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CHPP Daily Brief - June 24, 2009

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The Daily Brief - Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"O, Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble; You will strengthen their heart . . ." (Psalm 10:17)

The Daily Brief

1. Red Line Train Operator Used Brakes In Failed Bid to Stop Six-Car Train - Washington Post

The operator of the Metro train that slammed into a stationary train in front of it apparently had activated the emergency brakes in a failed effort to stop before the accident, federal officials said yesterday as they searched for the cause of Monday's Red Line wreck that killed nine and injured 80.

Debbie Hersman of the National Transportation Safety Board said the emergency brake button, known as the "mushroom," was depressed, and the steel rails showed evidence that the brakes were engaged. Investigators also said the striking train was in automatic mode, which means onboard computers should have controlled its speed and stopped it before it got too close to the stationary train. In addition, Metro sources said, the first two cars of that train were two months overdue for scheduled maintenance of some braking components.

. Father, as this investigation continues on these nineteen year old trains and the circumstances of this horrible event, we pray for the families of those that were lost and injured to be comforted and lifted up as they face the days and months ahead. We ask for speedy recovery for all those who were injured. Please pray that authorities will get to the bottom of this. Intercede that this will serve as yet another lesson that conscientious efforts and diligent maintenance is the best precaution that can be taken in the Transportation Industry.

. The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; but of every one that is hasty only to want. (Proverbs 21:5)

2. Palin Likely Prepping for 2012 Presidential Run -

Beltway tongues are starting to wag that Sarah Palin is likely to opt out of a 2010 bid for re-election as Alaska's governor, in order to free herself for a presumed run on the national GOP ticket in 2012. "There is nothing that she has done that leads me to believe she will seek reelection," a prominent former GOP state legislator, Andrew Halcro, told Politico's Andy Barr. "If you're Palin, once you've flown first class, you don't go back to coach. She's been to the show and certainly seemed to like it there," he adds.

Politico also quotes a DC-based Democratic strategist who concludes, "We don't think she's running." If Palin does bow out, it would free up her time to organize a broader campaign for national office. In so doing, she would appear to be following the course set by conservative GOP Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a frequently touted presidential hopeful. According to the Alaska Public Offices Commission, no candidate, including Palin, has yet to file the paperwork to toss their hat in the political ring for the Alaska governorship. Politico quotes a former Palin staff member who estimates there's a 50-50 chance Palin will shoot for another term as governor.

. Father, Your Word is forever settled in heaven and we so declare and decree that the United States of America will have a government that is "of the people, by the people, and for the people". Please give the people a man or a woman who understands Your heart and the American dream. We ask for one who would uphold Your truth and the truth of the Constitution, a light which has governed and guided us for over 200 years.

We ask for one who would take You at Your Word and trust in You once more, just as our Forefathers did. We ask for protection over that one even now, as You prepare their heart and preserve the way for them to be allowed to, not dictate, but govern this great land, to build our lives on Your values and share them with the next generation, for it is in God we trust.

. Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in behold, he shall come, says the LORD of hosts. (Mal.3:1)

3. Vietnam Continues Crackdown On Protestant Christians - Worthy News

Several Protestant Christians in Vietnam, including Degar-Montagnards, were uncertain Monday, June 22, where to worship as government forces raided and destroyed churches in recent weeks, church sources and rights investigators said. In the country's Central Highlands, Christians anticipated more arrests after police reportedly summoned a dozen people involved in last month's three-days of mourning and prayers following the recent destruction of the first church of the Degar-Monagnards, a mainly Christian ethnic group.

Over 80,000 Degar-Montagnards in the area and abroad stayed home between May 1 and May 4. We did "not go anywhere for three days and three nights, to mourn for our church because we have failed in protecting our Historical Church at Buon Ale 'A' [area] in the city of city of Buonmathuot in the Central Highlands," said the Montagnard Foundation Incorprated (MFI), which supports the Christians. Government work crews destroyed the Protestant church building of Evangelical Church of Vietnam (South), or ECVN(S), in the area of Banmethuot in March, MFI and Christians said.

. Please ask for a "Road to Damascus" experience for dictators who smother the people of their countries. Intercede on behalf of those oppressed by governments and ideologies that produce a life and a people that cannot properly sustain themselves. Ask the Father for His Holy Spirit to invade the hearts of men everywhere, that believers might live a quiet and peaceable life, in truth and freedom.

Ask for a spirit of endurance and courage for those being "hunted" and "preyed upon" for their beliefs. Pray that the destruction of human life and property will come to an end, knowing that God is the ultimate Authority. Intercede that the liberating Word of Truth, being spoken, will go forth and advance in every country, regardless of men's agendas. Pray for a work that is wrought by the spirit of God alone.

. Then he answered and spoke unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the LORD of hosts. (Zechariah 4:6)

4. Barack Obama strikes out as Tehran tightens its 'iron fist' - Cross Action News

In his strongest language yet on the post-election crackdown, Mr Obama said that America had been "appalled and outraged by the threats, beatings and imprisonments" of recent days. He also invoked the death of Neda Salehi Agha Soltan, the 26-year-old student shot dead on Saturday, saying: "Those who stand up for justice are always on the right side of history."

His comments came on a day when Tehran tightened its grip on power and the West hardened its position. Mr Obama, who has been criticized for his muted response so far, used a White House news conference to praise the "timeless dignity" of tens of thousands of Iranians marching in silence.

. Father, we thank You that we can now rejoice in that Mr. Obama has come out with a right response to the threats, beatings, murders, and imprisonments of the Iranian people endeavoring to peacefully march toward freedom. Thank you, Father, that America has now done the right thing for the citizens of Iran.

Pray for the steadfastness and stamina of the Iranian people. Ask the Father to give them a resolve beyond that of human nature. Intercede for every soul and every family to come to a saving knowledge of the truth through this hard-fought battle. Thank God for all of His promptings toward freedom, and that, through Him, the United States and this administration will stand up to assist and advance the cause of freedom everywhere.

. For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged. (Proverbs 28:2)

5. Islamic regime seen to be driving Iranians to Christ - AP

The pastor of the Iranian Christian Church of Colorado says Iran's hardline Islamic regime has caused many Iranians to turn their backs on Islam and become Christians. The Rev. Ashton Stewart, who grew up in Iran, says God also has been converting Iranians through miraculous healings and visions of Jesus Christ.

While many Iranians hoped for the defeat of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (ah-muh-DEE'-neh-zhahd), Stewart says his main prayer is that the post-election crisis will help grow the church in Iran. He's also asking American Christians to "pray for the persecuted" in Iran, where he says "there are many Christians in jail today, and some of them are being treated very, very brutally."

. Oh Lift your voice to the Father for His Divine Mercy to cover these precious ones in Iran and around the world, who refuse to sit in fear any longer. Pray that the Lord would continue to visit, move in, and draw the hearts of all who are suffering, that they might receive His invitation to abundant and everlasting life. They are risking so much, knowing now that no man and no regime can take their freedom of choice away unless they allow it.

Ask the Father to give the Iranian people, and all those in bondage under repressive regimes, more courage and a resolve to face their current situation and their eternal prospects with great hope in His promise. Rejoice with the angels for each one coming to a saving knowledge of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Ask for laborers to engage in the powerful work that is yet to be done, that His people around the globe might rise, strong and stable, for His name sake.

. I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. (John 12. 32)

6. BREAKING! N. Korea threatens US; world anticipates missile - AP

SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea accused Washington of seeking to "provoke a second Korean War" as the regime prepared to hold maritime military exercises off the eastern coast. U.S. and regional authorities were watching closely for signs that North Korea might fire short- or mid-range missiles during the June 25 to July 10 timeframe cited in a no-sail ban for military drills sent to Japan's Coast Guard. "If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will . . . wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all," a dispatch from the official Korean Central News Agency said. The warning came on the eve of the 59th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

• Father, it seems at times that the world can be a "hotbed" of unrest. We ask for a major "scaling down" of this tension and a cooperation between the nations for the disarming necessary to promote unilateral talks and resolutions, without the threat of nuclear war.


Please pray for the Defense Department to know exactly what is needed to avert an incident, keeping the American people safe as well as other countries. Thank the Lord that, that in every scheme that our enemy plans, He has promised to bring about good.

As the remnant of remains on its knees and prays, ask the Lord for guidance now for the US and the UN, that they would not be moved by threats alone, but by prudence and wisdom given from above, that this hazardous and dangerous situation would come to naught. Ask the Father for more hearts and lives to turn to Him in the days and months coming, that the work of the wicked is turned on its head as a result of intercession, prayer and praise.

Then they took an oath before the Lord with a loud voice, with shouting and trumpets and rams' horns. And all Judah rejoiced at the oath, for they had sworn with all their heart and sought Him with all their soul; and He was found by them, and the Lord gave them rest all around. (II Chronicles 15:14-15)

The Middle East in Focus

This week, for all the headlines cited below, please join us in proclaiming THIS DECREE:

"Seek the LORD and His strength; seek His face evermore! Remember His marvelous works which He has done, His wonders, and the judgments of His mouth, O seed of Abraham His servant, you children of Jacob, His chosen ones! He is the LORD our God; His judgments are in all the earth. He remembers His covenant forever, the word which He commanded, for a thousand generations, The covenant which He made with Abraham, and His oath to Isaac, and confirmed it to Jacob for a statute, to Israel as an everlasting covenant, saying, To you I will give the land of Canaan as the allotment of your inheritance." (Psalm 105:4-11)

1. Jewish Leader: Obama May Be 'Most Hostile President to Israel' - Newsmax

President Barack Obama's refusal to take a stand on protests in Iran stands in sharp contrast to demands he has made on Israel, Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, says in a Newsmax interview. "I think he should take a strong stand to support the protesters in Iran who want to transform that society into one that promotes democracy and human rights," Klein says. "But while meddling in Israel's affairs and making specific demands, he explicitly states he refuses to meddle in Iran's policies and has said almost nothing." Klein says leaders of Jewish organizations are rethinking their support of Obama in light of his attitude toward Israel.

• Father you said a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. We ask You, Father, for a clear "thumbs up" on goodness and a clear, resounding "thumbs down" on evil to come from this administration. Pray that the only voice heard out of the mouth of this President will be the "voice of democracy", without partiality, as all are entitled to fair treatment, including their right to exist.

A king who sits on the throne of judgment scatters all evil with his eyes. (Proverbs 20:8)

2. Can Third Temple be built without destroying Dome of the Rock? - Jerusalem Post

A new Jewish interfaith initiative launched last week argues building the Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem would not necessitate the destruction of the Dome of the Rock.

3. Israeli PM postpones Mitchell meeting - USA Today

A meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama's special Middle East peace envoy, former Sen. George Mitchell, has been postponed.

4. Report: Israel Plans to Legalize, Expand Outpost - NewsMax

The Israeli government has formulated plans to legalize 60 existing homes at an unauthorized settlement outpost in the West Bank and allow the construction of 240 other residences, an Israeli group said Tuesday.


"The Quartet" Introduced THE ROAD MAP TO PEACE

Seven years ago today, four entities jointly announced a "Road Map to Peace" -- one that promised "peace" in the Middle East . . . in exchange for the DIVIDING OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL. (From Wikipedia)

The "road map" for peace is a plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict proposed by a "quartet" of international entities: the United States, the European Union, Russia, and the United Nations. The principles of the plan, originally drafted by U.S. Foreign Service Officer Donald Bloome, were first outlined by U.S. President George W. Bush in a speech on June 24, 2002, in which he called for an independent Palestinian state living side by side with Israel in peace: "The Roadmap represents a starting point toward achieving the vision of two states, a secure State of Israel and a viable, peaceful, democratic Palestine. It is the framework for progress towards lasting peace and security in the Middle East."

Now, seven years later and several plans later, too (Road Map II, the Annapolis Accords; now the Arab Peace initiative), peace has NOT come to the Middle East, and the powers that be are still demanding the division of the land. Under both the Bush and the Obama administrations, the United States has often taken the lead in these failed initiatives.


• Cry out to the God of Mercy, who IS mercy, that He might yet show us His Mercy in the midst of judgment. As citizens of this once-great nation, repent before the Lord on behalf of our elected leaders, "who know not what they do." May Father yet show Mr. Obama, in particular, the danger of his ways, and may Barack Hussein Obama bow his knee to the Most High God, for salvation. Amen.

• " . . . the Most High God is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and sets over them anyone he wishes." (Daniel 5:21b)