind the plans of the people who are seeking to change our laws and our nation. We do not want to be ruled by other laws including international laws. We are being attacked by many groups seeking to end our freedoms, but our God reigns!

There are many plans in a man's heart, Nevertheless the Lord's counsel that will stand. (Proverbs 19:21)

6. Domestic Use of Aerial Drones by Law Enforcement Likely to Prompt Privacy Debate - Washington Post

For now, the use of drones for high-risk operations is exceedingly rare. The Federal Aviation Administration - which controls the national airspace - requires the few police departments with drones to seek emergency authorization if they want to deploy one in an actual operation. Because of concerns about safety, it only occasionally grants permission.

But by 2013, the FAA expects to have formulated new rules that would allow police across the country to routinely fly lightweight, unarmed drones up to 400 feet above the ground - high enough for them to be largely invisible eyes in the sky. "The question we confront today is what limits there are upon this power of technology to shrink the realm of guaranteed privacy," Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in the 2001 case.

• Lord, we pray these types of technology will never be used against the innocent, and Christians. Put godly, wise people in high places of authority who will prevent this invasion of privacy. Give us laws that are righteous and not burdensome.

Like a roaring lion and a charging bear is a wicked ruler over poor people. A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor, but he who hates covetousness will prolong his days. (Proverbs 28:15)

7. Renewed Push to Give Obama an Internet "Kill Switch" - CBN

A controversial bill handing President Obama power over privately owned computer systems during a "national cyberemergency," and prohibiting any review by the court system, will return this year. President Obama would then have the power to "issue a declaration of a national cyberemergency." What that entails is a little unclear, including whether DHS could pry user information out of Internet companies that it would not normally be entitled to obtain without a court order. One section says they can disclose certain types of non-communications data if "specifically authorized by law," but a presidential decree may suffice.

A draft Senate proposal that CNET obtained in August 2009 authorized the White House to "declare a cybersecurity emergency," and another from Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) would have explicitly given the government the power to "order the disconnection" of certain networks or Web sites. House Democrats have taken a similar approach in their own proposals.

• Lord, we pray for people to wake up, and be keenly vigilant about the rights that are being taken from us. Let them push back strongly against these measures.

The wicked in his pride persecutes the poor; let them be caught in the plots which they have devised - He has said in his heart, "I shall not be moved; I shall never be in adversity." (Psalm 10:2,6)

8. Hawaii Senate Bends to ACLU; Ends Daily Prayer - Spokane Conservative Examiner

Brett Harvey is an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund, an organization of Christian lawyers defending free faith speech. "They (the ACLU) continue to threaten governments with lawsuits to try to force them into capitulating to their view of society," Harvey said, adding, "Governments should take a stand for this cherished historical practice."

• Lord, we pray that more people will study, and be knowledgeable about our rights as defined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We pray that those who are seeking to end prayer in public will get radically saved and they will become the most fervent believers.

"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." (Genesis 50:20 NIV)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

The LORD has prepared His throne in the heavens. His kingdom rules over all. (Psalm 103:19)

1. PA: Al-Jazeera has declared war on Palestinians - Jerusalem Post

A senior Palestinian Authority official in Ramallah strongly condemned Al- Jazeera TV network on Sunday for releasing hundreds of documents concerning the peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis.

2. Netanyahu: Response to terror must be international - Jerusalem Post

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman asked the Israeli Ambassador in Moscow, Dorit Golender, Monday evening, to offer the Russian people and government condolences from the entire nation of Israel on the terror attack at the Domodedovo Airport.

3. Abbas: We can't expect Israel to take in a million refugees - Jerusalem Post

A second cache of Palestinian documents released by Al- Jazeera on Monday night showed Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and his team, in Ramallah in June 2009, discussing the notion of 10,000 refugees and their families returning to Israel as part of a final peace agreement, as ostensibly offered by former prime minister Ehud Olmert.

The Daily Jot

The prophetic truth of the birth certificate issue

Sometime before the last Presidential election, I was interviewing with a premier conservative media outlet for the position of investigative reporter. Two icons of the conservative/Republican think tank and media were conversing with me about what I thought were the important issues of the time. One that I brought up caught their attention, but not in a way that I expected. I said that there was a question whether the Democratic frontrunner was eligible to be president. Raising their eyebrows in surprise, one looked at the other, and asked what I meant by that. I explained what I had researched at the time about the lack of a verifiable birth certificate.

The interview was going well up to that point. And it was there that I lost out. The more I answered their pointed questions, the more I realized that there was a unification within the conservative circles in Washington, DC against pursuing the eligibility requirement of the presidency. They tried to pass it off as rumor. When I spoke of straightforward documentation, they passed that off as not credible. When I spoke of reliable sources in Kenya who visited villages and gathered information, they said it was chasing after rainbows. It was clear that by the end of the interview, I not only would not get the job, but that the conservative elite inside the beltway were never going to pursue the birth certificate issue.

A Democrat did pursue it. Hawaii gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie promised that if elected, he would find the president's birth certificate. He said it was a personal issue to prove all the naysayers wrong. He was elected and he tried to follow up on his promise. At first, he said he was there when the now-president was born. Then he retracted. Then he said he could not find the birth certificate, Then he retracted. Then he said that there was a document, but it wasn't a traditional birth certificate, but some sort of long form. Then he retracted. Now he is saying that he is giving up his efforts to produce the birth certificate because its against the state law to release private documents without consent.

Many well known conservatives have joined the chorus that questioning the birth certificate is a "right wing" conspiracy. I agree that it is a conspiracy--but between all the elites irrespective of party. They are hiding something or getting at something even more strategic such as a democracy election precedent, rather than a republican election. They are subverting the Constitutional mandate for sake of democracy. This plays into the hands of the one world order. Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father but by me." There is only one savior--its Jesus Christ. And until He is manifest in the hearts of our leaders, there will be no truth, irrespective of party affiliation.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry

State of the Union?

Obama's Charade

Obama has gone through an amazing "redo" since his "shellacking" in the November elections. According to the Obama White House and its accomplices in Big Media, the president now favors lower taxes, less regulation, free enterprise and civility in political discourse. If this is all true, perhaps the GOP should just nominate "O" to be the Republican 2012 nominee.

As everyone knows, or should know, the redo isn't true -- it's just political camouflage. In tonight's State of the Union address, Obama will demand more spending but he will call it "investments." He remains committed to raising taxes on our most successful job creators. Then there is the idea that Obama is now a great advocate of less government regulation. They have to be kidding!

The Wall Street Journal did a little digging and discovered a loophole the size of an ocean liner in Obama's recent order to the bureaucracy to deregulate. The order directs the bureaucrats to consider whether a regulation hurts job growth. But is also directs them to balance that consideration against "values that are difficult or impossible to quantify including equity, human dignity, fairness and distributive impacts."

The Environmental Protection Agency, increasingly known as the "Employment Prevention Agency," has already issued a statement that Obama's new deregulation rule would not require it to alter a single current or pending rule. Since the EPA is daily using regulation to destroy jobs in the oil and coal industries among others, it should be clear that Obama's reform is no reform at all. It is just a smoke screen designed to hide his radical agenda from voters. (Gary Bauer)

The Abortion President

Obama - The Abortion President

This weekend Obama issued a statement from the White House celebrating the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Consider these opening lines:

"Today marks the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that protects women's health and reproductive freedom, and affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters. I am committed to protecting this constitutional right."
Most Americans don't equate abortion with healthcare, as the president did in his statement. And if the president believes that the government should not intrude on private matters, then ObamaCare is a gross violation of the president's own "fundamental principles." That Obama is committed to protecting abortion "rights" should give many young Americans, who increasingly identify as pro-life, reason to reconsider their support for him.

There is also a lot of irony here. Democrats are always playing the "compassion card" -- whether it's healthcare as a new right, giving endless unemployment benefits or in arguing for genteel politics. Yet Obama is celebrating a court decision that, just like Dred Scott, declared that there are some individuals in our society who possess no rights we are bound to respect. As a result of that decision, more than 50 million innocent lives have been destroyed.

In fact, legal abortion has been particularly devastating to black babies. A recent survey of abortion statistics found that nearly 60% of pregnancies among "non-Hispanic Blacks" in New York City end in abortion.

While the left likes to talk about compassion, it has launched an assault against some of the most compassionate in our society today by trying to shut down pregnancy resource centers. If the left wants to do more than just talk about civility, it should reconsider its ardent support for the intentional destruction of innocent human life. As I argue in my weekly Human Events column, civility begins with how we treat the innocent child in the womb. (Gary Bauer)

Justice Scalia Speaks Out

Justice Scalia Challenges Congress to Follow the Constitution

About 50 U.S. representatives, including at least three Democrats, gathered at the Capitol on Monday night to hear U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia discuss the U.S. Constitution. It was the first Conservative Constitutional Seminar put on by Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., the chairwoman of the Tea Party Caucus.

According to news reports, Scalia challenged the lawmakers to read the Federalist Papers and to follow the Constitution as it was written.

"We were delighted with his remarks," Bachmann said.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., called the event "useful" and "pretty dry, actually."

The seminar comes a couple of weeks after the U.S. House of Representatives made history by reading aloud the Constitution on the House floor. (CitizenLink)

A Chinese Insult

Obama's Humiliation

Our relationship with China is in shambles. Despite Big Media's glowing accolades for Obama's performance at the White House state dinner honoring Chinese President Hu Jintao, the Chinese communists' contempt for America was on fully display -- even at the state dinner!

According to various news reports, Chinese-born pianist Lang Lang played a song called "My Motherland." It comes from a 1956 film entitled "Battle on Shangangling Mountain" -- a communist propaganda film celebrating the killing of U.S. soldiers in the Korean War and China's support for communist North Korea. Stephen Yates, an expert on China who served as a top advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, said that playing the song at the White House was "offensive, knowingly so to anyone who recognized the tune."

That's not hyperbole, and Lang Lang knew exactly what he was doing. After the White House state dinner, he wrote, "Playing this song praising China to heads of state from around the world seems to tell them that our China is formidable, that our Chinese people are united; I feel deeply honored and proud." Chinese nationalist bloggers are laughing at us. The New York Post quotes one as writing, "Those American folks very much enjoyed it and were totally infatuated with the melody!!!

The U.S. is truly stupid!!" The Daily Caller quotes a former Chinese Army doctor who lives in the U.S. as saying, "In the eyes of all Chinese, this will not be seen as anything other than a big insult to the U.S. It's like insulting you in your face and you don't know it. It's humiliating." The doctor is right.

This ought to be a major story, and someone at the State Department, the National Security Council or the White House should lose their job. But the left-wing media are trying hard to ignore it. From bowing to foreign kings to repeatedly reaching out to Islamic Holocaust-deniers to having communist propaganda played in the White House, the Obama administration has been involved in one foreign policy humiliation after another. Unfortunately, thugs around the world won't simply ignore Obama's weakness -- they will exploit it. (Gary Bauer)

[The editorial staff of this Brief wish to thank Gary Bauer for stepping forward in bringing this report to you. We, too, have been reading about what occurred at last week's State Dinner for Chinese President Hu, and we have been concerned at the absence of news about this travesty. Hats off to you, Gary, and thank you again!]

The Good News Corner

"Repentance" airing on GOD TV!

Dear Friends of Israel,

We are happy to announce airings of our documentary, Repentance - Changing the Future by Confronting the Past, on GOD TV for International Holocaust Memorial Day, January 27,28, 2010!

It will air world-wide - in Africa, Asia, Australia, East Africa, Europe, Greater China, Scandinavia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and the US!

Please join us in praying that many will turn to the right channel at the right time!

Shalom and blessings,
Sister Mary Anne

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Amen, Sister Mary Anne!

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