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CHPP Daily Brief - December 21, 2010

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The Daily Brief - Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"But the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over Jacob's descendants forever; his kingdom will never end." (Luke 1:30-33)


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At CHPP, we continue to pray for God's richest blessings to be evident in each of your lives, and that you would be prospering in all He calls you to do. Amen and amen!

Sara Ballenger
Capitol Hill Prayer Partners
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The Daily Brief

1. Latest Census Results to be Released Tuesday - CNN

On Tuesday, U.S. Census Bureau officials will unveil numbers that will determine which states gain House seats and which states lose them in the once-a-decade reapportionment of congressional districts--and in the process launch a high-stakes political round of musical chairs. The U.S. Constitution mandates that a Census be conducted every 10 years to track population shifts in the country. Its primary purpose is to determine how many people live in the United States and which states will gain congressional seats and electoral votes and which states will lose them. But Census population figures are also used to distribute federal funds to states and communities.

In states where one party dominates, the redistricting process could give that party an advantage, and the results could have a big impact on the 2012 battle for control of Congress. The Census numbers could also have a big impact on the next race for the White House, as some states will gain or lose electoral votes, and thus influence over the outcome of the next presidential race.

• Lord, we pray wisdom on this redistricting process. We pray this reapportionment will allow conservative states to take back ground that has been lost. Keep us vigilant at all times to what our government is doing.

And you shall divide the land by lot as an inheritance among your families; to the larger you shall give a larger inheritance, and to the smaller you shall give a smaller inheritance; there everyone's inheritance shall be whatever falls to him by lot. You shall inherit according to the tribes of your fathers. (Numbers 33:54)

2. $2 Trillion Debt Crisis Threatens to Bring Down 100 US Cities - Guardian UK

Overdrawn American cities could face financial collapse in 2011, defaulting on hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowings and derailing the US economic recovery. Nor are European cities safe - Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice: all are in trouble. More than 100 American cities could go bust next year as the debt crisis that has taken down banks and countries threatens next to spark a municipal meltdown, a leading analyst has warned. Cities from Detroit to Madrid are struggling to pay creditors, including providers of basic services such as street cleaning.

Meredith Whitney, the US research analyst who correctly predicted the global credit crunch, described local and state debt as the biggest problem facing the US economy, and one that could derail its recovery. "Next to housing this is the single most important issue in the US and certainly the biggest threat to the US economy," Whitney told the CBS 60 Minutes program on Sunday night.

• Lord, we pray for this new Congress to immediately implement wise legislation to help cut the reckless over-spending. Give them a fierce determination and focus. Help them cut needless expenses so we can quickly see changes. Let opponents be silenced so they cannot block this crucial work.

Then hear in heaven, and forgive the sin of Your servants, Your people Israel, that You may teach them the good way in which they should walk; and send rain on Your land which You have given to Your people as an inheritance. (1 Kings 8:36)

3. Govt 'Creating Vast Domestic Snooping Machine' - Breitbart

The government's goal is to have every state and local law enforcement agency in the country feed information to Washington to buttress the work of the FBI, noted the paper, which has conducted its own investigation of the matter. The probe has revealed that technologies and techniques developed for use on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan have migrated into the hands of law enforcement agencies in the United States, the paper pointed out. At least 935 of these organizations have been created since the 2001 attacks, The Post said.

In addition, the FBI is building a database with the names and personal information of thousands of US citizens and residents, the report said. The system collects, stores and analyzes information about thousands of US citizens and residents, many of whom have not been accused of any wrongdoing, the report noted.

• Father God, we pray against any actions that would allow the needless invasion into our private lives. Let records be kept of only people who have been determined as either sympathetic, or involved in any terrorist activities. Place people in authority who will have your wisdom, and not go beyond that which is necessary to keep us safe.

When you go to war in your land against the enemy who oppresses you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, and you will be remembered before the Lord your God, and you will be saved from your enemies. (Numbers 10:9)

4. Two US Senators Promise 2011 Deficit-Cutting Bill - NBC

It would face an uphill political climb next year, despite wide agreement in Congress the yawning deficit must be dealt with soon, a commission established. Warner and Chambliss led a discussion last week among more than a dozen Democrats and Republicans on the Senate floor about the $1.3 trillion deficit for fiscal 2011. Warner said on the conference call that key goals will be both deficit reduction and tax reform that reduces business taxes and simplifies income taxes, while making them more progressive.

Chambliss said on the call that an impending vote in Congress to raise the government's debt ceiling - expected to be needed in the first or second quarter of 2011 - will be an important turning point. "It gives us a deadline to look to from the standpoint of getting some meaningful decisions made . . . If we can use that as leverage that's an ideal scenario," Chambliss said.

• We thank you Lord, for answering our prayers to place people in office who see the gravity of our nation at all levels. Thank you, that these two senators are willing to work together to reduce the deep debt and simplify taxes. We pray against any stalemate - but that the parties will work toward conservative goals as soon as possible.

Now these were the heads of the mighty men whom David had, who strengthened themselves with him in his kingdom, with all Israel, to make him king, according to the word of the Lord concerning Israel. (1 Chronicles 11:10)

5. FCC to Vote Tuesday on 'Net Neutrality' Rules - CNN

The "net neutrality" rules, proposed by the Obama administration, would be the government's biggest foray yet into one of the Web's fiercest debates. If it passes, as it is expected to do, the plan will go before Congress for final approval. That isn't expected to happen until the new Congress, elected in November, takes office next year. Internet-freedom advocates have called the rules a step in the right direction but say they don't go far enough. Technically, Copps said he will vote to concur, which means not endorsing all parts of the plan but letting it move forward and, theoretically, be tweaked later.

Copps' two fellow Democrats also are expected to concur, while its two Republicans likely will vote no. One of those Republicans, Robert M. McDowell, criticized Genachowski's proposal Sunday in a Wall Street Journal column. "Nothing is broken that needs fixing ... " he wrote. "Analysts and broadband companies of all sizes have told the FCC that new rules are likely to have the perverse effect of inhibiting capital investment, deterring innovation, raising operating costs and ultimately increasing consumer prices."

• Heavenly Father, we pray against the actions of those who want to control the internet. It may someday be used against conservatives and Christians. We also know that these types of rules sometimes suppress business endeavors - so we pray you will block these actions that place more oppressive regulations on our nation.

But He turned and said to Peter, "Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men." (Matthew 16:23)

6. Federal Program Aims to Keep Seniors Out of Hospitals and Nursing - Washington Post

ElderPlus is part of PACE, the Program for All-Inclusive Care for Elderly, which provides comprehensive medical and social services to frail, low-income seniors with serious health problems. ElderPlus operates a clinic, a pharmacy, an adult day-care center, a dining hall and a fleet of eight vans to ferry participants to and from home. Hospital care is provided by Johns Hopkins. If done effectively, supporters say, the program can reduce costly hospital and nursing home stays. And keeping seniors healthy can save money for Medicare, To be eligible for PACE, people must be at least 55 years old and qualify for Medicaid, Medicare or, in most cases, both. They must meet their state's Medicaid criteria for requiring nursing home care, live within the PACE service area and be able to live safely at home with PACE assistance. Since PACE is a managed-care plan, the enrollees must agree to get their medical care only through PACE providers.

In many parts of the country, PACE seems to be gaining popularity. The National PACE Association reports that 57 percent of sponsors are planning to expand their services. And the health-care overhaul law provides funds to test similar non-institutional alternatives for treating people who need long-term care.

• We thank you Lord, for these compassionate people who are reaching the largest group of Americans with practical, loving solutions to meet their needs. We pray that all useless programs that drain our resources will be removed in government, so that these types of programs can be financed for more elderly and sick citizens.

"If there is among you a poor man of your brethren, within any of the gates in your land which the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart nor shut your hand from your poor brother, but you shall open your hand wide to him and willingly lend him sufficient for his need, whatever he needs. (Deuteronomy 15: 7, 8)

7. Civil Rights Groups Seek Review of Texas Schools - Fox News

Two civil rights organizations are seeking a federal review of public school education in Texas, accusing state school administrators of violating federal civil rights laws after curriculum changes approved earlier this year by the Texas Board of Education. The request to the U.S. Department of Education made by the Texas NAACP and Texas League of United Latin American Citizens on Monday contended that the curriculum changes passed in May "were made with the intention to discriminate" and would have a "stigmatizing impact" on African-American and Latino students.

The ideological decisions by the school board contribute to what 4.8 million Texas students learn about political events and figures over the next decade. The request by the civil rights groups argued those decisions may have influence beyond the state boundaries because Texas, as one of the nation's largest textbook purchasers, influences publishers whose textbooks are sold elsewhere.

• Lord, we celebrated this victory to have the curriculum changed back from the revisionist history that the liberals have done for years. Now they want to revert to the liberal interpretation of history for our children. Block them Lord, so they will never succeed. Keep guard over the minds of our children and all our citizens. Give us your truth.

"The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before your face; they shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways. (Deuteronomy 28:7)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

You, God, sent plentiful rain, whereby You did confirm Your inheritance, when it was weary. (Psa. 68:9)

1. IDF to deploy super-armored tanks along Gaza border - Ha'aretz

The Israel Defense Forces decided on Sunday that it will begin deploying tanks equipped with an active armor protection system known as Windbreaker to the border area along the Gaza Strip.

2. Israel enjoys peace with Egypt, Jordan, but not peoples - Jerusalem Post

Israel's relationship with Egypt and Jordan is "fraying," warned the US in a year-old WikiLeaks cable released late Sunday night. "Israel enjoys peace with Egypt and Jordan, but not with its people," said the cable, which was sent from the US Embassy in Tel Aviv in November 2009, in advance of a visit to Israel by Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg.

3. IAF strikes 7 targets in Gaza Strip following mortars - Jerusalem Post

The IAF stuck seven terror targets early Tuesday morning following the firing of 10 mortar shells into Israeli territory on Monday.

4. Israel has secret accord with US to maintain settlements - Jerusalem Post

Defense Minister Ehud Barak told French officials in Paris on June 15, 2009 that Israel has a "secret accord" with the US government to maintain the "natural growth" of settlements in the West Bank, revealed a WikiLeaks cable released on Sunday which quoted Middle East Director at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Patrice Paoli.

The Daily Jot

Christianity--the new pornography of the internet

They are calling it some fancy, freedom sounding name--net neutrality. But what the White House is doing is getting its hooks into the information superhighway in a way that may well impact free speech, especially free speech that disagrees with the leftist agenda. Republican FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell says, "We will witness jaw-dropping interventionist chutzpah as the FCC bypasses branches of our government in the dogged pursuit of needless and harmful regulation. The darkest day of the year may end up marking the beginning of a long winter's night for Internet freedom." The Federal Communications Commission is a regulatory body now consisting of three Democrats and two Republicans.

They use words like "treating all online traffic equally" and "open internet", but don't believe it. The government intends to regulate the content on the internet by regulating the companies that provide the bandwith that allows the information flow. It starts with calls for regulating child pornography. In Britain, for example, the government is calling for internet providers to block sites that may be harmful to children. There is no doubt that child pornography is harmful to children and to those who look at it. In fact, all pornography is harmful and should not be protected as free speech or free expression. It is demeaning to those who participate and to those who consume. Pornography should be banned. But regulating the internet is not the answer.

The internet got its origins as a US Defense Department experiment to be able to share information even in the event of a disaster. In the 1990's, I was part of a group of entrepreneurs who worked to commercialize the internet by bringing it to the general public. The concept was a "people's" network, free from regulation holding to the principle of free speech. Right away there were pornographers setting up shop. And it invaded all homes, drawing attention to the need for responsible use by families. Now the internet has grown to a vital information exchange, free speech, and business and economic staple in the lives of all peoples. And now governments from around the world fear the power of people communicating.

So its not about protecting children from pornography. If the government wanted to do that, it would have banned pornography as offensive content on the internet. This government intervention is headed toward what Venezuela's Hugo Chevez is doing--banning messages and content that "disrespect public authorities," "incite or promote hatred," or are aimed at creating "anxiety." This is bureaucratese for stopping free speech, and especially religious free speech. Even in America, Christian principles are considered by many as worse than pornography. Net neutrality aims to someday regulate Christianity as the offensive pornography. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you."

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
Word of Life Ministry

One Victory; One Defeat

With time running out on the lame duck Congress, Harry Reid held the Senate in session this weekend to play Santa Claus -- handing out presents to the radical Left by pushing liberal legislation while he still can. The results were mixed. Conservatives won a victory when the so-called DREAM Act, or "Nightmare Act" as I call it, failed.

Democrats had pinned their immigration "reform" hopes on this amnesty-lite legislation for much of the year. But on Saturday it lost in the Senate when five Democrats broke ranks and voted to filibuster the bill. Only three Republicans -- Bennett (UT), Lugar (IN) and Murkowski (AK) -- voted for it. Previous immigration "reform" advocates, such as Sens. John McCain (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC), voted against the "Nightmare Act," an encouraging sign they understand that border security must come first.

Hours later, however, conservatives suffered a crushing defeat when the Senate voted to ignore the concerns of many frontline combat troops and top military commanders by repealing the 1993 federal law against open homosexuality in the military. Pentagon personnel that I know are deeply concerned about the impact on morale and recruiting. The 65-to-31 vote was another unfortunate consequence of the 2006 and 2008 elections, which sent scores of liberals to Congress. Fifty-seven Democrats voted for the repeal bill, joined by eight RINO Republicans.

During Saturday's debate, Democrats cloaked their rhetoric in the language of the civil rights movements. But, like much of the liberal agenda, these votes were all about political payback to powerful left-wing special interest groups that provide money and manpower to the Democrat Party. This weekend's session is just more evidence why this Congress has earned a record low approval rating of 13%. (Gary Bauer)

Votes Can Change; Not Our Values

In spite of these votes, don't be fooled into thinking that either issue is settled. In the wake of their defeat, amnesty advocates are turning to the Obama Administration. The New York Times reported yesterday, "Mr. Obama will now face growing pressure from immigrant and Latino groups to temper the [worksite] crackdown and perhaps find ways to use executive powers to bring some illegal immigrants out of the shadows."

As for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," it will take time to implement a new policy. It is not inconceivable to me that a conservative president and a new conservative Congress could revisit this issue in 2013, along with ObamaCare, the offshore drilling ban, etc.

But today's Washington Post reports that the militant homosexual rights movement sees the vote as a huge victory that gives them: "significant new leverage. . . . if the Army trusts gay men and women with rifles, why shouldn't society trust them wedding rings?" In addition to a renewed assault on the meaning of marriage, congressional liberals will make a new push next year for the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

While votes can be changed -- through education or elections -- our values do not. And we will continue to defend our values as aggressively as we can. (Gary Bauer)

Investigating Radical Islam

Here's one positive example of the impact of last month's elections: The incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is promising to hold hearings on the "radicalization of the American Muslim community."

When Republicans take control of the House of Representatives on January 5th, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) will take control of the House Homeland Security Committee. A New York Republican, King is not perfect on all issues. But there are few in Congress who are as fearless as he is when it comes to taking on the threat we face from radical Islam.
In an op-ed today, King writes:

"Earlier this month, I was elected by the House Republican Conference to be chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. I've made it clear that I'll focus the committee on counterterrorism and hold hearings on a wide range of issues, including radicalization of the American Muslim community and homegrown terrorism. . . As chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, I will do all I can to break down the wall of political correctness and drive the public debate on Islamic radicalization."

Predictably, Rep. King is already being denounced by the Muslim apologists at CAIR. Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR's spokesman, accused King of trying to "demonize Islam" and said the hearings will turn into "witch hunts." King's promised hearings are long overdue and Mr. Hooper sounds like a man with something to hide. We will stand with Rep. King and defend him from the inevitable attacks from liberals and Islamists who label him a "hater." (Gary Bauer)

A Miracle in Korea

Written by: Sara Ballenger

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

Events over the past few days, and now the news coming out of Korea, have left us amazed at the power of God to turn events, in answer to prayer.

This past weekend began with reports that the tense situation in North Korea, in advance of South Korea's planned military exercises, was "precarious." The leadership of North Korea had threatened that, were these exercise to take place, South Korea would be facing a "catastrophe" and swift retaliation was promised.

Things looked so desperate that, at the United Nations, both Russia and China called for an emergency session of the six-member U.N. Security Council to find a way to end this crisis. Sadly, at the end of the day on Sunday, the press announced that the U.N. was helpless to achieve their goal, and no hope was in sight.

BUT GOD . . .

By midnight on Sunday (now Monday in Korea), the South had already begun their live-fire exercises -- one day ahead of schedule. Intercessors who were keeping watch that night literally held their breath, and went into deep travail that GOD would intervene to keep the peace.

BUT GOD . . .

We asked prayer on our Daily Brief yesterday morning over this situation as follows:

- This story is now changing hour by hour. Please monitor all events surrounding the growing conflict between the two Koreas, and ask our Lord to bring peace to all who are involved. May He quell the troubled waters of the Korean Peninsula, by His Spirit. Amen.

- On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, "Let us cross over to the other side." Now when they had left the multitude, they took Him along in the boat as He was. And other little boats were also with Him. And a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. But He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him, "Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?" Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, "Peace, be still!" And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. But He said to them, "Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?" And they feared exceedingly, and said to one another, "Who can this be, that even the wind and the sea obey Him!"
(Mark 4:35-41)

Then later that day (Monday), to the surprise of everyone, North Korea made two announcements:

1. That it would "stand down" from its threat of "catastrophe" against South Korea and

2. That it was now willing to engage in a "dialogue" with South Korea, attempting to improve relations between their two nations!

BUT GOD . . .

And so today, we offer a great chorus of praise to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords for these developments, and we stand in agreement that the ground that has been gained, bringing peace on the Korean peninsula, will not be lost.

BUT GOD . . .

"To him [be] glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen." (I Peter 5:11)

The Good News Corner


DECEMBER 11, 2010

The Dutch annual March for Life was held Saturday, December 11, 2010. It was organized by Cry for Life and Christians for Truth. It attracted some eight hundred participants who braved the cold day in the nation's political capitol, The Hague. This year's attendance was more than last year, approximately 30% of the group were young people.. These last two years have greatly encouraged the March leadership; it has been the largest participation since the Marches began eighteen years ago. A new trend we hope!

The March for Life is held each year in December commemorating the date, December 18, 1980, when abortion was approved in the Dutch Parliament. Abortion up to the 24th week is allowed. This year the venue was changed. The March was held in The Hague, the political capitol of the Netherlands. We gathered at noon on the Plein Square located directly in front of the Parliament buildings. We stood near the statue of William of Orange (1533-1584). He was the Dutch hero statesman who helped liberate Holland from Spain. An hour was spent praying, singing spiritual hymns and listening to uplifting leaders in the movement who encouraged those present to continue the work.

The officials greeted us. Mr. Cees van der Staaij, a member of parliament enthusiastically thanked the assembled group for coming. Although he admitted that his Christian party is small, he promised to faithfully lead the fight in parliament against abortion.

. . . Allan Parker founder of the Justice Foundation related that his group now has more than 5000 personal testimonies which will become legal affidavits from women who have suffered from abortion. They are telling their painful stories, how abortion did unbearable hurt to them through the ministry, Operation Outcry. These collected testimonies will be presented in upcoming court cases dealing with abortion. More testimonies are needed Allan said, They would like to have at least two million testimonies to drop on the Supreme Court's docket for all to see.

. . . The leadership of the 2010 March for Life believes that this year even tops last year's surprise huge attendance. So many new people have become part of the pro-life movement in Holland. And so many of these are from the youth - tomorrow's leaders. They have pledged to fight abortion until it is abolished. They have a long way to go. During this past year, 30,000 abortions were made in Holland, making the aggregate total now more than 630,000 lives sacrificed on the altars of selfindulgence since 1980. But someday it will all end. March for Life in Holland, December 11, 2010, was a day of victory. Rejoice with us as we go forward into a new year.
Website www.schreeuwomleven.nl

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